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A Russian History of Ukraine

This is why the U.S. should not get involved in a squabble between cousins.

Probably only the part of the video with Putin is useful.

What happens if NATO dissolves?

Will there be renewed conflict in the former "Yugoslavia"?

Building on the work of Rollo

But taking it in a more Christian direction.

Oz Conservative: Do women love the same way?

Do women judge the quality of their relationships (or compatibility with a man) through emotion alone? Or does reason have more of a role? This is the question. Emotion is primarily directed at the self, so if they are judging through emotion alone, one should expect the judgment to be more self-focused in that respect.

L'Acte V

Populism a Child of the French Revolution?

De Mattei: The Two Souls of the Yellow Gilets by Roberto de Mattei

From the historical-political viewpoint, both these concepts originate with the French Revolution, which marked the end of Christian civilization, and the rise of a “profane” political space. In 1789, when the General States assembled together in Versailles, the French Monarchic State was characterized by a social tripartite. At the top were the clergy and the nobility, at the bottom the Third State. After the dissolution of the General States, in the National Assembly, the defenders of the Throne and the Altar were located on the right, and on the left, were the liberals and the republicans. The first defend the upper class, the second the people – in the lower ranks. The two metaphors, those of the vertical and horizontal, are interconnected.

What sort of political authority, direct or indirect, would De Mattei like to see the Church have? And by what divinely-given competence would bishops have such authority?

Sovereignty is still a bad word, even though it can be defined differently and in a way that is consonant with Natural Law. But for Latin traditionalists it is a product of the Enlightenment. (And not a product of the modern nation-state and statism! Even if the philosophers who talked about it were not official spokesman for the nation-state or the ruling regime, they nonetheless philosophized in such an environment. While they may have rejected the claims of an individual or group to authority, how many of them denied the legitimacy of the modern nation-state? And if they did, would they have lived long?)

Of course, there is a reference to Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira, the founder of TFP.

Is it true that primary leadership will never exceed more than the few? Probably. But, these sort of traditionalists forget that Aristotle also claimed that republic, or politeia, rule by the many, was also a legitimate political regime.

What distinguishes an elite, as Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira underlines, is being disposed to sacrifice its own interests in order to serve the common good which is the highest interest of society (Nobiltà ed élites tradizionali analoghe nelle allocuzioni di Pio XII al Patriziato e alla Nobiltà, Marzorati, Milano 1993). Pius XII calls being “an elite, is not only through blood or lineage, but most of all through works and sacrifice, creatively carrying out services to all social communities.” (Discourse to the Patriciate and the Roman Nobility, January 11, 1951).

This isn't the distinction that Aristotle offers, who instead focuses on the measure of virtue. One could say that because the elites are virtuous, they are disposed to sacrifice their own interests in order to serve the common good, but, again, what if the so-called elites aren't the only ones who possess political virtue?

Secondly, rendering services, is that another way of talking about some form of "servant leadership"? Or making sacrifices? Is the word "sacrifice" loaded with a Romantic or some other false connotation here? Their private goods, perhaps, but the common good includes the good of the elites, or any other virtuous group.

Not Really a Fan Film

But a excuse to make a movie about being a high-speed shooter...

Another THOT with a Gun

And something relevant...

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Fake News?

Do you not know the Miles Morales Spider-Man is a SJW character?

Post has been revised.

We don't need movie critics now, we need people who are aware of the culture war and cautioning parents before they buy some mass entertainment product designed to subvert their culture and destroy any sort of traditional identity, and this is what Marvel, Disney, and Sony Pictures want to do. Why give them the money to continuing to denigrate your culture and people?

Parents, boycott mainstream movies or do your own research on what is being sold to you.

Maybe city-dwellers won't care but if they don't, they just show again that they are lost.

SDG Reviews ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ by Steven D. Greydanus
Here, at last, is the Spidey that family audiences need and the Spidey they deserve — and that’s just two of them!

Byung-Chul Han

AmConMag: Pornography and the Definition of Power by SCOTT BEAUCHAMP
The reflections of a Korean-German philosopher can help us understand how we’re easily deceived by false freedom.

He Needs to Go Back

Breitbart: Lieu: ‘Would Love’ to Regulate Speech, But ‘First Amendment Prevents Me’

American Liberty

Star Trek: Axanar

An Outsider's Observations of Japan

Kawaii, Somber Japan by LINH DINH

The nice extreme of the effects of urbanization.

We’ve all heard about young Japanese recluses, the hikikomori, but did you know that at least 43% of Japanese between 18 and 34 are virgins? A third had never even been on a single date.

“How did Japanese go from bathing together, men and women, young and old, to being mostly alone?” I asked. No one could answer.

Writer Mieko Kawakami said that Japan’s previous tranquility and equilibrium were achieved only with much sacrifice by women, and the continuing breakdown of traditions is actually freeing women from onerous roles. Probing this theme, she is working on a novel about a woman having a baby without a man.

Many Japanese now live alone, then often die without anyone noticing, sometimes for weeks. Family members don’t call or even email them. Through a friend, I was able to visit an octogenarian who rarely left his messy apartment. His is the generation that built contemporary Japan. In the same complex, we passed a door whose letter and peep slots had been sealed by tape, to prevent the dogged stench of putrefaction from seeping out. It’s a common sight there. With its stigma of sordid death, the apartment will be hard to rent, thus adding to the glut of empty houses in Japan.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Catholic Classical Education in the News

And "traditional" or "conservative" Roman Catholics may be happy by the fact.

Lyceum School in Cleveland: This School Choir May Have Just Made History

Having browsed the photos I noticed part of the choir was composed of teenaged-women, presumably students at the school; and I confirmed with the information provided at the website that it is indeed coeducational. Catholic coeducation at the secondary level is still alive and well, even among certain "traditionalist" and "conservative" Catholic circles.

This is an institutional failure to address the first principles of education.

I suppose this phenomena will not disappear until continuing collapse wipes out most of the schools.

A Necessary Act of Inculturation?

Our Lady of Guadalupe in the Byzantine Rite

Should the supposed feast of the patroness of the Americas (rather than just Ibero-America) be observed by the BCA? Why isn't it sufficient for the United States to observe the Feast of the Immaculate Conception (or the Feast of the Conception of St. Anna)? It is not even clear to me that the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe is important to the rest of Ibero-America, rather than just to Mexico. Was the declaration of Our Lady of Guadalupe as the patroness of the Americas by Pope John Paul II, in conjunction with the earlier "synod" of bishops, motivated by political or patriarchate concerns?

75th Anniversary of the Repeal of the Chinese Exclusion Act

December 17. Celebrated by nuAmericans and leftists as a step in the right direction, and the remaking of America. How many of the Chinese-Americans who will attend the various celebrations have ever showed gratitude to the American peoples for taking them in, rather than subverting them through their support of leftists and leftist causes?

San Francisco Board of Supervisors passes a resolution to commemorate the event.

Capitulating to the Spirit of the Age

World Youth Day first testing ground for lessons of synod on young people by Claire Giangravè

Breitbart: Catholic World Youth Day to Focus on Immigration, Environment, Women

Because the Secretary of State Has Nothing Else to Do

than to lecture secular governments in an area that is beyond his competence.

Vatican Cardinal Pietro Parolin: 'Make Migration Work' for Everybody

Will the Army 6.8mm Rifle Program Lead to Results?

U.S. Army’s Next Rifle Fires at Pressure Equivalent to a Tank

More than a rifle: How a new 6.8mm round, advanced optics will make soldiers, Marines a lot deadlier

From a few years ago:

Nice Discussion of Theory

But what are the practical implications? We know that John Paul II tried to do something with "mutual submission." What would the author say about the authority of the husband and the submission of the wife? She clearly believes (and erroneously so) that "prescriptive roles were thankfully dissolved" by St. Paul in Galatians 3:28.

Hildegard of Bingen’s Vital Contribution to the Concept of Woman by Abigail Favale

Cathay Pacific

Part 1


Bill Rapier

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

I Have My Doubts About This

"Southern Arizona also has a lot of slim, attractive young women who, except for some students, are very interested in traditional men."

Hadn't Seen This Photo Yet

Do We Really Need Catholics to Praise Entertainment Products?

I have posted some trailers of things produced by Netflix -- does the good outweigh the bad? How can we diminish the powers of corporations to reshape culture if we continue to give them money?

The Brilliant and Profoundly Catholic Daredevil by BRADLEY J. BIRZER
Netflix has canceled the single best thing currently on the screen, big or small.


The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

Hold the Dark


More Garbage for the Masses

nuAmerican at Work

What sort of indoctrination next?

Pastor Joe

Acknowledge the emotion, recognize the cause, and move on...

藍潔瑛. Eternal Memory.

粵劇 帝女花之庵遇 梁玉嶸 蔣文端

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Another Video from Acte 4

Marion Maréchal

More from Cardinal Zen

Lifesite News: Cardinal Zen delivers new letter on China to Pope Francis: ‘Underground clerics have cried’
UCA News

Sgt. Will Gardner

Could be a movie with a positive image of fathers and vets but the action sequences and the tone of the movie strike me as being of Lifetime Channel quality.