Saturday, June 03, 2017

Didn't expect to have this experience at the Chino Pentecostal church tonight... married lawyer, seemed a bit attention-seeking and was rather sociable with some of the men. Her husband seems a bit too nice to be able to hold on to her. Does anyone else in her church notice this behavior? I don't think I am imagining it. (Nor do I think that some [involuntary] movement of lust/sexual attraction or desire would be an abnormal reaction to her.) Would anyone dare call her out on it?

Modesty, anyone?

I missing having a life.

Observations on the Social Hierarchy of Men

a comment at alphagameplan

Blade Show 2017

website and FB and FB event

Mark Collett: The Fall of Western Man, Globalism vs Ethno Nationalism

Jordan Peterson: My Message to Millenials: How to Change the World -- Properly

Fr. Greg Boyle

He may be doing good work with gangsters, but to use his work to draw out political consequences for the masses (immigration and the like)? Indefensible. The Jesuit does not understand that what may work on a limited level does not scale up. No chance for white Americans to strengthen their connections and kinship bonds among themselves.

Father Greg Boyle: It's Connection and Kinship That Ultimately Heals People

Globo-Homo Agitprop

Sam Gleaves, "Ain't We Brothers"

So proud gay man Sam Williams, are you proud of what you do with the man who is waiting at home for you?

Musicians do seem to be the embodiment of emotion -- but is an emotion guided by reason or not? And then there is the virtue-signalling: "I am tolerant." Which really means that their standards of morality are what matters, and that they are the ultimate arbiters of right and wrong, even if they pretend that it is all based on reason. (Liberals.)

When musicians believe they as "artists" should be messengers of change, they have crossed the line.

Does bluegrass as a genre belong only to traditional Americans? Who will stop the progressive musicians from making the music they want? But traditional Americans do not have to support them or play their music. The division between "Americans" will only solidify and grow.

Bluegrass Pride and the CBA-sponsored float in the SF Pride Parade -- leftists making a pitch for childless homo-consumers to become patrons for a genre that is losing audience in California thanks to bad economics and immigration. If these bluegrass musicians continue to wear their cultural Marxist pride on their sleeves they will end up driving away their conservative patrons, and perhaps the numbers lost will outweigh the numbers of new patrons gained through such acts. But the leftists don't care, they're making a point.

The Music Of A Struggle: Sam Gleaves' Traditional Revolution
Sam Gleaves's Ain't We Brothers and the value of listening

Interview de KYLE LAMB (V-Tactics)

Friday, June 02, 2017

Fr. Rutler on Pentecost

Crisis Magazine: Pentecost Was Not An Occasion for “Enthusiasm” by Fr. George W. Rutler

6 Days Trailer


Re: #1 -- how is the inculturation thing coming along?

Teresa Teng Na Nuwara Love Song 娜奴娃情歌

Does She Herself Qualify?

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A Message from Ron Maxwell

Willing to do anything

even a TED talk... how's the reform of the Roman Curia going?

Peter Hitchens Remembers

A Church That Was


Inspirer Profile of AJ Lee


The Perspective of a Feminist

Cold Reality Of The Educational System - Jordan Peterson

What a punchable (((face))).

Give enough money and all your sins can be forgiven... by Harvard.

ABC News

The speech as written.

Mark Zuckerberg's Crusade Against Nationalism
Mark Zuckerberg 2.0 — the road to the White House

Victoria and Abdul

Multicult BS; now is the time for a movie such as this to be made.

Brittany's Turn with Simon Roche

*raises eyebrow*

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Orthodox Christianity: The Church has never belittled the role of women—Met. Hilarion

But a sad concession: "Moreover, today in the Orthodox Church, His Eminence noted, there are many women working in leadership positions."

Following the Latins Down the Path of Liberalism

“We have the distinct privilege and honor to offer philoxenia – love of the stranger” by Archbishop Demetrios of America

Almost the End of the Month

Françoise Hardy, "Voilà"