Saturday, January 07, 2012

Tea at Trianon: More Photos from the New Flick

Tea at Trianon: More Photos from the New Flick

Les Adieux à la reine - Chantal Thomas
LES ADIEUX A LA REINE (FAREWELL MY QUEEN) to open Berlin Film Festival
LES ADIEUX A LA REINE - Interview de l'équipe du film
Les Adieux à la Reine – oh goody, another travesty!

If I could have come back earlier, I would have.

Then I would have had more time to clean.

Pete Takeshi was in the area briefly for a test on Thursday. I met with him for dinner over at The Counter at Santana Row. Afterwards we chatted for a bit more at Peet's. He seems to be the content married man; is he still in the honeymoon period?

LJY is in town this weekend and I picked her up at SJC today. I think I might have seen a teacher in the arrivals area as well, Ms. AW. It has been good talking to LJY -- the company has lifted my spirits a bit. Dinner was at Jade Cathay in SJ, and we went to see Young Adult at Bluelight. Charlize Theron was definitely a hot mess. Was the link between her self-destructive behavior and her choies and desires sufficiently evident?

Rod Dreher refers to a discussion of the movie by John Presnall and Peter Lawler, and the implications of the story for the romantic view of small towns. I don't think the movie intends to criticize small town life -- that's just Mavis' rationalization hamster being fed by her wannabe groupie, Matt's sister.

I posted the following comment:
Lawler and Presnall are misunderstanding the story. Mavis does not return to her hometown in order to find a solution to her happiness in living there, she goes back in order to try to get her old boyfriend back, because she believes that the life he now has with his wife should have been hers, and she tries to coax him to return to Minneapolis with her. The movie is a look at female narcissism and how she is unable to find happiness because of her own disordered desires.

Is this the best the Pomocons can do?

I should watch Blue Valentine as well.
Heinberg, Kunstler, Foss, Orlov & Chomsky on A Public Affair

Friday, January 06, 2012

Alison Krauss: Tavis Smiley interview

Bluegrass music superstar Alison Krauss

Watch Bluegrass music superstar Alison Krauss on PBS. See more from Tavis Smiley.

Bluegrass Today

Archbishop Dolan to become a cardinal

His blog. Today clip.

Inevitable, perhaps, but galling, nonetheless. How can I judge when I do not know the burden of being an archbishop in the American Church? It could be that difficult to restore liturgical sanity and promote the reform of parish life. But I think he is a sincere believer in many of the core beliefs of egalitarianism and liberalism in his "public policy advocacy."

Thursday, January 05, 2012

The Archdruid Report: Waiting for the Great Pumpkin

The Archdruid Report: Waiting for the Great Pumpkin: With the coming of the new year, predictions of what’s in store during the next twelve months are showing up here and there in the peak oil ...

Happy New Year!

Back in the "real world" -- California. A friend is in town and I'll be seeing him this evening, and another friend will be staying here for the weekend. Lots to do, but I have a lot to write about my trip to AZ, as well. Not sure if I will have the time...