Saturday, January 12, 2019

The Importance of Fathers in Faith Formation

Families and Faith: How Religion is Passed Down across Generations by Vern L. Bengtson, With Norella M. Putney, and Susan Harris

Dmitry Orlov on the Collapse Continuum

the Saker: Placing the USA on a Collapse Continuum with Dmitry Orlov

Vatican City Virtue-Signalling

CNA: Vatican’s first official sports association includes migrant members

Holding their course

Until their wealth dries up... the Jesuits.

Veteran Community Organizer Named as Jesuits West’s New Provincial Assistant for Social Ministry Organizing
January 9, 2019 — Fr. Scott Santarosa, SJ, Provincial of Jesuits West, has appointed Annie Fox as the Province’s Provincial Assistant for Social Ministry Organizing.

ADM UIC Mod 2 Rifle

L'Acte 9

Arc'teryx LEAF Catalog


Mark Bauerlein Interviews Fr. Thomas Guarino

by Mark Bauerlein

Update on Captain Marvel

Hunter Drew

Friday, January 11, 2019



Maxim Defense PDXTM SBR

Les Gentils, Les Méchants

The original...

Earl Scruggs

cnet: Google Doodle celebrates Earl Scruggs, banjo-picking pioneer
He developed and popularized the sound you associate with the banjo.

Google Doodle

5 Great Performances
How He Invented "Scruggs Style"
One Epic Video

Another Star Trek Update

Bye Bye SJ Harry's

KPIX: HARRY'S HOFBRAU: Owner Larry Kramer talks about the closing of his iconic restaurant

Dune Update


by Greg Dean Schmitz

Mind Your Own Business

Taylor Marshall tweeted something about the manliness of seminarians making gingerbread houses together and at least a few "Catholic" women (and at least one SJW heretic) wrote a response, thus showing what the real problem is: Mary Pezzulo and Simcha Fischer and Erin Manning. I won't call them ladies; it isn't their place to define what is and what isn't masculine. That's the task of men, as men educate males to be come men, and not women, who can't possibly know what it is to be male because they are female. But some women can't help but voice their opinion on something about which they are not qualified to speak. Something more sensible at Dymphna's Blog.

Blast from the Past

extended version

Nationalism and Sovereignty

Les Brigandes - Liberté

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Wuerl Needs to Resign Again

And his special red hat needs to be taken away from him.

NCReg/CNA: Cardinal Wuerl Knew of Archbishop McCarrick's Abuse Allegations in 2004

Final Document for the Synod of Bishops 2018

The English translation is finally out. Who still remembers the synod? Who is going to bother to read this?

One Possible Component of Identity

One's home village, even if its size prevents it from being a village... That sort of rootedness can be a subjective component of identity but it is not the same as an actual community, which is an even better cause of identity.

Provincial Taxonomy by Linh Dinh

Carlson v. Shapiro

The Virtue of Nationalism


Allan Carlson on Patriarchy

Touchstone Magazine: Patriarchy: Fatherhood & the Restoration of Culture The 2018 Touchstone Conference—Videos

More videos from that conference.

Msgr. Charles Pope on the Border Wall

NCReg: Is There a Catholic View on the Border Wall? by Msgr. Charles Pope
Catholic teaching says that we must balance between the duty of a nation to welcome immigrants, and the duty of immigrants to obey a nation’s laws.

A newspaper column does not provide adequate space for a discourse on an important topic, even if one reduces it to the basic principles in question, which Msgr. Pope does here:

In the current debate about “the wall,” I think that the Church should limit herself to speaking to her basic principles on immigrants and immigration. The Catechism of the Catholic Church (2241) lays out two principles, which are meant to balance each other:

The more prosperous nations are obliged, to the extent they are able, to welcome the foreigner in search of the security and the means of livelihood which he cannot find in his country of origin. Public authorities should see to it that the natural right is respected that places a guest under the protection of those who receive him.

Political authorities, for the sake of the common good for which they are responsible, may make the exercise of the right to immigrate subject to various juridical conditions, especially with regard to the immigrants’ duties toward their country of adoption. Immigrants are obliged to respect with gratitude the material and spiritual heritage of the country that receives them, to obey its laws and to assist in carrying civic burdens.

And thus he concludes:

Do you want the wall to be built? Fine, but be sure that your support is based on national security and the common good of our citizens rather than a rejection of the generosity required of a prosperous nation such as ours.

Do you oppose the building of the wall? Fine, but be sure that you can articulate the conditions on the right to immigrate so that “the common good” is protected. Be certain that your plan ensures that immigrants fulfill their “duties toward their country of adoption” (“respect[ing] with gratitude the material and spiritual heritage of the country that receives them, … obey[ing] its laws, and … assist[ing] in carrying civic burdens”).

Limited hospitality may be required for temporary guests. But accepting migrants as permanent residents, or even putting them on a track to citizenship? Those are not obligations or duties, and both Msgr. Pope and this opinion of Roman Catholic Social Teaching are wrong, and putting an erroneous theological opinion as this on the same level as Sacred Tradition (or "dogmatic truth") is an offense against charity, even if only materially so.

Health Insurance as a Ponzi Scheme

Like Social Security? The healthy subsidize payments for the ill and elderly, which increase while the number of the young who are able to pay for health insurance decrease? I've seen this claim lodged in the context of something critical regarding the Boomers.


TAN: New Testament and Psalms for Men

Give me a traditional translation of the Psalms (Coverdale or similar), and a Christological understanding of the Psalms, and that should be enough. Even writings from holy people in the past telling men how to "man up" may not be enough, given today's circumstances.

I suspect the Manual for Men by Bishop Olmstead of Phoenix is blue-pill, apparently containing his "Into the Breach" speech.

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Trek Chat

Alex Kurtzman Talks ‘Discovery’ Season 2 Arc, Klingon Hair, And Taking Star Trek To New Places

Franco: Anatomy of a Dictator by Enrique Moradiellos

I.B. Tauris

Peter Hitchens: A New Biography of Francisco Francoby Enrique Moradiellos at First Things

Does Hitchens have a Romantic view of liberal democracy?

His rule was not Christian or lawful and could not possibly draw its authority from God, however much Franco might have liked it to. Its origins lay in violent rebellion against the legitimate government, always hard to square with scriptural views of authority. Franco’s state rested on a foundation of bayonets.

What modern nation-state doesn't rest on a foundation of bayonets? Please.

The Solution to SJWs and Identity Politics? Double Down on Liberalism!

This is why conservatives (cuckservatives) lose. (The female leadership thing, too.)

MOJ: Allison Berger on Princeton, the Madison Program, and Viewpoint Diversity at Princeton and Beyond by Robert George

Whose Justice? Which Rationality?

CWR: Talking to some young Jesuits about social justice and evangelization by Bishop Robert Barron
My concern is that an exaggerated stress on the fostering of justice in the political and economic arena can compromise the properly evangelizing mission of Christ’s Church.

Mind you, a commitment to doing the corporal and spiritual works of mercy, to righting social wrongs, to serving the poor and needy necessarily follows from evangelization. One of the permanent achievements of Vatican II is to show that conversion to Christ entails not a flight from the world, but precisely a deeper love for the world and a desire to alleviate its suffering. There is simply no question about it: an evangelized person works for justice.

Roman Catholic Social Teaching Is Not Enough

If it can be reduced to SJW soundbites like this:

"Women should not be discriminated against when being considered for work that their nature would permit them to undertake. (In fact, because the Church encourages family life, work should be structured so that women who take time away from their career to raise a family should not be disadvantaged in employment.)"

What Catholic Social Teaching Tells Us About Affirmative Action by STEPHEN M. KRASON


What Modesty Is and Isn’t…and Why It Matters by JOHN PAUL MEENAN

Latin Catholics tend to talk about modesty as a form of love of neighbor -- women should be considerate of men and how they may fall into sin because of them! What they also need to emphasize is that modesty is a form of humility that women need to check their own pride and self-love, so that they don't use their sexual attractiveness to lord themselves over men or to exploit them.

They may be soft, but they hold the reins of power.

Neoliberal globalists.

AmConMag: The Revolt Against Our Eloi Elite By JAMES P. PINKERTON
Neoliberal globalists are looking like the well-fed, soft and sheeplike characters in H.G. Wells' 'Time Machine.' This can't last.

The South: The First Domino

The Cost of Southern Cultural Genocide by James Ronald Kennedy
The destruction of Confederate monuments and the slandering of all things Confederate is in vogue in contemporary mainline media, academia, and the political establishment. The destruction of Confederate monuments by radical mobs is similar to… »

Trump's Speech for the Wall

21 Convention Group Panel


A Call to Action

full address

Liberalism, Nationalism, and Globalism

Monday, January 07, 2019

Lind on the Appointment of General Mark Milley as JCS

The View From Olympus: Another Personnel Blunder

Actually, in a way, General Milley did do something about that: he made it official. Not long ago, he ordered the U.S. Army to return to its World War II-era uniforms, the so-called “pinks and greens”. As costumes, the old/new uniforms will be a great improvement. The fact that they are costumes recognizes the reality that a Second Generation army is useless for a real war and exists only to stage public entertainments.


Always OST

ALEX&HORAN - 꽃이 피네요 (영화 '오직 그대만' OST) MV

AfD Chairman Assassination Attempt

China's Censorship Factories

Happiness or Authenticity?

by Brian Davey, Chapter 11 of Credo Economics

Moral Crisis in China

Are Chinese Women Heartless?

Feast of the Nativity, Moscow

The full service:

St. Petersburg, Feast of the Nativity


From a year ago.

Gilets Jaunes

More Flash than Substance?

Génération Identitaire

Pat McNamara

Northern Red

Fieldcraft in CA


The Heart of James Douglas 'The Good' & Robert the Bruce

The APA, SJW-Converged

But we knew that when it declasssified homosexuality as a mental illness...

Steve Sailer

Yoram Hazony on the Age of Nationalism


Red Pill Fathers

Panzergrenadier Tactics