Saturday, October 10, 2020

Too Soon?

And often an "incorrupt" body of a saint begins to corrupt after its physical integrity has been destroyed.

Looks Like a Critic Who Believes "Regenerative Agriculture is not Enough!"

rePlant Capital

NYT Profile of Helena Norberg-Hodge

Pushing for Girls in STEM

More of the feminist agenda...

Steve Brush

his instagram

Patriot Artists Agency

What's New with 21C?

Holy Grigor Narekatsi, Pray for Us!

Now You Know Who's Funding SpaceX

The Know-Nothings Were Right

Let Roman Catholic intellectuals stop whining about "anti-Catholicism" wrt to Amy Coney-Barrett when their own bishops are facilitating cultural Marxism.

This Is Collapse

Go Train

Our Lady of Guapulo

Better than the ABC Mini-Series?

Probably won't be enough to make money for CBS...

The Roman Curia Needed to Be Reformed Yesterday

A Poor Pastor?

Independent: Pope Francis assures atheists: You don’t have to believe in God to go to heaven

Sin is not the same as naturally vicious behavior. But one cannot exclude the possibility that those who are engaging in naturally vicious behavior or in deliberate atheism have not sinned against the gift of faith and God. Without seeing the whole letter in a decent English translation I don't know if Pope Francis is sufficiently nuanced in his response. Does he talk about how right judgment (or conscience) is corrupted through repeated vicious behavior? (After all, those who are naturally vicious are acting in accord with their conscience.) Or that the disordered self-love that is engendered by repeated vicious behavior is opposed to God and the seeking of His forgiveness? God is greater than our vice and corrupted mind, but first we must acknowledge that what we have done is wrong and that we are not the center of the universe, and the path of a agape may be a difficult one because of the effects of our ingrained bad habits.

The Indigenous Approach

Thompson Twins, "King For A Day"

Friday, October 09, 2020

Is This Agape?

Let's check the Latin.

Not helpful. The lack of precision surrounding "love" in Western European languages is a fact, regardless of whether I like it or not. But to avoid precision in the Latin? Why wouldn't his ghostwrter use caritas instead? Then again, amor is used all over Caritas in veritate and Deus Caritas Est. Would we find the same sort of verbal imprecision in a Greek Father or bishop? Do we need a new word or a neologism to replace "love" that is identified with agape or caritas?

BRCC Founders on JRE

Black Rifle Coffee Company

Be Your Own First Responder

I Have a Feeling I Will Be Disappointed


Need to Maintain Appearances

In Trouble, Like Everyone Else

Competing with Tanner Guzy

Onward Christian Warriors

This Is Not True Ecclesial Reform

Previous developments:

Cultural Genocide

An Empire in Collapse

Charles Hugh Smith: Has Our Luck Finally Run Out?

Eternal Memory

School announcement

The Russians Are Worried

A New Development

Yes, Probably

Richard Heinberg

Go Train

Music Industry History

Emma Langford and Band

A Review of the New Adaptation of Sanditon

Bergoglio on Populism

UN Still Hard at Work

Army Recruiters Still Doing Shady Things?

Or is this a reflection of the morale? Looks like they could be infantry.

Latin Conceptions of Roman Primacy

The majority of content of those encyclicals, much like most of RC Social Teaching, is moral theology, open to scrutiny and discussion. The problem is that it is not acknowledged as such in encyclicals. Bishops of Rome whose office has been continually inflated through Latin ecclesiological claims and Latin synods of the second millenium consider themselves to be "teaching," even when what they are putting forth is theologoumena and not dogma. When one has "orthodox" (i.e trained in Latin scholasticism) ghost-writers to do the actual writing, it is easy to maintain the semblance of orthodoxy (which here is really adherence to a dominant strand of scholastic theology) and "continuity." Hence, the claim that the dogma of papal infallibility is true could be credible. While JP2 and B16 probably wrote all or the majority of each of their encyclicals, they were careful to preserve some semblance of continuity with previous papal theology. Is that the case with Francis? Bergoglio most likely doesn't have the acumen for theology, as he has admitted. He can rely instead on Latin ultramontanes to do his work for him and claim that there is continuity, even if it goes against the plain sense of Bergoglio's own words. Ultramontanist Latin can also rely on the old stand-by that "x is not ex cathedra," using distinctions formulated by theologians after the decrees of Vatican I were given. (A weak response of the sensus fidelium.) And such distinctions are not justified by the text of Vatican I.

An Interview with Mencius Moldbug

Of Course Spadaro Would Write This

Sarah Jarosz, "Hometown"

The Courage to Be Christian

Imaginative Conservative

Thursday, October 08, 2020

Cardinal Zen on Twitter and Facebook

An Important Ethnic Tradition

Will This Swamp Creature Be Held to Account if He Doesn't Live up to His Words?

An Exclusive Club... of Puppets?

IDW Names

Not a Very Good Observer of Reality

Living in the Past

Think the special will feature any identity politics? Or will it continue to pretend that the (D)s are enlightened, civilized liberals who are just interested in progress?

This Is "Conservatism"

Nothing more cringeworthy than writing by a conservative male feminist. He praises a Disney product which is another Mary Sue story with a HER-o who becomes only more wonderful once she stops letting men keep her down.


A Critique of Blakely

Nobel Prizes

I haven't been paying attention to who's winning Nobel Prizes this year; I just assume that the committe would either be pressured into being biased for women or actually believe in some sort of preference for women being necessary in order to have the appearance of being "impartial" and "egalitarian" and even "feminist." This was announced a few days ago. She's married to this guy.

How Andrea Ghez Won the Nobel for an Experiment Nobody Thought Would Work


More Papal Caesarism

Competent Government = Effective State Bureacracy

Whatever this is, this is not republicanism.

The Future is Female!

The movies told me so! The 355.

Meanwhile, the left and the soy are whining about the latest Mel Gibson movie.

A Papal Visit to Manresa?

What sort of helpful instruction will be given to Orthodox youth in the US?

I Don't Agree with Her Assessment

But if Pence can provide that appearance to some women, all the better.

Low-Carb Diests and Space Travel

Renerative Soil

This Is the American Church

Acquiescing to charges of racism.

Birzer on Nisbet

Not a fan of Birzer, but this will probably worth listening to.

The Moral Imagination

Two Takes

The Politics of Black Gold

Chelsea Green

Daily Clout

Neo Geographies and Possible Futures

Outdoor Living

NuBriton at Work

What is ANTIFA?

Jack Carr on His Latest

Never Mind the NATO/Atlanticists Kool-Aid

The Kit of an American Paratrooper During Operation Market Garden


Stop if You've Heard This Before

Sgt. Alvin York

This Is "Conservatism"

A repudiation of the Southern Agrarians and apologies for thought crimes. Don't try to be an influencer. Get a real job.

Shelby Steele

No Mention of the F-Word (feminism)

as a set of motivations that have contributed and will continue to contribute to these effects. Purely a "Marxist" (economic) analysis...

Male Feminist: Check

More "Conservative" than Bork and Scalia?

A Rumor

which I, even as a big critic of Francis, doubt.

National Banks

Waiting for the Claim that They Are White Supremacists or Right-Wing Militia

And here it is...

衛蘭 Janice Vidal - 帶走你的垃圾 Take Your Trash With You

Jimmy Lai with Cardinal Zen and Mark Clifford

Sci-Fi Starships Size Comparison

Beth Lewis: The Art of Stability

Peter Attia. Her instagram.

Jerry Douglas, "The Star-Spangled Banner"

Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Vasily Grossman's Stalingrad

Penguin UK

LA Review of Books

May God Bless Cardinal Zen

May God Bless Jimmy Lai!


Ultramontanes at Work

Pope Francis should be the one laying out his theological reasoning to explain himself, rather than relying upon ultramontanes to find a way to justify his assertions. Let him do his own work and take ownership for what he teaches and the responsibility for justifying it.

"Battle Cry of Freedom" by George F. Root

Motivational Post for the Day

Eat right, get fit, find your tribe, and train.

Cardinal Zen Calls Cardinal Parolin Out

Bioregions and Localism

Urban-Rural: The New Geographies of Innovation by John Thackara (Resilience)

Profiles Of Courage - Larry Vickers - Delta Combat Veteran

Crazy Samurai Musashi 狂武蔵

Not to be confused with...MUSASHI 「武蔵-むさし-」

More Whining

Blue-Pilled Feminist

Another reason not to vote for him as an "alternative."

From his FB post: "After Great Society programs of the 1960s began to pick up the responsibilities of absent fathers, it became easier for fathers to be absent. For a generation of children who grew up in father-absent homes, this is the new normal. It also leads to a situation in which single mothers are stressed out with too many responsibilities and unattached men are idle, with insufficient responsibilities to keep them busy."

He links to this from Desert News: a href="">Are there government policies that will help the American family? We asked the experts


No thanks.

Get a Real Job

Another social justice scam by a nuAmerican grifter. This is what our universities hire.

An Opinion on 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries

But How Much Energy Does the Process Require

Sex Is Not a Spectrum

Who Wants a Bunker?


Fungi and Soil

Online Permaculture Course