Saturday, April 17, 2021

Taken Down... for Re-Editing?


If Ted Lieu is "American," "American" doesn't mean anything except being subject to the United States Federal Government.

Trying to Redefine Conservatism

Will it be a post-civic nationalism conservatism that will fail to respect the original Anglo-Celtic peoples and culture?

CIC event

"Square One"

Because Mulan Didn't Fail Hard Enough

The rebooted Kung Fu, with a kick-ass female protagonist.



Find your tribe.

DS Prepping the Narrative

An Empire Supporting a State?

To whom are the Swedish Home Guard loyal?

Jack Carr News


Proper Paideia for Males

What Future for Australia?

Of Course They Did

Traditional Italian Pocket Knives

A Man With No Dignity

He loves being a celeb more thanbeing a man. Pathetic and contemptible.

Uniparty Mediocracy at Work

Sex Differences Are Real

Revolutionaries: "Testosterone is toxic." Guess where that line of thinking ends. Common good, amirite?

Friday, April 16, 2021

7 Reasons Steak is Healthy


Soil Health is Important

A Right Liberal? Or Libertarian?


Beyond the Great Reset?


Should Monasticism Be...

understood as consecrated singlehood? And while they are those monks who could have married and been good husbands and fathers, does monasticism appeal to those who prefer to be single or cannot function as spouses or parents? And should the latter class of people be excluded from the religious life?

!! "Wow"

Has the WEF Captured the Vatican?

The Roman Pontiff Has No Competence on Politike

Statist direction of local communities is still statism.

A UD Event

Trying to remain relevant to the American Church...

Thursday, April 15, 2021

What Sort of Localism?

Oka Midori...

A Time for Life

What Sort of Revolution?

Will this essay be tinged with feminism or white-knighting trad conservatism?

It Takes a Tribe

Will the academics figure out that their academic talk isn't enough?

MIC at Work

When do they rig it so a woman wins?

Modern Uhmerican Woman

Taiwan Needs a New President

I don't believe she is capable of waging a defensive war against the CCP, even if it is the case that Taiwan couldn't hold out long regardless. After all, how many Taiwaness are willing to defend their freedom from control by the CCP? Most would be willing to surrender if the CCP could guarantee their livelihood.

These People Need a New Mission

One directed at the well-being of Americans.

No Thanks

Take away the wealth (both at the personal level and the societal level) and what sort of leadership could she have exercised?

Clowns at the Vatican

A Failure of an Evangelist

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

But Respectables Prefer to Talk and Do Nothing!

Clerics Should Refrain from Making Political Judgments

Supply Shock by Brian Czech

Bluegrass Situation

The Lochaber Badger

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Hollywood Burning Cash to Make Garbage

Hunters Were Not Vegan?

Shoulder Carry

Mastering the Handgun

Resource Depletion as a Cause of Collapse

What Tim Gordon Has Been Doing

The Meaning of Kyrie Eleison

Medical Anthropologists Should Stick to...

Whatever it is that they are supposedly good at. Writing about politike and political organiztaion using analogies based on micro-organisms is really a bad argument. Complexity and all that.

What Skeletons in the Closet?

Would It Have Mattered?

Monday, April 12, 2021

Thomistic Institute at the USMA?

Why bother? How long before the faithful Catholics are forced out?

More Talks Will Reform the Latin Churches?

Clerics still not grasping the problems besetting them.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Greek Clerics Should Refrain from Secular Panegyrics

Irregular Warfare

Liberalism in Service to the State

Orthodox Christianity? No.

After a Workout?

The Connection Between Baroque and Folk Music



Latins and Modern Latin Devotions