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Second Skull Protective Skull Cap


The Gesualdo Six: Fauré’s Requiem


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More Goofy Fempowerment Crap


James Lindsay Explains Critical Theory


One of These Things is Not Like the Others...

Strandhögg MBAV cut plate carrier

First Spear

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A Japanese Tribute to Lúnasa

Written by a Latin from a Latin Perspective

Would The Lamp Magazine be willing to publish an essay by an Eastern Catholic that disagreed with what Latins take to be dogma? If not, then the magazine shouldn't label itself "A CATHOLIC JOURNAL OF LITERATURE, SCIENCE, THE FINE ARTS, ETC." but "A Roman Catholic Journal."

Cardinal Zen in Dialogue with Fr. Giampietro

Birthday of Prince Alexei


However, the lamentable nationalist trends did not start with the Jacobins, even if the French Revolution further consolidated state power.

As for "anti-minorities," I am not sure what Taleb means by this.

Small is Beautiful

Healthy Soil

Vandana Shiva Interview

Brideshead Revisited

CWR Dispatch: Revisiting Brideshead Revisited by Russell Shaw
Evelyn Waugh’s novel remains easily the most popular Catholic-themed work of fiction in the English language. Why?


The Telegraph
The Spectator UK

The Evelyn Waugh Society

Something Is Out of Sorts...

"Red-pilled women" taking over leadership.

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You Can Guess What the Results Will Be

Previously at Baylor: Robert P. George Initiative on Faith, Ethics, and Public Policy

The Holy Martyr John the Warrior of Constantinople

Another Good One from Jeff Giesa

Find your tribe. Start building from there.

The America Mind

The second concept is anti-fragility. Being anti-fragile means setting yourself up to flourish and thrive in times of chaos, to come out of bad scenarios even stronger. A good question to ask when mapping out your gloomiest scenarios is:  What is the opportunity in this? How could I benefit from it?  Preparedness, in other words, is both offensive and defensive. It’s about capturing upside opportunities as much as it is about managing downside risks. Maybe your doom-and-gloom scenarios aren’t as dark as you think.

L&L Republishes Reinsch

Murray as a solution to identity politics... clueless.

The Problem Is Not the Method

The problem is the lack of accountability in transmitting and receiving an interpretive tradition. Institutional "integralism" would have even less success in obtaining results, because integralists wouldn't be given positions of power to begin with.

The Identity of US Army SF



Sustainable Agriculture

Diet Doctor Podcast

Factory Farming and Swine Flu


Baylor: Get Woke, Go Broke

“What if their [women's and children's] lives were taken as significant sites for theological work?” I bet the professor of feminist theology doesn't talk about what it means for a woman to respect and to submit to her husband as a part of her divine vocation.

Motherhood: A Confession
Image and Presence: A Christological Reflection on Iconoclasm and Iconophilia

In addition to the push for wokeness, Baylor employs feminist theologians like Carnes. Her website.

UChicago Divinity School: Natalie Carnes, Baylor University, will lecture on "Attunement: The Feminist Voice and Christianity’s Patriarchal Tradition" on Tuesday, December 10th at 4:30pm, Swift Common Room.

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Native by Patrick Laurie

Birlinn = the author's website and instagram

Country Life article

Dalrymple on Choosing One's History

Still at It

For the Standing Army of an Empire in Decline

Trying to boost institutional morale while undermining it by becoming increasingly converged.

Farming Links for Today

This Will Probably Get a Lot of Volunteers


Eat Meat

Beta Pedestalizing

But there is more at work too.

She has her cute girl image that makes her a more photogenic representative of the movement than the other prominent men and women associated with it. But she also has many years of labor to back it up, too.

She is the Mulan for Hong Kong now, and the people need a figurehead and a hero(-ine).

A Liberal Coalition to Counter Militant Revolutionaries

It's too late for that.

Of course it's the IDW that is Quillette that publishes this.

Jimmy Lai, Agnes Chow Released on Bail

Her being able to speak Japanese is a big reason for it.

The Church of Hong Kong Caves


Univariate Fallacy Re: Sex Differences

A Man's Word

"I made a promise, and I'd rather lose it [the ranch and the land] than break it. And he'd rather me lose it too."John Dutton, Yellowstone, S03E08

I don't know what surprises the season finale may have, but we will see how many of the season's story arcs are wrapped up neatly.


Nozick on Reparations

Grant Havers for Law & Liberty

This is San Francisco

Repeating a Mistake?


A Book on John Marshall

Richard Brookhiser, John Marshall: The Man Who Made the Supreme Court - Basic Books


Gary Taubes

A Case for Good Living

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Some American History


Eternal Memory

Interview with Jimmy Lai


Michael Lind on Industrial Policy and National Security

The Bomb and the American Empire

Wes Jackson and David Orr in Conversation

Say No to Factory Farms

August: Networked Tribalism

Her Makeup is Working at All Angles

Primal Blueprint Podcast

Jimmy Lai, Agnes Chow, Others Arrested


Cardinal Zen Responds to Roberto De Mattei

Marco Tostatti

Rorate Caeli: De Mattei: An eminent Cardinal, but not very prudent

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Pawn/Collateral 담보


Postpartum Care for Mothers

Wise Traditions #259

Checking off the Boxes

But the movie may be good unless it gets too preachy....

Maya Structures in Guatamala


An anarchist perspective? Or just an alternative one?

Psychiatry, Abolition, and New Horizons from Fireweed Collective on Vimeo.

Global Oligarchy

Regenerative Agriculture

Socialism as a Consequence of COVID-19

What is Greek Identity?

S. Trifkovic on the Atomic Bombings


Pope Francis on Faith

It looks good but is it what St. Paul means by pistis? Should the scholastic account of faith as a theological virtue of the intellect that is nonetheless motivated by an act of the will be modified?

An Ordination in Japan Last Year

Earlier This Year:
長崎大司教区 司祭・助祭 叙階式 1/2 and 2/2

The Tensho Mission

4 Japanese seminarians travel to Europe to meet Pope Gregory XIII.

「MAGI-天正遣欧少年使節-」 appears to be an adaptation of that story.

alt: 織田信長役に吉川晃司と貴重な“幻の金屏風”/ドラマ『MAGI -天正遣欧少年使節-』予告編

野村周平×森永悠希×井之脇海×緒形敦、16世紀過酷な少年たちの旅路/ドラマ『MAGI -天正遣欧少年使節-』予告編
千々石ミゲル役、緒形敦バージョンのコメント入りドラマ『MAGI 天正遣欧少年使節 』特別映像
ドラード役・佐野岳のコメント入りドラマ『MAGI 天正遣欧少年使節 』特別映像

佐野岳、スペインで一人行動 野村周平もSNS見て「何しとん」「MAGI-天正遣欧少年使節-」配信記念イベント

The Hidden Christians of Nagasaki/Amakusa and Orasho (Oratio)

A modern composition inspired by the Orasho?

Funeral Mass for Fr.Adolfo Nicolás SJ(Former General of the Society of Jesus)アドルフ・ニコラス前イエズス会総長葬儀ミサ

The Jesuit Adolfo Nicolas

Andrew Bacevich's Contribution

I agree with the excerpt but I think subsidiarity needs to be re-thought.

Hillbilly Elegy and Trump

Christian Samurai

Adam Lane Smith

Hm... to be evaluated.

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