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群星 -《祝福你》 MV


CNA/CWR: Pope Francis prays at St. Paul’s tomb with Orthodox and Anglican Christians

“From this Week of Prayer we want to learn to be more hospitable, in the first place among ourselves as Christians and among our brothers and sisters of different confessions,” Pope Francis said.

Brothers and sisters in what sense? Surely they are not brothers and sisters in Christ, though they may be brothers and sisters in Adam.

“Among Christians as well, each community has a gift to offer to the others. The more we look beyond partisan interests and overcome the legacies of the past in the desire to move forward towards a common landing place, the more readily we will recognize, welcome and share these gifts,” the pope said.

Where is the source of this gift? If they have been given a gift from God because of His mercy, what gifts would those be? Is the endowment of the Protestants (and arguably of the Latins) on the same level as of the Apostolic Christians? What is the justification for a statment that seems to be an a priori dogmatic claim, rather than an observation?


we will see mob violence directed against Wall Street, FIRE representatives and companies, and banks?

Vox Day: 2021 is 2008

NuAmericans Defining NuAmerica

Breitbart: Microsoft CEO: ‘America Is a Country of Immigrants, Formed by Immigrants’

He Needs to Be in Another Western

Sam Elliot

Brion McClanahan on 1917 and the Great War

Friday, January 24, 2020

F.H. Buckley with Tom Woods

A Good Book on Japan?

A White Hispanic

who will play the "I'm Hispanic" card...

False Ecumenism

Especially on the parts of Latins afraid to deal with feminism. Cowards.

Tightening of Purse Strings

in a worsening global economy. But the quality of authorship may also have something to do with it?

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Still in Business

Legionaries of Christ to discuss handling of abuse at Rome meeting

Someone points out:

Other topics of discussion will include the formation of seminarians, advances in support of victims of sexual abuse, and possible coverup, negligence or omission in relation to past abuse by Legionary priests.

Given that their own formation system was corrupt thanks to Maciel and his assistants, how are they possibly qualified to discuss this? It's as bad as Jesuits and Boston College talking about the reform of clerical formation, or worse.

Best Korean Movies of 2019?

The Hope of the American Church?

Doubtful; how many of them are actually transplants to those states?

In Good Company

Greta, Micah White, and Francis - all attempting to influence the elites at Davos? Or being co-opted by the elites as well?

Obliteration of the Order of Charity

Supporting the Enemies of the American People

CNA/CWR: Ruling against Trump executive order helps people flee danger, bishops say

Latins Riding the Coattails of Others' Hero

They don't have something more important to discuss? For example, what is happening in Virginia with respect to gun control?

CNA/Catholic World Report: Catholic bishops: US still ‘painfully’ far from Martin Luther King’s dream and A Catholic looks back on his time in the civil rights movement and The nuns who witnessed the life and death of Martin Luther King

Monday, January 20, 2020

More on 1917

Saw it today; good movie but not as good as A Hidden Life. I think the fake single-shot photography may have hurt the storytelling as much as it enhanced it.

*spoiler warning*

The Wayfaring Soldiers of 1917 by Graham McAleer

The Hardest Day on the Set of 1917 The single-take WWI thriller required an army of collaborators, battling birds and clouds along the way.
Time: The Real World War I History Behind the Movie 1917
How Something Minor Like A Broken Cigarette Lighter Could Derail 1917 Filming
Collider podcast


He doesn't realize that many of the refugees and migrants he thinks Europe should take in are "anti-Semitic."

Pope Francis denounces ‘barbaric resurgence’ of anti-Semitism

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Spyderco 2020