Friday, November 28, 2014

America the Beautiful 3

AICN: Capone talks to AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL 3 director Darryl Roberts about the dangers of sexualizing our youth!!!

I have not seen the first two; is the creator of the documentary, despite his dislike of beauty pageant moms, unable to acknowledge the role of female weakness and vice in the problems he documents?

The first film can be viewed online.


Who's Getting Excited Over This?


EWTN Schedule for the Pope's Visit to the Patriarch of Constantinople

Being a Bandwagon Fan This Year

Why not? They made it to the World Series after all, and I enjoyed watching some of the games with the guys. I remember going to a Giants game with the MD; tickets were given away for honor rolls students or as some other academic recognition. The seats weren't that great, but we had fun, and we went by ourselves -- no parents to watch over us, so our first taste of freedom. (And we didn't get into trouble.) I may get a Giants hat; but not one of the "authentic" ones. One of the replicas instead; the fitted hats made by '47 look good.

I'll have to brave the holiday-shopping crowds at Valley Fair and check out the Dugout store there.

Interview with Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Sara Evans's Latest

Thanksgiving Hymn

Will have to find something better when I have time...


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Conspicuous Consumption

He and a Lot of Others

Some Questions Cardinal George Would Like to Ask Pope Francis by Dr. William Oddie


Their website.

Would even my mom like their singing?

Leading by Example

Jockeying to be the Spiritual Head of the EU

In a World of Make-Believe

Of Glories Past...

Want to Guess His Party Affiliation?

Patriarch Bartholomew Visits Austria

November 6, 2014: Some Photos

See also: The first Orthodox monastery in Austria in the works

November 2015 Release Date

A Sweet New Poster For Next Year’s PEANUTS Movie!!

There is some multiculturalism (though no Asian or Hispanic characters in the original Peanuts gang); will the movie have the spirit of Charles Schulz?

Second Response of Richards and Witt to Pearce

Tolkien, Ordered Liberty, and Catholic Social Teaching by Jay Wesley Richards and Jonathan Witt

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Tailors

But NPR Does Not Know Christ

"Never Show Fear"

Bay Area Contra

From a FB event:

A word about gender roles:
Country dancing lends itself to flexibility about gender roles. Although we call the roles “gents” and “ladies,” all dancers dance either role and same-sex couples (or LGBT singles) are very welcome. Like many dances, the Palo Alto Contra dance sometimes is skewed in the direction of more men or more women. We encourage all dancers to learn both gender roles and especially encourage experienced dancers to take the opposite gender role, if needed, so that newcomers can learn to dance the traditional role first. Also, we support everyone’s choices to dance either or both roles and realize that sometimes people even switch back and forth. Dancers who choose to dance a non-traditional role or swap roles are asked to be aware of other dancers’ possible confusion. All dancers should remember to dance with the position, not the person.

An Update on Hong Kong

Occupy Central: Mong Kok cleared of barricades and tents

Occupy Central

More Dumbing Down?

Or will it be as good as the recent adaptation of Jane Eyre?

Trailer for FAR FROM THE MADDENING CROWD, Starring Carey Mulligan!

Who Would Write a Musical About Andrew Jackson?

Did We Offend You?
What to do when asked not to sing about Andrew Jackson at your college.

wiki entry on the Rock musical

Celebrities Supporting... a Bookstore Chain

The last giant standing...
Barnes and Noble Has a Plan to Make Physical Books Popular This Black Friday

Vatican Diary: What Francis really thinks about Europe


Playing Hardball

Vatican Insider: Beijing presses for negotiations on bishop nominations and “Patriotic” organisations

Monday, November 24, 2014

The Whole Foods Cult

Wasn't Held Against Him

Upcoming Korean Movies for the Holiday Season

Tim Kennedy Not Taking Himself Seriously

The Men of Chronicles on Obama's Amnesty

Immigration and the Politics of Hate by Thomas Fleming
Obama's Amnesty by Srdja Trifkovic
Tongues of Fire: America’s Phony Immigration Religion by Aaron Wolf
The Contempt of Obama by Tom Piatak
Why the Republicans Won't Stop Obama's Amnesty by Scott Richert

rhck Was Married Yesterday

Ellie Goulding - How Long Will I Love You

Idealism and the Constitution by Claes Ryn

Imaginative Conservative

Poster Child for Uhmerica

Taylor Swift

Fast forward to 1:08.

Trumpeting girl power? Check.
Trumpeting consumption and mass culture? Check.
Narcissism and the promotion of the cult of celebrity? Check.
Overestimating her importance in history? Check.

Taylor Swift uses AMA acceptance speech to justify her war on Spotify and argue 'music should be consumed in albums'

Fr. Thomas Loya: Praying with Icons