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Helena Norberg-Hodge: The Economics of Happiness

More GRITtv

Elaine Krewer on a little-noticed problem

But one that will become prominent as states attempt to lure businesses away from other states forced to raise taxes in order to save their budgets.

The Economic War Between The States

I am speaking of the economic battles states and localities wage against one another when they compete for new businesses via economic incentives such as tax breaks, regulatory exemptions, or taxpayer funded grants and loans that are offered only to specific companies.

Are there any solutions? I suspect not, as the states haven't been able to restrain businesses for the sake of the community.

Whole Foods supports Monsanto

The Organic Elite Surrenders to Monsanto

Obtaining Technology from the U.S. Again

Asia Times: The tearful origins of China's stealth by Peter Lee

(Photos of the J20 included with this WSJ article.)

Nora Jane Struthers Joins Bearfoot

Bearfoot Nora Jane

Bearfoot: official; FB

Nora Jane Struthers "one notch tighter"
Had a follow-up appointment this morning for a wound check. Doctor thought I might have broken my toe, since there was a lot of bruising. She didn't dress the wound though, so the nurse who talked to me afterwards was surprised that I didn't have one. Of course she put one on immediately...

WIRED post on Gen. McChrystal

Stan McChrystal’s Very Human Wired War

I think this is the first of two.

CDSS: 21 Easy English Country Dances

Our newest publication: 21 Easy English Country Dances

The Feminine Mystique Doesn't Go Far Enough

NPR: Stirring Up 'The Feminine Mystique' 47 Years Later

A Strange Stirring: The Feminine Mystique and American Women at the Dawn of the 1960s
Related materials.

Farmageddon Trailer

Farmageddon Trailer from Kristin Canty on Vimeo.

Farmageddon the Documentary

Stanley McChrystal Likes National Service

Step Up For Your Country
The general who led U.S. forces in Afghanistan makes the case for national service and the ‘basic responsibilities of being an American.’

I don't have anything new to say here. I don't see National Service as being compatible with true relocalization efforts. There can be a "national," that is nation-wide, mobilization of young people to learn new skills and promote sustainable living in their communities, and if such knowledge does not exist there, then they can go to other areas to learn it. But having another bureaucratic machine at the "Federal" level? I say no.

He should have stuck to the Army. I hope he's not thinking of running for office.

David Korten: Replace Wall Street

System Failure? Look Upstream by David Korten
Why it's important to address our economic problems at their Wall Street roots.

Anna Netrebko sings "Songs My Mother Taught Me" by Dvořák

David Walker on Obama's SOTU



Kevin Gutzman on the SOTU

The Mike Church Show

Quick responses from some at American Conservative.

Another perspective:
Clean energy dreams, Lindsay Curren, Transition Voice (EB)

Paul Craig Roberts, The Dissolving Constitution


As a member of the ACLU, I look to that organization for the legal defense of our enumerated rights. The ACLU does stand up for the enumerated civil liberties spelled out in the Constitution. However, reading the current issue of the ACLU newsletter, I found myself wondering if the ACLU is unconsciously contributing to the public’s indifference and hostility to civil liberty. The newsletter’s list of legal highlights for 2010 presents the ACLU’s activities as being concentrated in efforts to legalize homosexual marriage, to protect abortion from curbs, and to end the promotion of religious beliefs in public schools.

These are all issues that infuriate conservatives, and these are the issues that conservatives identify with civil liberties. Therefore, much of the public is not the least bit perturbed to hear that civil liberties are under attack when many understand civil liberties to consist of criminal rights, prayer bans, abortion, and homosexual marriage. This is dangerous, because in the public’s mind, civil liberty can easily morph from procedures that coddle criminals into procedures that coddle terrorists. Should this occur, all would be lost. Defense of the enumerated rights would become “giving aid and comfort to terrorists.”

It is not my purpose to argue the validity of the ACLU’s position on abortion and homosexual marriage. I am sure that the ACLU is convinced that homosexual and abortion rights are somewhere in the Constitution, but they are not enumerated rights, and the conservatives know it. When the Constitution and Bill of Rights were written, I don’t know if abortion and homosexual acts were the statutory offenses that they were during much of my lifetime, but they were not socially approved behavior that the Founding Fathers thought worthy of constitutional protection. The separation of church and state means no state church or taxpayer support. It does not mean no prayer in public schools. Ironic, isn’t it, that today with faith-based initiatives we have taxpayers’ money going to religious institutions, but no prayer in school.

When the issue is raised that perhaps the Constitution like common law can change as people’s mores change, conservatives reply that if the Constitution can change, anything can be put into it or be taken out, such as the civil liberties that I am complaining about Bush taking out. As for abortion and gay marriage, these are things that conservatives think activist judges and the ACLU put into the Constitution. Strictures against abortion and homosexuals should have been overturned legislatively, not by inventive interpretations of the Constitution.

The unintended consequence of the judicial branch exercising the legislative function in the name of constitutional rights has been the alienation of a large percentage of the population from civil liberty concerns. Today much of the population views the ACLU as a threat to society comparable to terrorism.

3 Commando Brigade demonstrate on Salisbury Plain

British Army Website

Something from William Lind

I wish he would publish more: His Majesty’s Birthday.

Spend a Summer with the Benedictines in Norcia, Discern a Vocation

Fr. Z: Benedictine Monks of Norcia Summer Discernment Program

(The monastery.)

Part 2 of Jimmy Moore's Interview with Gary Taubes

The LLVLC Show (Episode 439-Part 2): Q&A Session With Gary Taubes (mp3)

Dave Gardner on Economic Growth

Might as well face it, we’re addicted to growth by Dave Gardner (EB)

Of Gods and Men

Yahoo: US trailer for Of Gods and Men

It seems like Beethoven's Symphony No. 7 in A Major is getting a lot of play in movies/trailers.

From several years ago: ‘The Fall’ Trailer: Tarsem Returns With More Glorious Nonsense

Robert Redford's latest directorial effort

Yahoo: The Conspirator trailer

The movie is about Mary Surratt's trial. What will Southrons think of the movie?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I had decided not to see a doctor about my back pain (which has disappeared, for the most part, though I still feel tired from time to time if I stand too long) and thus I avoided filling out paperwork and starting the process to get some assistance from the county. Well, tonight I had to go to Valley Med anyway, because I cut my right index toe when I walked into the metal bookshelf in the room, after I had lost my balance trying to get out of the room. 8 stitches. Sigh. I also met a high school classmate in the ER; he was the physician in triage screening patients.

I think we should be able to follow his points by now.

Ed Peters, Some thoughts occasioned by Dcn. Ditewig's latest post

But there may be those who are interested in attacking strawmen, some because they are personally involved and others because they have a theological or polemical ax to grind.

Winslow T. Wheeler, The Problems with the 'Gorgon Stare' Surveillance System


Paul Zummo on Nullification

Nullification: A Terrible Idea Whose Time Hasn’t Come

Tom Woods: Learn About State Nullification
Thomas DiLorenzo, The Origins of Nullification
"From Interposition to Nullification: Peripheries and Center in the Thought of James Madison."
by Kevin Raeder Gutzman.
"Madison and the Compound Republic"

Lew Rockwell interviews Thaddeus Russell: The Founding Fathers: A Revisionist Look. (mp3)
A podcast interview with Roderick T. Long. (mp3)

Rob Hopkins reviews The Farmer and the Horse

Film review: The farmer and the horse


The Farmer and the Horse

Related: Small Farmer's Journal
An affinity for tree groves
Gene Logsdon, The Contrary Farmer
My thinking, even in the early seventies was that I wanted my own source of fuel and in my mind, that meant some established woodland so I could commence staying warm immediately.

More on Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey--the second daughter and the radical Irish chauffeur are proponents of women's suffrage... I do find all of the "progressive agitation" annoying. After all, who is made out to be the villain? The Dowager Countess of Grantham, played by Maggie Smith, who is a stubborn obstacle to change but made to seem a fool holding on to privilege and the old ways, for the most part. I wouldn't support the ways of the aristocracy, especially as it had been transformed during the rise of the modern nation-state, but that doesn't mean I have to adopt liberalism as a solution.

Liberals may hold on to their radical egalitarian fantasies, but nature will win out.

Daybreak: Hugh Bonneville on Downton Abbey - Show 17 - 28/9/10 -

So is the original Upstairs, Downstairs worth a look?

What about the new version? Has it been subjected to the heavy creative hand of leftist ideologues at the BBC?

Actresses without children 'can't play mothers'

I can only think, "Social darwinism will be played out."

Oz Conservative: The delayed marriage debate

The Inaugural Speech by the New President of CUA

CUA: Intellect and Virtue: The Idea of a Catholic University
John Garvey, President


(via MoJ)

Will CUA survive the upcoming economic shocks?

Dominican Rite News

From Fr. Augustine Thompson: Dominican Rite Update: Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology

He writes: "I am pleased to report that the course has enrolled all the transitional deacons and those scheduled to be ordained transitional deacons, as well as two Dominican priest auditors."

I will have to ask Br. B if he is taking the course.

He also adds:
In addition, I am pleased to announce that the monthly celebration of the Dominican Rite Mass for the students of the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology (Arch and Vine Streets, Berkeley CA), shown in the photo to the left, will be continued this spring. This Mass was instituted in fall 2010 at the request of our lay students, and the strong attendance by both lay and religious students makes it likely that the number of celebrations will be increased to more than one a month. It has been offered by Fr. Anselm Ramelow, O.P., but we expect to add additional celebrants. I will announce the days and times when they are set. DSPT has been drawing large numbers of new lay students for the M.A. programs in both philosophy and theology and this is one of our responses to their spiritual needs.
That's the first I've heard of it; I'd like to go out to the DSPT despite the distance. It would be great if it were celebrated somewhere closer.

I just noticed that Fr. Augustine has this book out: Revival Preachers and Politics in Thirteenth Century Italy: The Great Devotion of 1233. Hmmm...


People-Centered Economic Development

"P-CED advocates for the development of localized people-centered economics on a global basis."
The Rite: Do priests still do exorcisms? by Fr. Gabriel Gillen, O.P.

Fr. Gillen links to this Zenit article:
Interview With San Jose Diocesan Exorcist

Here is part 2.

Chat with Dan Stevens

He played Edward Ferrars in the most recent adaptation of Sense and Sensibility and Matthew Crawley in Downton Abbey.

Masterpiece Theater

Pictures from the 59th Berlin Film Festival.
The Star: Porter: Lessons from happiness central

The Viola da Gamba

Early Edition: The Voice of the viola da gamba

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Maybe China will hit a bump before they can implement this

Telegraph: China to create largest mega city in the world with 42 million people

Leave Guangdong alone...

Ed Peters continues

Why "Anglicanorum coetibus" does not control one's reading of Canon 277
My article “Diaconal Categories and Clerical Celibacy” is now available on-line
I won't be watching the State of the Union Address, and I may not even blog about it, as I haven't finished my post on Obama at the Tucson memorial. But here is Jerry Salyer's "Much Ado About Inflammatory Rhetoric."

Lawrence Auster agrees with this proposal

VFR: "And that is an example of what I would call a rational and practicable approach: not trying to remove Obama from office, but putting proper procedures in place which, if he did not conform to them by producing proper documentation, he couldn't run for re-election."
Elusive Wapiti, Feminism In The Body, Part 2
Dr. Paul Gottfried offers a response to the tiger mother controversy: Are Tiger Mothers Un-American? I have some things to say, but we will see if I have time to write something up.
Going to quit In and Out. I need to find another place for my carb cheats or food for those days when I skip lunch or don't have food ready at home. Togo's? As for my burger cravings... I'll just have to wait until I go to BJ's, Red Robin, or Fuddruckers. I think I went to Rockridge Cafe with Br. B once. The place we went to had good hamburgers. I don't think it was Barney's Gourmet Hamburgers.

Art of the Precision Rifle teaser trailer

Magpul Dynamics is at it again...

*This post is not an endorsement; it is intended to inform only.*

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Institute Has a New CD

The Communion of the Saints

(via Fr. CS)

No Labels

The Emily Rooney Show: Monday, Jan. 24 State Of The (Partisan) Union

David Walker's bi-partisan (non-partisan?) organization is No Labels.
C-SPAN: No Labels Conference, Closing Speeches.
So American TFP has a blog. (I found it through EMV, who linked on FB to this short post on clothing.)
Dr. Fleming likes The Last Days of Disco.

Secession, plus Parag Khanna

NPR: Would-Be States Hope To Follow Sudan's Lead (via Ohio Republic)

Parag Khanna is featured in that NPR short.


BEYOND CITY LIMITS: The age of nations is over. The new urban age has begun.
Future Shock? Welcome to the New Middle Ages
America Needs a Diplomatic-Industrial Complex
How to Run the World: Charting a Course to the Next Renaissance by Parag Khanna, reviewed by Pepe Escobar
Random House

New America Foundation:

Conversations with History:

From the Winter 2011 issue of City Journal

The Radical Reform That California Needs by Troy Senik
Can once and future governor Jerry Brown deliver political change to save the state’s economy?
(podcast discussion)

Where Did the Korean Greengrocers Go? by Laura Vanderkam
The entrepreneurs who nourished New York have moved up and out.

Not Going to Happen Until It's Too Late

Alte: Sir, will you please take my vote?

There is no way the franchise can be restricted, so long as the current political economy exists. Certain bishops may talk as if they accept universal suffrage, but this is not part of Sacred Tradition. To offer everyone the right to participate in governance without the relevant moral considerations goes against distributive justice. But liberal democrats will have none of that.

Thinking Housewife: A Franchise Proposal

More in response to feminism:
Full of Grace, Seasoned with Salt: Restoring Women
Traditional Housewife: Are Traditional Sex Roles Obsolete?
WDTPRS: The sexual constitution. and A little noticed cause of the failure of gun control

SHOT Show 2011 - New Glock Gen 4 Series

Travis Haley on Haley Strategic

Travis Haley speaks with Rob Pincus about "Haley Strategic" at SHOT Show.

Gear Scout: Travis Haley pops smoke, leaves Magpul Dynamics

Shot Show 2011 HK booth


Larry Vickers interview

Beretta's ARX-160

Beretta ARX-160 - SHOT Show 2011 - AR15.Com

Beretta USA
Beretta Inernational

Remington ACR

Shot Show 2011 Remington gas piston carbine & ACR


Remington Arms

LaRue Tactical - SHOT Show 2011

LaRue Tactical - SHOT Show 2011 - AR15.Com

LaRue Tactical

Kershaw at Shot Show 2011


Gnomeo and Juliet

So now we're reduced to cartoons using American suburban kitsch for characters?


Yesterday, I was thinking about myopia (since I am personally affected by it). It is often explained away as being part of a genetic inheritance, but is there more to the story? Is diet (in or out of the womb) a contributing factor to its occurrence? Wikipedia mentions the lack of sunlight as a possible contributing factor.

Chinese people appear to be severely affected by myopia. (Is the incidence high in other East Asian countries as well.)

Shawn Tribe, Some Pillars of a New Liturgical Movement (And For Catholic Life and the Parish Generally)


Two on PO

Commentary: TWIP Fails to Warn of a 1.8 mb/d Supply Shortfall
Bill James, ASPO-USA

Rocky times ahead: Are you ready? (EB)
by Sarah Byrnes, Chuck Collins

Swiss Guard Celebrates 505th Anniversary


A Vatican Swiss guard looks on during Pope Benedict XVI's weekly general audience at the Vatican, Wednesday, Jan. 19, 2011. (AP/Daylife)

On Praying for Christian Unity
"Conversion to Christ Is the Way That Will Lead ... to Full Visible Unity" [2011-01-23]

Fr. Bux on Liturgical Gestures

The Significance of Genuflections and Other Gestures

(via Rorate Caeli)

Richard Beck on Calvin and Hobbes

The Theology of Calvin and Hobbes: Table of Contents (via Joe Carter)
James Howard Kunstler on President Obama's latest economic advisor appointments: State of Suspension. (Tom Piatak on the same topic.)
Orion Magazine: The Tyranny of Entitlement by Derrick Jensen
A lesson in limits

Except for the mistaken dig against Christianity, Jensen's piece is all right, a good reminder about natural limits.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

My sister won a pair of tickets to the upcoming Stile Antico concert in San Francisco!!! I checked the website last week, and tickets couldn't be pre-ordered yet...

Rorate Caeli updates

Rorate Caeli: Japanese bishop maintains suspension of NCW activities in his diocese, Italian Catholic Intellectuals Beg Benedict XVI To “Flee the Spirit of Assisi”, Final chapter in Thiberville affair?
The Spearhead: Book Review: Criticizing the Critics by Aidan Nichols (Family Publications)

Criticising the Critics
Catholic Apologias for Today
by Aidan Nichols O.P.

The website for Family Publications appears to be defunct. The book itself is not available as something in-print on Amazon, but there is one used copy available. (There's also ABE Books.) Check out also The Realm: An Unfashionable Essay on the Conversion of England. A review of The Realm. There is a phone number listed here if you wish to call and see if the company can be contacted that way.

Reviews of the book from last year by Fr. Z and Godzdogz.
The Thinking Housewife, Why Not Open Borders

Sarge and your target-rich environment...

Since You Asked - Preview - Dating
P. Nivard im Interview - The Monastic Channel - 21.01.2011

Shelby Lynne, "Your Lies" and "Jesus On A Greyhound"