Saturday, July 31, 2021

This Is Actually Sensible

But with no charism or competence to speak on such matters, the pope's opinion has no more weight than that of a non-Christian.


Taibbi Seeking Cancellation

The Cornetto

Maurice Daubard

Friday, July 30, 2021

End Industrial Ag

Diana Rodgers with Nicolette Niman

Eating to Protect One's Joints

More on Ravenous

Michael Anton on Titus Techera's Podcast


What is Gates really trying to accomplish?

"Find Our Way"

"In the Dreams" BTS


Should we pray for those who have died from COVID-19? Yes. Should we pray for all who die? Yes. Should we single out those who died in this "pandemic" for special recognition? That is the question, and one wonders if this is part of the machinations by the few.

Go Train

Believe It or Not

Latins Are Tweeting and Linking to This

But it's the same old delusional Latin nationalist democracy nonsense that is a non-starter.

Robert George on Academic Freedom

Wedding at Cana

Questionable with respect to ttraditional canons.

Necessary for a Man

"Be Yourself" as Corporation Brand Messaging

Controlled Op

Mishima: The Last Debate

Trevor Lynch's review

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Romanticizing the Past

Living in the imperial glories of the past...


How long before Constantinople is reduced to this?

This Is Not the Sort of Leadership Needed for Imperial Collapse



Had to look her up. Svetlana Tichanovskaya is a Belarussian politician and opposition leader. How would she be qualified to make such a request?

The New Governor General of Canada

A ceremonial position? Still, she wouldn't be worthy.

Whom Does the Vatican Serve?

Damon Linker on Michael Anton

Animals and Regenerative Agriculture

Beef prices to get more expensive?

The Importance of Regenerative Agriculture

Field Hockey!

Amicus Brief from Finnis and George for Dobbs

Lord Have Mercy

What Notion of Degrowth?

Pat Mooney on Local Resilience

Still Doing the Judeo-Churchian Scam

Sunisa Lee

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

丘みどり「みどりのケセラセラ」MV<Full Ver.>

The Future of an Immigrant Church

Good Luck


Should Taleb Meet with the Maronite Patriarch to Discuss the Political Future of Lebanon?

Michael Pollan and Robin Ince

Partisan Closed-Mindedness

Heinberg fails to read Turchin correctly and realize that his analysis (and critique) of elites applies not just to Trump, but also to the Democrats and the Deep State.

NuAmerican Princess

Katie Ledecky and Mark O'Connor

Christine Zacharias on Bach's Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

The Complexities of Identity

Medieval Construction Techniques

The Plight of Syrian Christians

Defending Beef

Brion McClanahan on Conservatism

Invade the World, Invite the World

Blood Pressure Mediciations

Joseph Pearce on Hilaire Belloc

Finding the Correct Ammunition



Defending Beef

Resilience: Defending Beef: Excerpt, By Nicolette Hahn Niman

This Doesn't Make Hamilton More Appealing

An example of Pharisees trying to take credit for someone deemed to be great or currently popular in mass culture (because of the musical)? Or was Hamilton really influenced by his connections with Pharisees?

Monday, July 26, 2021

Koji Sorbet

Belinda Fettke

Eastern Christian Books: The Life of Mohammad and Early Islam

Eastern Christian Books: The Life of Mohammad and Early Islam

Muhammad (New York Review Books Classics)

A Culture of Ambiguity: An Alternative History of Islam by Thomas Bauer. Translated by Hinrich Biesterfeldt and Tricia Tunstall (Columbia University Press)

TOKYO GORIN ONDO 2020 (Music Video)

The official dance for this year's Globalist Games, which were supposed to be held last year.

Weak Clerics

Deliberate Misandric Revolutionary Propaganda

Sunday, July 25, 2021

IBMA Bluegrass Music Awards Nominees

"As Time Goes By"

Michael Warren Davis Defends Bergoglio

Rian Mulan on the Current Situation in SA

"Come Ye Sinners"

The DS Doesn't Hide Its Intentions

Necessary Adjustments for Imperial Collapse


In the age of domestic churches, it made sense for the presbytera (the wife of the presbyter) to have a quasi-role of leadership in so far as the buildings other than the temple were still part of her home, and so hospitality was primarily her responsibility. But now? What role should a presbytera have when the temple and its associated buildings are clearly the common property of the local ekklesia, even if they are under the supervision of the presbyter (with the help of the deacon)? How is the presbytera different from the older women in the community? Should she be directing them, just because she is the wife of the presbyters? As for filling the role of the ekklesia secretary, that might be a good use of her feminine gifts but would it be appropriate?