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Items of Interest, 9 March 2012

Russell Kirk in Time Magazine

Don’t Subsidize Sex — Or Anything Else by Daniel McCarthy

Kelley Vlahos, Tell the Truth Already (about Afghanistan)

Interview with Paul Gottfried (mp3)

Srdja Trifkovic, Putin's Victory

John Robb, You Don't Need a Cyber Attack to Take Down The North American Power Grid

Mona Charen, Gender Specific Writer (via VFR - see also A new leftist standard on speech is announced)

Fabius Maximus: The hidden dynamics of the 2012 campaign, and what it’s doing to America

After-birth abortion by Stratford Caldecott

Fighting for Women’s Freedom

Wes Jackson, Localism, and the Carbon-Based Community

Prophet and Loss
Environmentalist James Howard Kunstler has a new worry: "techno-narcissism"

Banks Repaid Fed Bailout With Other Fed Money: Government Report

Gardening Without a Garden

BRIAN CLOUGHLEY, Training the Afghan Army
KHADIJA SHARIFE, The Blood on Stratfor’s Hands

Peak Oil and Energy:
JOSEPH MANGANO AND JANETTE SHERMAN, The Dangerous Myths of Fukushima
Frontline: Japan's Nuclear Meltdown
No number crunching in Alan Kohler opinion piece on premature peak oil death by Matt Mushalik (EB)

NLM: Book Notice: The Voice of the Church at Prayer, Fr. Uwe Michael Lang
Zenit: Documents: Pius XII Favored a Jewish Homeland in Palestine
Foundation Continues to Unearth Testimony That Pius Was in No Way 'Hitler's Pope'

Sandro Magister, The America of Obama, or of Liberty Lost
Even in the homeland of law and democracy, freedom of conscience is in danger. This is the unprecedented accusation that the bishops are hurling against the president of the United States. Here is the confidential letter in which they explain why

Labor, Leisure, and Liberal Education by Mortimer Adler

The Normans: Three Centuries of Achievement, AD 911-1204
Women's Rights in Early England
Holy Dover!: Castles, Crossbows and the Poor Man’s Trebuchet on the third fantastic episode of Battle Castle
A Social History of the Civil War

Courtship and Feminism:
Of sluts and sexual insecurity
CL: Not shaming sluts does not reduce the shame within sluts
Dalrock: Pathological denial and Treating her like a guy

SLPC is busy identifying bad websites for everyone's good. Dalrock: At least I’m banned in China. (IMF)

Men, Women, and Spatial Intelligence

Diet and Health:
The 3rd MovNat Principle: Universal
Ask the Low-Carb Experts: 9: ‘All Things Calories (Calories 101)’ | Mat Lalonde (mp3)
Saratoga High Toughens PE Program

An Uhmerican remake of Man from Nowhere?

They couldn't come up with something a little bit more "original" in Hollywood? Why not remake Taken then?

Hollywood to remake ‘Man from Nowhere’
A comment at Dalrock:

(some years ago) as a young, single Christian, i was strongly encouraged to be very ‘open’ to girls with pasts, including single mothers with children.

They need not have bothered. Most were so damaged by their poor choices it was never an issue of the single men being more accepting. Usually, the gals in these situations expressed fairly common behaviours.

1. Resentful of having been duped by their own vanity in the pua pump and dump routine, with expectations of suitors so sky high no mere mortalwould, or could, ever qualify.

2. Attitude and entitlement like you would not believe.

3. Suspicious, untrusting and inwardly afraid of all mens motives.

4. Adopt a victim role, either actively in being outspoken about what *%@#*&s men are, or in a passive, inwards focussed depessive manner.

And anyway, as an ignorant young white knighting gamma, my virtue was never really in danger. All that sermonising about staying pure should have been directed towards the church girls who sought put more tingling locales than the church scene and who got impregnated by whatever pua caught their attention.

Happily married now and using a mild version of game suited to ltrs, but if only i had known game then.

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Items of Interest, 8 Wednesday 2012

John Michael Greer's latest: Perhaps the most controversial post for met yet. America: Origins of an Empire

Eric Holder Explains When Drones Can Kill Americans Abroad

The Kony 2012 Campaign is Advocating a Misguided Policy

True Natural Aristocracy

Daniel Larison, Romney and Iran

Jordan Bloom, Traditionalists Against Country Music

Russell Kirk, Champion of the Permanent Things

A Tale of Two Sex Hormones by Anthony Esolen

Review: "Let Us Be Human: Christianity for a Collapsing Culture" by Roy Smith (EB)

Eve Tushnet, Divorce Dilemma

MIKE WHITNEY, There’s Never Been a Worse Time to Buy a House
DAVE LINDORFF, The Media and Iran

The Gospel of Local Food

Monopoly Presents the Problem. Co-Opoly Presents the Solution.

TEDxHarvardLaw - John Piotti - Can New England Feed Itself?

MDA: Can We Feed the World on the Primal Blueprint Diet? – Part 2

The Higher Education Bubble Has Popped
Our "Let's Pretend" Economy: Let's Pretend Student Loans Are About Education
Classical Education After the Digital Age, Part 3
Knowledge for Its Own Sake? A Practical Humanist in the Carolingian Age

Will Catholics heed what Protestants acknowledge? Modern Youth Ministry a '50-Year Failed Experiment,' Say Pastors
Cardinal Cañizares on Beauty in the Liturgy and Concelebration
Choir of Westminter Abbey and Sistine Choir on the Feast of Ss. Peter and Paul (Zenit)
Saints Felicity and Perpetua for children
Tea at Trianon: The Dark Side of Facebook
Life After RC: A little cult lingo
Sources of Spirituality in the Writings of Archbishop Hincmar of Reims
A Benedictine Bishop on Silence

Commentary: Armenian Jerusalem in Limbo
Changing Churches

Some photos of the Dominican-rite Mass in NYC on the feast of St. Thomas Aquinas.

Diet and Health:
Five Questions with Paleo Parents, authors of Eat Like a Dinosaur
Easy Recipe: Raw Sauerkraut
The LLVLC Show (Episode 556): Professor Loren Cordain Introduces Antinutrient Foods In ‘The Paleo Answer’ (mp3)
Low-carb, high-protein diets win the battle against the bulge, Israeli study finds
What's Really Making Us Fat
The State of the Paleosphere

Top Chef's Edward Lee (Not sure if the url has been taken over by Audrey Magazine.)
Scotty McCreery records exit song for 'American Idol' - Preview.
20 Best Restaurants in America

International Women's Day

This day seems to be getting prominent notice by Catholic feminists (like Lila Rose) who will talk about the killing of unborn women being opposed to the idea of International Women's Day. (Another example would be Catholic Fire.) But from whom do they take their lead?

Rome Reports: International Women's Day 2012: Why the Holy See says 'rural women' need support

It is sad to see Catholics following along the liberal agenda as it being advanced by the UN and adopted from the Socialists by comemmorating another faux holiday filled with the spirit of the age.

Do you want to restore the position of women? Work to restore the patriarchy that is necessary for the flourishing of families and political communities. Mass media activism just reinforces the propaganda for the other side.

Elsewhere: America Loves to Hate Women
Marking International Women's Day

RON JACOBS, Women’s Rights Are Human Rights

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Items of Interest, 7 March 2012

Fabius Maximus: Our leaders explain that we’re sheep. Our role: to obey. Rebel sheep will be imprisoned or destroyed.

Book Review: Afghanistan: A Military History

Just War and the Iran Crisis by Robert C. Koons

Marx Contra Marx: A Traditionalist Conservative Critique of The Communist Manifesto by K.R. Bolton

Tom Woods reviews The Founding Fatherers' Guide to the Constitution by Brion McClanahan: How To Read the Constitution
Our founding document can speak through the people who wrote it.

VIDEO: SAF’s Alan Gottlieb on PolitiChicks TV
Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Foundation recently did an interview on PolitiChicks TV. Subjects discussed span from why liberals don’t like guns, the Fast & Furious case, and self-defense.

Economics and Relocalization:
Forget the ‘golden age’ of capitalism: there’s no return, and our future can be better by Aaron Peters (EB)

Peer to peer food growing takes root [Interview] by Mira Luna (EB)

The Extraenvironmentalist: Episode #37 Techno-Fix (mp3)
In Extraenvironmentalist #37 we discuss technological optimism with Dr. Michael Huesemann. Michael explains his fifteen year study into environmental science and philosophies of technology as outlined in his recent book Techno-Fix, co-written with his wife Joyce Huesemann. Is there an inherent reason that the United States is the most technologically optimistic culture in the world? We ask if he has advice for students who are thinking about careers in advanced science and about the value systems embedded in technological systems.

Farming and energy: lessons from collapsed civilisations

How to Find Meaning and Money in Your Work by Billy Parish
Stage 3: The Kin
Study after study shows that we’re happier when we’re together, but sometimes it can be hard to find your people, your tribe, your community. Maybe your family and the community you grew up in don’t seem to support the values or passion you hold dear. Schools and work environments are too often designed for competition, not connection and collaboration, breeding a cliquish and alienating environment.

Most of us start off into the Wilderness with just one or a few friends who understand what we’re going through. We have late-night conversations and long walks to make sense of all the confusing things. We become stronger as we accumulate more friends. So the question is: How do we find our people?

There are hundreds of ways to find larger groups of people with shared values and purpose. Here’s a starter list of two quick ways to get you into your community:

1.Take the online offline. There are online networks and organizations for almost every interest. It’s great to be involved in these sites and networks, but look for opportunities to take the online networking offline as fast as you can. Go to bar nights, potlucks, film screenings, conferences, community association meetings, or open houses of these networks with the goal of finding just one other simpatico person to come to future events with you.
2.Bring it to your town. Look for events that are going on in other towns or cities that attract the people that you want to be hanging out with. Contact the organizer or host organization and sign up to be a local organizer or part of the team that is bringing it to your community. You now have permission to get in touch with as many people as you can and have an organization offering you some support to get started. Whether it is a TEDx event, ChangeCamp, or a Meetup event, there are great opportunities to get to know people.
When you do find true community, it can feel like a homecoming, like the discovery of a new family you didn’t know but was there all along. In these communities, you will find friendship, comradeship, and a kind of unity of purpose. These are the people who will drop everything to help when you’re in need, with whom you can share some laughs and commiseration when choices seem unknown. Your community is made up of those who will help you land a job when you’re broke, partner with you when you want to launch a new company, or at least have a drink with you on a patio.

Before long, if you’re not there already, you’ll end up being a part of multiple communities based around workplaces, conferences, Listservs, and who knows what else. For now, consider that you are already part of a broad movement of Rebuilders, and you aren’t doing it alone. Your community is actually everywhere. There’s a growing acceptance of this trackless track and more and more people that can help you bridge between the different steps on our nonlinear paths.

France’s Distinctive Cheeses Are Disappearing

Pilot lights are evil by Tom Murphy (EB)

Liturgical Developments in the Anglican Ordinariate
Cardinal Cañizares on Moderating the Use of Concelebration (Once I Was a Clever Boy)
“The Church will become small and will have to start afresh …”
God and Liberal Modernity by James Kalb (via Insight Scoop)
The Irrational Beauty of Conversion by Christian Tappe

Classical Education and the Digital Revolution, Part 2 of 3
The Value of Useless Knowledge by Albert Jay Nock

Beyond "Slut" and Shopaholic: What Being a Gen-Y Woman Is Really All About
One woman's experience posing as a man in the world of online dating: (via Alpha Game Plan)

GL Piggy on furthering Title IX legislation: Pushing the Ball
There is a short mention of equality of opportunity versus equality of results, but as opposed to equality of opportunity should we not focus instead on equality of funding? In that case, for whom is physical activity a more integral part of their education, men or women? But it isn't just a question of exercise but also learning how to cooperate on a team, and who is more suited to this and more likely to benefit, men or women? It's a question of equality as it pertains to distributive justice. But a proper account of distributive justice will not work on those who are emotionally invested
in the modern dogma of radical equality of the sexes, since they deny that these sex differences exist or are morally relevant.

NPR: Upset Men and the Women Who Love Them
Marrying Babies
What do Men Want in a Wife, and Why Won’t Wives Oblige?

The return of tights for men?
'Brosiery' and 'mantyhose' take off as men seek the warmth, comfort... and 'fashion statement' of patterned tights

Diet and Health:
LLVLC: Paleo Blogger Richard Nikoley Addresses The Low-Carb vs. Paleo Controversy (mp3)
Free the Animal: My Podcast with The Delightful Jimmy Moore
A vegan returns to eating meat: The Blog Post I Didn't Want To Write

The Paleo Declaration of Independence

Reputation and Economic Performance: The Competitive Strategies of Medieval English Town

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Follow up...

to the last post on Brain.

The finale defied expectations? What would have happened if KBS had decided to extend the series by a couple of episodes? Would the ending have changed?

*spoiler warning*


Begun on 2/2412 at 6:25 P.M.

I've been engrossed in the drama Brain (브레인) not just because of Choi Jung-won (최정원) and her big eyes... the interpersonal dynamics/conflict between the characters is rather interesting.

Lee Kang-hoon (played by Shin Ha Gyun 신하균) is a very talented neurosurgeon, with an ego to back it up. He is also a bit of a jerk - an alpha bad boy. How many Korean women watch the drama beceause they are attracted to his character? The character isn't the first jerk in Korean drama - there have been many; they're usually rich, some even spoiled, but somehow they are able to attract and get the heroine. In this drama that would be Yoon Ji-hye, played by Choi Jung-won, who recognizes mid-way through the drama that she has been stupid for liking him, since he doesn't seem to reciprocate but also because his personality isn't that great. Will she play any role in taming the bad boy and win his heart before the drama ends? It does seem that a lot of those Korean dramas featuring the alpha bad boy captitalize on this female fantasy--it may be a good way to draw in female viewers, but what does it reveal about women's desires (in contrast to what they claim).

Meanwhile, what sort of male group would tolerate that sort of vainglory? An institution that relies upon "meritocracy" and "efficiency" may be able to tolerate such vice so long as it does not lead to a lawsuit. But it would alienate his colleagues and be disruptive to social harmony and friendship. Self-seeking ambition would be tamed in a close-knit community where reputation matters. But in a megapolis? Isn't it more likely that it would be rewarded with promotions and the like (and character flaws ignored or unknowable) in the name of meritocracy and efficiency? So long as the talent is there, isn't the whole improved, even if he is short on personality and character with respect to dealing with others? So long as he produces results, what concern is it of the institution that his arrogance alienates others and prevents him from making friends?

What about service for the sake of the whole, as exemplified in a small military unit and ideally within the political community as well? Being a braggart about one's martial abilities may not be problematic, but being arrogant and concerned only with one's self will be so, especially if these are the qualiaties in one's commanding officers.

Edit. Last episode tonight. Will Professor Kim be able to effect a moral change in Professor Lee?

More videos after the jump:
5.11 Tactical 1/4 Zip Job Shirt

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Items of Interest, 5 March 2012

A brief legal (and mildly political) analysis of the NDAA

First Heretical Notions, now Paul Gottfried: A Modest Secessionist Proposal

Thomas Fleming, Putin and Democracy, American-Style
Kevin Carson, To Vote, or Not to Vote?
Ted Galen Carpenter, Enlisting America
Peter Hitchens, Pay Cops – a Grim Prophecy May be Coming True
James Howard Kunstler, Reality Check
Christopher Shannon on L. Brent Bozell: "Freedom or Virtue?" Revisited

PAM MARTENS AND RUSS MARTENS, Koch Brothers, Worth $50 Billion, Sue Widow Over $16.00 of Nonprofit’s Stock
KARL GROSSMAN, Nuclear Power and the Big Lie
MIKE WHITNEY, Mom and Pop Investors Call It Quits
PATRICK COCKBURN, Israel’s Huff and Puff Game

Uneconomic growth deepens depression by Herman Daly (EB)
Debt and the Transition economy by Joanne Poyourow (EB)

Relocalization and Agrarianism:
It’s Not a Fairytale: Seattle to Build Nation’s First Food Forest
Making local food our future: A community response to the global food system by Katharine Darling (EB)
Our co-owned future by Gar Alperovitz (EB)
I got the power! by Charlotte Du Cann (EB)
Kick Wall Street to the curb, get $15 trillion by Erik Curren
Reclaiming domesticity from a consumer culture

Robert L. Wilken,
Tutoring the Affections: Liturgy and Christian Formation in the Early Church

Dr. Mahrt's book, The Musical Shape of the Liturgy, is now available! We've waited a century for this work.

Penitence and Repentance: A Lenten Primer
Women and the Priesthood by Renee Pomarico

Why We Study Plato By Dr. Brian T. Kelly

The Village Ale-Wife: Women and Brewing in Fourteenth-Century England
The Medieval Horse Harness: Revolution or Evolution? A Case Study in Technological Change
Why did the Anglo-Saxons not become more British?
North-European Trading Centres and the Early Medieval Craftsman; Craftsmen at Åhus, north-eastern Scania, Sweden ca. AD 750-850+
The myth of the medieval chastity belt

Barbecue Styles Across the United States: An Introduction

Belfry Fellows (FB)- Gotta Little Somethin'

The Renaissance of Polyphony by Damian Fowler

Harmonia Early Music: I Am Woman, Hear Me Sing

Book Event: Sisterhood of Dune by Brian Herbert

Book Event: Sisterhood of Dune by Brian Herbert from Suvudu on Vimeo.

"My Brother the Pope"

(via Catholic Fire)


GL Piggy: Huge Beta Radio Caller

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Tokyo TV has moved from Channel 26 to 38. (38.4, to be exact) It doesn't air many J-dramas, though.

Yes, why?

Mr. Dreher had asked a [rhetorical] question as to why he should continue blogging after being exasperated with some of the comments (left by the liberal progressives) but has since deleted that comment. (I believe it was for this post: Culture War as Catfight. See also Walker Percy, Not Rush Limbaugh and Limbaugh, Fluke, Obama Deserve Each Other and Fluke Feminism: Baby or TV?) Mr. Dreher should stop trying to be the nice moderate seeking to foster dialogue between two sides that are divided over certain first principles, a conflict that cannot be resolved intellectual since it is rooted in a disposition of the will. (It is a moral problem.) The common ground that a"crunchy con" may share with some members of the left regarding food, sustainability, relocalization, and so on is not sufficient as a worldview that will give cohesion to a community. (Hence my approval of the GTOW solution.) Alpha up and convince conservatives that they need to band and work together to build or preserve community, instead of wasting time on the liberal progressives. They're not at the blog to be persuaded.

Update: Limbaugh Apologizes to Fluke
Commentary on Limbaugh and Fluke by GL Piggy and Welmer.

Good for Nothing

Kiwi Western...




Whole Foods is soliciting donations for a microcredit loan program which will benefit poor women in
"developing countries." (That the program was to benefit poor women is what the cashier told me, though it is not explicitly stated at this link.) What about helping people in the community where the store is located, if WF is going to take the step of  subtly pressuring us into channeling our extra funds towards "charity"? (A defender might say the company is just asking its customers to donate, it's not applying [social] pressure or threatening the use of violence.)

Other supermarkets will donate to "worthy causes" - breast cancer research and so on. I am guessing that this is a program run and administered by the company, directly or indirectly. When supermarket chains participate in charity, how much of the donated funds are designated for the "expenses" of collection?

How about setting up a fund promoting the creation of local businesses that would employ those who cannot find suitable work? As this would probably include businesses dealing with food production, artisan-made food, and the like, I suppose Whole Foods would have a reason not to make competitors that could put it out of business. So this is how far "corporate" charity extends - helping people on the other side of the world while ignoring the people here.

Items of Interest, 4 March 2012

Forecasting a Collapse (an article on Michael Ruppert)

Connecting the Dots on Fast and Furious

Jack Donovan recommends:
How to End the Culture Wars
The Demise of Guythink

A paper that has been cited in various places in the manosphere:
How Dramatically Did Women's Suffrage Change the Size and Scope of Government?

John R. Lott, Jr. and Larry Kenny1
It is not really surprising that this welfare state should breed a
politics not of “justice” or “fairness” but of “compassion,” which
contemporary liberalism has elevated into the most important civic
virtue. Women tend to be more sentimental, more risk-averse and
less competitive than men—yes, it’s Mars vs. Venus—and therefore
are less inclined to be appreciative of free-market economics, in
which there are losers as well as winners. College-educated
women—the kind who attend Democratic conventions—are also
more “permissive” and less “judgmental” on such issues as
homosexuality, capital punishment, even pornography.

Dave Pollard, Not Ready to Do What’s Needed

Paul Gottfried, Hard Questions for Romney, Paul, and Santorum

Joel Salatin: "Holy Cows & Hog Heaven" (mp3)


Dr. Helen: “[T]oday’s college degree is the equivalent of the 1950′s high school diploma…”

Music in the Modern Age by Peter Kalkavage (a review of Surprised by Beauty: A Listener's Guide to the Recovery of Modern Music by Robert R. Reilly)


Diet and Health:
Carbohydrates are Good; Dogma is Evil!
Cycling: 12 Common Century Ride Mistakes


Identical twins adopted from China by two different Ontario families grow up 400 km apart