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And Roman Catholics Are Still Paying the Price

How the Irish Built Catholic America

Did they adopt a neo-Yankee civic nationalist mentality while resenting the native Anglos? If their attempts to assimilate were not wholly successful because they were rejected as outsiders, did they in turn discriminate against Catholics of other ethnicities, creating the immigrant Church of the 20th ce?

Cardinal Zen

The Year of Truth? (Truth with Chinese characteristics?) by Card. Joseph Zen

The considerations of the bishop emeritus of Hong Kong on claims made by recent articles regarding the agreement between Beijing and the Holy See.

Ensemble Sequentia - Allegri's Miserere

Thursday, March 15, 2018

More Chinese Propaganda

Breitbart: Film Glorifying Emperor Xi Becomes China’s Highest-Grossing Documentary

"But!" Does this article quality as a nice try? Comparative Analysis of Eastern and Western Tyranny

Ivan Moody on His Setting of the Akathist Hymn

Panteao Adds Kyle Lamb

Game Advice

From RS McCain? The Attitude

R.R. Reno Trying to Salvage Liberalism

First Things: Liberal Integralism by R. R. Reno

A Catholic politics never seeks to be a sacred politics, never proposes a full and complete integration of statecraft with soulcraft.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Squad Automatic Rifle Prototype Opportunity Notice

Three from the Abbeville Institute

The Barbarians at the Gates by Gene Kizer, Jr.

Since the 1960s, the interpretation of Southern history and the War Between the States put forth by most of the news media and academia is largely a fraud. It is driven by the racist identity… »

This is why the Founding Generation Crafted the 2nd Amendment by Lewis Liberman

With the current heated debate over gun rights and the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution (which serves to affirm our natural rights…rights we have whether the State recognizes them or not), I thought… »

Two Against Lincoln by Brion McClanahan

A review of Two Against Lincoln: Reverdy Johnson and Horatio Seymour, Champions of the Loyal Opposition (University Press of Kansas, 2017) by William C. Harris In a speech before the Senate in 1863, James A.… »

Archbishop Kyrill Granted Leave of Absence

ROCOR Western American Diocese

The Revamped Benedict XVI Institute

In San Francisco archdiocese, new website promotes Catholic arts

new website

Interview with Jim Caviezel

CWR: Jim Caviezel on what he learned playing St. Luke—and why he thinks “We don’t love Jesus enough” by Jim Graves



Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Interview with Dr. Edward Sri

CWR: True discipleship is “Jesus Christ’s way of life transforming me”

“Following the right doctrines and practices of the Faith is absolutely essential,” says Dr. Edward Sri, author of a new book on discipleship, “but sometimes we can pat ourselves on the back for our orthodoxy, as if that gives us a pass from the serious pursuit of holiness.”

He talks about imitatio but also participatio:

CWR: You emphasize, in several places, that grace—sanctifying grace, specifically—is “Christ’s divine life in us.” Why is this truth so vital to the process and reality of discipleship? How can it be better grasped and appreciated?

Dr. Edward Sri: One big advantage we have as Christian disciples is that our rabbi, Jesus, dwells within us. He’s is not just an example to imitate from the outside like other rabbis. The One whom we seek to imitate abides in us through sanctifying grace. We really have the life of Christ abiding in us, prompting us, strengthening us, helping us to live more like him. So as Christian disciples, we don’t just walk in Christ’s footsteps. It’s more like He is walking in our shoes, helping us to take the steps of faith we could never do on our own.

An analogy from the Catholic tradition can be helpful here. If one were to take an iron rod and put it in fire, it would continue to be an iron rod, but would start to take on the qualities of fire, becoming hot, glowing red and emitting smoke. Similarly, when our human nature is filled with Christ’s life through sanctifying grace, it begins to take on the qualities of Christ. We become more patient, generous, compassionate and sacrificial like he is. We begin to take on the qualities of Christ as he lives his life through us. The more we are transformed by grace, the more we can say with St. Paul, “It’s no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me.”

Growth in the Christian life is all about learning to rely on and cooperate with God’s grace. As we strive to imitate Jesus, we quickly realize how weak and incapable we really are. We realize the Nike approach to spirituality simply doesn’t work. We can’t do it—not on our own. We need Jesus to help us: to heal our wounds, weaknesses and sins and to help us be more like him—to love with His love. This is the transformation Jesus wants to work in his disciples. He wants to re-produce His life in us.

Still a reliance on concepts from medieval scholasticism and Tridentine Catholicism.

Someone should tell Dr. Sri that the (publicity?) photo used for the interview is a lousy one, from a RP perspective.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

History of the Catholic Church in China

CWR: The Catholic Church in China: Historical context and the current situation

Chinese Catholics—“above” and “underground”—view themselves as part of “one suffering Catholic Church.” Will the Vatican’s present negotiations with China help or hinder those struggling to practice the Faith under a communist government?

Albania... and China

CWR: “The smaller cage is the better cage”: What has China to do with Albania? by Ines Angeli Murzaku

The decades-long persecution of the Catholic Church in Albania by the Communist government provides a significant case for the Holy See to ponder.

Go Commando, Episode 33