Saturday, February 20, 2021


Man's Best Friend

Uniforms of the Union Army

When the State Itself Is the Problem

and the "people" are being exploited by various parties to claim "popular support," it's best not to get involved, even if we've been brainwashed by the "pro-democracy" narrative to choose a side.

Damian Thompson v. the (Neo-)Integralists


Manceaux Dueling Pistols

A Truly Toxic Environment

Thomas Massie Interview

"Spitfire, Spitfire!"



The Great Food Transformation

Cancer as a Metabolic Disease



I Sympathize With Those Who Complain About the Expenditure

Empires in decline.

Pillar Following Mainstream Latin Mass Media

Promoting a certain narrative about Bergoglio.

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Go Train

Of Course the Photo Chosen for This...

is of a woman.

"New West Virginia Waltz"

If the NYT Talks About It...

Has it been discredited? Perhaps the toilet paper of record will start disseminating anti-regen ag propaganada soon.

To Which We Belong

The Aesthetic Sense

Men and clerics without chests, a form of worship that is counter to logike, and the absence of beauty: all indicative of severe structural and doctrinal problems in Latin Christianity.

Michael Daves, Peter Rowan, and Alice Gerrard


Bug Men Deserve Bugs for Food

'Allo 'Allo!

Someone is aware of using someone photogenic to market their ideas.

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

"Ducks on the Millpond"

大阪市立東洋陶磁美術館「特別展 黒田泰蔵」 展示映像『黒田泰蔵のアトリエ』

Make Work for the New World Order

Agrarianism and RegenAg Links

Don't Jinx It

A More Humane Wage Slavery

Kyrie Eleison

Is Exodus Really Applicable?

Or are they just promoting "conservative" Judeo-Christian civic nationalism? Kass's book sticks to Exodus and the old Israel; it's Weigel who uses it to promote civic nationalism.

"Universal Spiritual Director"

Some of these suggestions are psychologically unhealthy and smack of repression for the sake of presenting a false face. Suffering that is in the form of "negative" emotions needs to be accepted as redemptive, and transformed accordingly.

This would be better:

Girl Power Propaganda Making Its Way in Korea

I expect the birthrate to continue to decline. Fighter 파이터


Interview with Ray Archuleta

Did He Get His Ticket Punched?

At first he marketed himself as an outdoorsman and adventurer. Now he's posing as an influencer and guru, and getting support from unsavory people.

Federal Government Welfare Jobs for Women

But They Are Also Recruiting Women for This

Interview with Wilfred McClay

HK Mark 23

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Trash Prop Everywhere


A Better Version of Justice League?

Who Is Legitimate?

And with what authority and competence do we deem them so?

What Sort of Pastoral Trip?