Saturday, May 29, 2021

Wendell Berry's Communitarianism

Is it a sufficient response to identity politics? No.

Alas, More Revelations

Is Junger a ticket taker? Or a true believer who is being promoted because he is an ally? Regardless, what could he possibly have to say about "liberty" or "freedom" when he thinks we live in a "free democracy" and that Trump represents fascism?

The same could be said of the scouting movement, which has become subordinate to statism and the ruling ideologies of the age. Will scouting ever be a means for building up masculinity and real political virtue? I don't think so.

Traumatic Memory

But have the Greeks learned the right lessons after their empire fell? Or do they cling on to an imperialistic form of Christianity? Is true metanoia needed?

"I Just Think I'll Go Away"

Oka Midori!

Propping Up Paul VI and Vatican II

Protecting Their Sinecure

Thanks Be to God

Friday, May 28, 2021

What Do Latins Know of Proper Concelebration?

A Reminder of the Past and of the Future

What have the Roman Catholic churches in Spain done in the past 80 years to repent and prevent this from happening again?

A Knoxville Event

Shania Twain

Memorial Day Weekend Grilling

How long before SJWs demand that outlets like Modern Farmer embrace plant-based diets?

RegenAg Links

Typical Asian-American Over-Achiever

She'd probably never deign to work anything less than white collar; how's her hypergamy doing?

Interview with Archbishop Cordileone

Clown Imperial Military

It Will Serve as a Catalyst for More Grifting and Tyranny

Good News?

And Maybe Some Roman Catholic Bishops Would Be Ok with That

Thursday, May 27, 2021

More of Ahmari's The Unbroken Thread

Jim Gerrish

The Sino-Vatican Agreement Is Going Well!

A Book on Chinese Propaganda About World War II

More Than Just Make-Work

Bella White

Turning Against Domination and Scientism

A Seed-Saving Project

Grazing Systems

Divini Illius Magistri and RC Social Teaching Are Wrong on This Point

Peter Kwasniewski:
First, the encyclical asserts and defends throughout the fundamental, inviolable right of parents to educate their own children (31ff.) and of the Church to educate the whole of mankind, especially those who are already her children by grace (15ff.). This right belongs naturally to the parents and supernaturally to the Church, and only by parental or ecclesiastical permission to the State or its officials.

One can understand this as an attempt to respond to the state and its abuse of power but taken as an absolute, it is wrong. The community (or the tribe) also has a right to educate the young, especially the males, and while parents are the primary teachers, they are not the only teachers, and there is no "delegation" of the exercise of this right to others -- they are exercising their own responsibility towards the young. The customs or laws that order behavior in a community or tribe, especially behavior towards others, are not determined by the family alone, but by the community (or its representatives), and parents aren't the only one with the authority to admonish or correct the young if the young fail to observe these laws. (Whether other adults have the authority to punish children or if this is delegated is a question worthy of attention.)

If there is someone in the tribe who is unqualified to teach, then he should not be teaching, but this is true of parents as well, and even more so. To accept a theologoumenon from a pope as if it is a part of Divine Tradition is a mistake but ultramontanist Latins, despite their intellectual manuevering on the "limits of infallibility" and "different levels of authority" still suffer from a slavishly uncritical attachment to papal opinions.

Is It Modern Therapeutic Deism?

Whom Do the Imperial Embassies Represent?

Will the Academically Privileged Stand Up for Red America?

But Will the Non-Christian Lebanese Be Offended?

Clerical Naivete or Clerical Duplicity?

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

The Empire Still Moving Against Russia

An Interesting Selection of Photos

Sebastian Junger on American Warrior Radio

Perfumed Princes Defending Their Own Bad Leadership

More Judeo-Christianity

Should This Be a Paid Job?

What does a chaplain do an ordinary layman can't? And if mass population centers weren't so disordered, would we need paid chaplains, instead of the Christian faithful visiting the sick as appropriate?

Bergoglio Is More Likely to Attend Than Not?

"Lullaby of Birdland"

A Special Offer for Preording Heinberg's Power

Representative of What the Cultural Revolutionaries Want

Weak men, dominant women, immigrants...

"The Era of Accelerating Expropriations"


Chalcedonian Orthodox in Indonesia

Thorium Reactors?

The UK Response Group

Sebastian Junger Interview

This is a more questionable association.


Six P365XL

Still Not Done with the Woke Girl-Power Garbage

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Christopher Dawson on Conservatism

JD Vance's Version of America First Nationalism

Protein, The Most Important Macronutrient?

Anti-inflammatory foods:

The Wonderful Diversity of Bees

All praise be to God.

Clearing a "T" Intersection

The Wrong Narrative to Promote

Especially when religious pluralism is used by the revolutionaries to undermine the Christian culture of the historic American peoples.

Serving the Empire

The MIC Is Patriotic!

A New Book on Religious Liberty

So Simple-Minded Bergoglio Must Have Written It

So much for accompaniment. What about those who who are suffering because of true evils? Are they "bad" Christians because they do not feel or express joy? Such advice is more damaging than helpful, and really cannot be given in such an universal manner.

More Evidence of the CNU Becoming Woke

But That's How the Empire Plays

Prince Charles the Agrarian


She Really Is an Useful Idiot

Toxic Virtues

She Can't Help It

Should We Buy and Eat Fish?

Lamb Steaks

Soil Loss and Holistic Management

Does She Discuss Sex Differences in Moral Psychology?

Because the ancients were aware of them.

Russian Marinades

Musicians Celebrating Bob Dylan's 80th Birthday

SJWs Lording It Over You

Anne Akiko Meyers, "Symphonie Espagnole"

Separation Now

Michael Anton is naive if he thinks this will be accomplished without conflict.

Samuel Gregg Pushing Judeo-Christianity

Talmudic Judaism a central faith of the West? Ridiculous. Is he kissing up to donors?

Mediocracy of Revolutionaries

The Year of St. Joseph in Service of Fake "Servant Leadership"

Women Running Youth Groups: A Brilliant Pastoral Strategy!

Papal Overreach

Typical of an imperial papacy.

CNA/CWR: Pope Francis launches 7-year Laudato si’ action plan

White Knight for Feminism

Monday, May 24, 2021

This Is Not Representation

This is selection in accordance with an agenda. Today's cultural revolutionary affirmative action.

Joel Salatin on Wise Traditions

The DS Is Getting Ready

I Hope This Isn't What I Think It Is

Mailvox: dodging the bullet

But everything fits; it's unfortunate that the partnership between Castalia House and someone won't come to be.

Jerry Salyer Reviews Coulombe's Biography of Emperor Charles

These Are Female Bishops

and they should no longer identify as "Texan."

Catholic Bishops Should Support Constitutional Carry by Aidan Johnston

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Prepping the Narrative to Justify Pre-Emptive Action

This Is Just Apologetics for an Imperial Papacy

Miseducated Youth

The Makarov

Evolutionary Medicine

Jesuit Music Composition

Get a Scythe

Losing the Good Portion

Jimmy Stewart Recruitment Video

"Handsome Molly"