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Stick to preaching the Gospel...

Pontifical Council for Culture… winning the minds and hearts of women everywhere!

Not Patronizing?

These mass media campaigns... who is the underrepresented ethnic group of the moment?
Looking for a reference to the natural love of God; thought I had come across one that was relevant in the past few days, but I'm not seeing it in the book I thought it would be in. Did I imagine it all?

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Ah, But Which Liturgy?

Can Anything Good Come from New England Puritans?

Godly Radicalism by Greg Forster
Republics in Massachusetts Bay and Beyond

Godly Republicanism by Michael Winship

Review of the book at Anamnesis.

Interview with Bishop Paul Xie Ting-zhe

Vatican Insider: “Pope would be welcome in China” by Gianni Valente
Interview with Paul Xie Ting-zhe, the Catholic bishop of Urumqi (who is not recognised by the government): “The Patriotic Association does not exist in the province of Xinjiang and things have been going along just fine”

Also from VI:
Laos: Faith in the age of globalisation
Vietnam: First Catholic theological university coming soon

Interview with John Boorman

John Boorman Talks QUEEN AND COUNTRY, Directing Marvin, Mifune, Merlin And Mirren

John Boorman: A master director’s viewing list

It Figures Someone Living in Toronto Wrote This

Destroy All Monsters: Us, Them, And The Oscars by Matt Brown

Walter Berns

Is he really someone for paleos to hold up as a teacher?

Country Before Faith by Gerald J. Russello
A constitutional scholar’s conscientious objection to the culture war

Anglo? He sounds like someone who grew up on the nationalist mythos.
His concern over the court’s involvement in cases touching on religious conviction had an unforeseen personal effect. In 1997, he resigned from the board of First Things over a symposium on the possibility of judicial tyranny. Some of the contributors to the symposium questioned whether because of cases like Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey, the United States could be considered still to have a legitimate government of, by, and for the people rather than what Russell Kirk elsewhere called “archonocracy,” or rule by judges. Berns, a World War II veteran, would have none of it. He wrote to the editors, “You do not speak for me… when you say that the government of the United State is morally illegitimate and come close to advocating not only civil disobedience but armed revolution.”

Berns knew from revolution: at Cornell in 1969 he was one of the few faculty who refused to bow to radical student demands, which cost him his post. But his reaction to the symposium is informative. The Supreme Court’s extension of its religious “logic” had created too many holes in the fabric of the polity. While other religious conservatives, myself included, rejoiced in the resistance to the “naked public square,” Berns lamented that it also meant the disintegration of a nation founded explicitly on the laws of Nature and Nature’s God, with religious freedom coming second to citizenship, an argument he elaborated on in his masterful 2001 book Making Patriots.
A Guide to the Work of Walter Berns
NYT: Walter Berns, Whose Ideas Fueled Neoconservative Movement, Dies at 95
Weekly Standard obituary and tribute
Walter Berns and Harry Jaffa
Kirk Center

Bl. Franz Jagerstatter

Crisis: The Courageous Witness of Bl. Franz Jagerstatter by Regis Martin

Mr. Turner

Sony Classics

His story, as told in the movie, doesn't sound so morally uplifting. "But its an artsy movie about an artist!"

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There's Something Wrong with the World of Korean Entertainment

God bless the archbishop.

Crisis: Usual Suspects Protest Archbishop Cordileone’s School Reforms by Gerri Downing Laird

What's wrong with the world? I am.

How Many Koreans in Texas?

The New England Push for Secession

A Sympathy for Disunion By Vito Mussomeli

Social Parasites

Steve Sailer: Silicon Valley Adulteress Sues for $16 Million

Colm Feore in King Lear

AICN: Capone talks KING LEAR and bringing it all back to Shakespeare with the great actor Colm Feore!!!


In cinemas tomorrow... Fathom Events.

Not the National Theatre Live version

Creating Furniture That is Beautiful

NLM: Harmonious Proportions in Furniture by David Clayton

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Chips 6.10 "Fallout"

The story includes child abuse; is it proper to report it to the authorities, and to enable the state to punish the parent (dad, of course) or to solve the problem? What about letting the extended kin group or community handle it; even if it were shown to be dealt with responsibly by some social entity other than the state, there'd probably be an outcry about how irresponsible the showmakers are.


The Academy rejecting American Sniper because it represents everything they hate? Or did they pick Birdman because they love themselves so much, as it is a movie which may be taken as celebrating movie-making, though not as positive a portrayal of the industry as 2012 winner The Arist?

'American Sniper,' beloved by conservatives, comes up short at Oscars
Don’t Think ‘American Sniper’ Got SNUBBED By The Academy? This Will Change Your Mind.

The culture war playing itself out on ABC last night?

Steve Sailer: "Birdman or (Ho-Hum)"

The Salvation

Being released this Friday... small number of screens? At the artsy theaters?

international trailer

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That antibiotic seems rather powerful, one pill and ear ache is gone... been a while since I've had to take an antibiotic.