Saturday, April 26, 2014

Longmire Season 3 - June 2

Anthony Esolen on Catholicism

Catholicism: Scandalous in Every Age by Anthony Esolen

Ron Paul Podcast

The Authoritarian State

An Old Lee In Hye Better than No Lee In Hye

One of my favorite actresses, though I would be very disappointed if I found out she had some work done on her appearance.


David Edelstein reviews 'Locke'

Old Movies...

And news about a Natalie Portman western...

AKUS/Willie Nelson Update

Gagafied or Rihannized?

Probably not, but you never know with Hollywood. Another '80s cartoon turned into a movie...

Good Luck!

Elizabeth & Felix Leseur

The School of St. Monica - the power of a supernaturalized femininity.

Sustainable Communities

Natalie Merchant, Ladybird

Sarah Jarosz, California Tour

Great American Music Hall - April 29

Not What I Was Waiting For

Season 1 Worth Checking Out?

I Doubt It Will Be As Good As the Original

It would probably have to be an actress in her 30s to carry off the gravitas needed for LYA's role. (Assuming that they keep the same characters and plot as the original movie.)

David Grier, "Angeline the Baker"

EPL Author Gets Ted Coverage too?

Post by TED.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Laurie Lewis and Kathy Kallick, Tonight in Lafayette!

Taking a page from his father

Rand Paul on Education: I Don't Think You'd Notice If the Whole Department Was Gone Tomorrow

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Martenson on Economic Demand

This Weekend...

From the KKB website-
Fri., April 25 (8 pm): A Tribute To Vern & Ray with Kathy Kallick & Laurie Lewis - Mighty Fine Guitars, Lafayette

Sat., April 26 (8 pm): A Tribute To Vern & Ray with Kathy Kallick & Laurie Lewis - SF Live Arts at Cyprian's (Turk @ Lyon), SF
Windy Hill opens

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

"My Pleasure."

Dropped by the closest Chick fil-A today; the chicken was all right but I don't know if the breading is something I can handle. It's a step above McDonald's, but maybe too pricey - I'd be better off making my own chicken tenders/nuggets. I'd probably prefer the salad option at Chipotle, even though the quantity of chicken is less. (The chicken for the Chick fil-A salads is breaded as well.) Here's a paleo recipe for chicken nuggets. Curious though that a fast-food chain that started in the South doesn't have self-service fountain drinks but it's probably the company's way of maintaining their brand of good customer service, by having its employees refill drinks rather than having customers do it for themselves. Pleasant service with a smile. Chick fil-A has been behind in switching to antibiotic-free chicken.

On the way home I noticed that the local store of the Habit has closed, replace by a Thai restaurant? Or maybe I was mistaken about its location, unless it had moved... time to try it again?

Uhmerica, Not So Beautiful

Al Gore's Daughter Gets Married - People and Daily Mail, HLN, THV11

Her second "wedding" so it's a good thing that she didn't glam it up? On the other hand... this is post-Christian America [California], so much for Al Gore's "Christian" values.

Business casual? I've posted on its triumph in international meetings between leaders/politicians before. Obama opens Japan trip at famous sushi restaurant

In this case, it's not just Obama doing it. But who started the trend? One would have to think the Uhmericans.

St. George's Day St. George of England: A Study of Sainthood and Legend

Saint George's Day: England's Patron Saint Celebrated Across the Country

Searching for Hobbits?

Crouching Tiger Sequel to Shoot in New Zealand, China

I've forgotten if Ang Lee will be directing.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Losing Internet "Allies"

Unmasking Feminism has gone dark, after some protracted fighting between "anti-feminism" female bloggers and commentators. What's the real story? What internet persona is real? Maybe it's the nature of blogging (as opposed to paid writing) that it attracts certain kinds of people - especially if it becomes a popularity contest. (Paid writing, too, has its problems, and it is not free from narcissism.) We shouldn't generalize about women and an inability to check themselves, should we? Or how such drama results when order is not imposed by men?

There may be a few who can be moral teachers to others, but how much talking is necessary? (I think that point made by Matt Forney is valid.) Some learning or reacquiring of a traditional moral system is necessary but this book-learning (or internet-learning) is not enough - it must be practiced. Some men may enjoy being groupies of female "traditionalist" bloggers; others may be looking for a more acceptable "outlet" to spread their ideas, which they can encourage women to read without seeming "bigoted" or "limited." Well, this latest fracas seems to have taken out two anti-feminism blogs, which is unfortunate, especially since Unmasking Feminism had a treasure of historical material.

What sort of books does the androsphere need to produce? There seem to be enough guides for dating and the like. There are a few MRM looking at divorce, legal misandry, and so on. Dalrock should write a book on the decline of marriage and the reasons why, perhaps. Some ethical and political treatises that explicitly deal with questions of patriarchy? What else? Then blogs can become more like internet fora, though these would become less necessary if traditionalists would network with people in "real life."
Chronicles: the future of russia and the west: a conversation with elena chudinova, part i

Discussion of Farmland Access with Sjoerd Wartena and Veronique Riofol

To Whom Much Was Given

How could the execs have trusted them and JJ Abrams with the Star Trek movie franchise? "No wonder their scripts are crap."

AICN: There Will Soon Be No More Orci / Kurtzman Movies!?!? + One Of Them Is Pushing To Direct The Third JJVerse STAR TREK Film!!

First time I've seen a photo of both of them together.

Monday, April 21, 2014

A Two-Fer

Yesterday at DL a Korean visitor chanted the Gospel text in Korean (part of the recitation of that text in different languages as a part of the celebration of Pascha) - the chant sounded familiar, but I can't say if it is exactly the same as what I heard at the local Korean Catholic church a while back. I should visit that parish again some time, and find out if one of the Korean-American priests in the diocese knows something about it. Alas, Chinese is a family of tonal languages, but maybe there is something to adapting Buddhist chant to Christianity.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Koike Takeshi's Lupin III

Χριστός ἀνέστη!