Saturday, November 09, 2019

Nothing in the Middle

Two Latin Christianities... one could say that the vast majority of American Catholics are in the middle, but how many of those who still go to Mass every week are at home with leftist talking points (especially feminism) and how many are not?

CWR: A response to the NCReporter’s toxic attack on the Latin Mass by Dr. Adam A. J. DeVille
My particular and concrete experiences in a Latin Mass community, including as a paid part-time teacher in one such high school, were surprising—and completely positive.


Harkening to the Glory Days of the Empire

Friday, November 08, 2019

Another Artsy

L movie.

In Praise of the Effort Behind the Mass of the Americas

Crisis: ‘Great Sacredness and Communal Joy’ by Casey Chalk

An institutional church that will increasingly lose the attention of white men while failing to many non-white reverts or converts. Brilliant.

Of Course the Fake Conservative Gets to Speak at Stanford

And the left does its part to pretend its freaked out by him.

Coalition of Concerned Students: Statement on Ben Shapiro
SCR, Ben Shapiro and other intellectual frauds are unworthy of our attention

Aztec Farming?

"Bring Us, O Lord God"

Some Stories on the New Army Uniform


Thursday, November 07, 2019

Fortnight of Freedom

Hadn't heard anything about it in the last two years... The NCRep is probably happy that it fizzled out. A failure at "spiritual activism" by the USCCB?

Fortnight For Freedom: Our Most Cherished Liberty

Consequences of the One Child Policy

How serious is Xi at dealing with these crimes?


Still in business? How is that possible? Is it now mostly an online retailer? How many stores are left?

Virtue-Signalling Vatican

LSN: Pope Francis denounces Amazon Synod critics as racist by Martin M. Barillas

Little Bird

The title of the article

may give ammo to supporters of clerical celibacy... but still an interesting read on fathering boys.

A Priest's Family is More Important Than His Parish - The Significance of a Father's Example

Wednesday, November 06, 2019

A Twentieth-Century Crusade: The Vatican’s Battle to Remake Christian Europe

The final gasps of Western Christendom?

CWR Dispatch: New book details Catholic Church’s role in twentieth-century European politics by James Baresel
Overall, Giuliana Chamedes’ A Twentieth-Century Crusade: The Vatican’s Battle to Remake Christian Europe is a well-researched, often insightful work filled with little-known and rarely-discussed information.


Did the patriarchate of Rome really wisen up, if it merely changed its alliance from one faction vying for state power to another?

Monday, November 04, 2019

SSPX USA Ambitions

A New Immaculata: The Largest SSPX Church

Romanesque design (originally it was Gothic!), and the SSPX thinks that it is worthy of being a national basilica.

Is the project dependent upon an American way of life that is not sustainable?

Long-Range Shooting Q&A

Catholic Identity Conference

Latin traditionalists...


Related: 1P5’s Stefanie Nicholas Shares Her Conversion Story at the 2019 Fatima Youth Conference

Missed the Deadline?

But for future reference on flashlights...


A bizarre dream about two Korean actresses (no one in particular in mind though I was trying to think of their names even while dreaming) and their tragedies... not sure if it would be passable as a movie idea but given the state of Korean cinema today, who knows?