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Use Ecological Breastfeeding

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Matthew Stein: How Prepared Are You?

Peak Prosperity: Matthew Stein: How Prepared Are You?
Advice from the guru of personal resiliency
by Adam Taggart

mp3 - YT

When Technology Fails

Survival Kit - Part 1 and Part 2

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An Anarchist's View of Voting

Just Say “No” by Gary Chartier

A Case for Classical Education

Carolyn Baker Defends LCWR

The impact of evolutionary nuns on shaping the next culture by Carolyn Baker

An instance of sticking with Team Woman? Far from being a threat to the Vatican, they are a threat to Catholic Christians and themselves if they are passing on heresy while engaged in their "good" works.

Those on the left may praise the LCWR because they are in agreement on what they consider to be important (and also because they are standing up to "patriarchy") but when it comes to questions about Christian dogma, they should mind their own business. But liberal busybodiness is a part of the post-Yankee mentality?

Another Piece on Jack Keruoac

New English Review (link from this comment at AmCon)

Women's Use of Tattoos

The Social Pathologist refers to a study linking tattoos on women to sexual experience in How to Screen the Good Girls from the Bad.

Does this correlation between getting tattoos and sexual experience apply overseas as well, for example to Korean female celebs who have adopted the trend of getting tattoos? I suspect it does. Maybe Koreans, in their naivete and idolizing, are a bit slow in realizing this, and those celebrities, no doubt, would deny it. That sort of scandal could cost them a portion of their fan base, so it's "all about being fashionable."

Brendan, Dalrock and Sluts. (NSFW)

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Power from the People

Power from the people (new Community Resilience Guide) by Daniel Lerch (EB)

Chelsea Green
Greg Pahl - Greg Pahl
Van Jones: Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst


You Can't Have It All.

LGR fisks a piece that was mentioned in a combox in the androsphere: If You Don’t Hold a Door Open for a Woman, then “You Must be Horrendous in Bed”. The typical Uhmerican feminist, who believes in equality and yet unequally mandates that men be chivalrous. Well, logic and consistency aren't hallmarks of feminist think feel.

The Jack Kerouac You Don't Know

Given that the movie adaptation of On the Road will be released soon, this piece at TAC was of interest: The Conservative Kerouac. How many of those going to see the movie will remain ignorant of this side of Jack Kerouac?

Hooked on Cowboy Junkies

official site; MS and FB.

Principles of Sacred Music

NLM: The Music of Roman Hurko and the Principle of Noble Accessibility
Whereas music composed for the congregation needs to be “singable”, music composed for choirs needs to be accessible to the minds and hearts of the congregation as they hear it! It needs to communicate in a musical language that the faithful can readily receive, and which through its beauty and sacred character lifts hearts to the transcendent.

While polyphony fulfills the requirement for music composed for choirs in so far as it makes use of the aesthetic sense of the faithful, it is arguably not intelligible to most lay Catholics today, who do not know Latin. Should its use, then, be reserved for a select few?

The Southern Partisan

Southern Partisan has some online content, but it's limited. Are back issues available? Here's one article: Did Northern Aggression Cause the Civil War?. An oldier piece from Dr. Clyde Wilson that was originally published in Southern Partisan: The Yankee Problem. (The Yankee Problem Again.)

When Treason Becomes The Norm: Why The Proposition Nation, Not Islam, Is Our Primary Enemy (via CHT)

Paul Craig Roberts on the duopoly: Disposable America

The Last Call


Not to be confused with Last Call at the Oasis - FB.

Mere Association With the Anti-White Party or Anti-White in Motivation?

Steve Sailer, in How do Asian Indians vote?, links to this article in the Guardian:
An impressive 84% of the 2.85 million-strong Indian-American community voted for Mr Obama in 2008, second perhaps only to African-Americans as a minority group.

The Godless Party

Patrick Buchanan
Thomas Fleming, God and the Democrats

Allen West: Three Times

DNC Lies to Delegates, Rams God and Jerusalem Back into Platform

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Clueless Catholic Academics

Tradcon white-knighting: Hook-Up Culture and Catholic Schools

Someone needs to learn about hypergamy and the apex fallacy.

What about the complicity of academics when they knowingly make a living off of the students who are not given any boundaries by the administration (or academic senates), which pushed or supported the change from single-sex to coed? If universities didn't provide housing for students, they could wash their hands of responsibility. But in the push for more students in a co-ed "learning environment" hasn't there been a push for the construction of more dormitories, with general laxity or permissiveness in dorm life?

The Role of Government and the Liturgies of the Nation-State

As Catholics, we should recognize three points in our response:

1. There needs to be a recognition that governments (at whatever level) are in fact authentic agents of common responsibility. Or, in Catholic terms, governments are really and truly agents of solidarity. They are necessary is a number of ways, and potentially helpful in a number of others. Catholic social teaching, both medieval and modern, offers some clear guidance on both categories. The magisterial proof-texts here are well-known and numerous. We can’t be Anabaptists on this, nor can we be libertarians.

Is this an empirical claim or a normative one? If an empirical claim it is rather deluded - governments should be agents of solidarity but there are such thing as deviant constitutions and governments which look out not for the common good, but the private good of a select few.

Secondly, there can be no national solidarity. The scale does not permit it, except in an improper sense of the word.

As for the supposed American exceptionalism that was present from the very beginning -- Misuse of a Metaphor: In Search of the City on a Hill by John Willson. Catholics who have assimilated the post-Yankee mindset should be more critical in their acceptance of their myths.

I tire of the blather of Catholic academics on "contemporary issues." They should experience life beyond the ivory tower first.

Liturgical Institute Summer School 2013

Received the small pamphlet for next summer's summer session at the Liturgical Institute. One of the courses is "Liturgical Traditions East and West." If I were younger maybe I'd consider getting a degree there, as it could help in getting a job with the diocese or a local parish. (Another possibility would be a degree at the DSPT.) One has to jump the hoops laid by those who have fallen in love with credentialing. But, in the age of a contracting economy, can such requirements be viable?

Rod Dreher With an Update About the Society of St. John

Father Groeschel Goes

Christopher Blum's Review of Fr. Augustine's biography of St. Francis

The Francis We Never Knew: Surprising Revelations About the Man From Assisi

One More from UCA News

Inculturation in Church design by Stephen Kim Jung-shin
Liturgical renewal has shaped structural trends in ecclesial architecture
The Second Vatican Council’s liturgical renewal and the Church’s adaptation to modern society have caused groundbreaking changes in ecclesial architecture since the 1960s.

The style shift in parts of Europe in the early 20th century has become more common throughout the world, suggesting the influence of inculturation.

Before the Council, Catholic participation in liturgy was passive because the liturgy was clergy-oriented. The Eucharist was focused on dedication, rather than unity through sharing, which led to a hierarchical and rectangular church building.
I wish I could say South Korea was behind the times with respect to the genuine renewal of the Roman rite, but it's not. The "Vatican 2" mindset (with its myths and caricatures of the past) still dominates, even though we have more American bishops who are willing to celebrate liturgy in the extraordinary form.

Catholic Parody of Gangnam Style

UCA: Catholics jump on viral video trend with ‘Seongdang Style’

I can't imagine the Orthodox doing something like this. Killjoys or do they have a proper sense of gravitas? Maybe neither (though I am inclined to believe that they do have a better sense of gravitas than industrial-world Catholics who are trying to stay "fresh."

Turning it into a video about 예수 - Yesu style would probably have been worse but shouldn't that be a hint that maybe we shouldn't be going down this path? Christianity is not primarily about the "institutional" Church but about union with the Most Holy Trinity through Christ. Why not Jesus-style? I suppose one could argue that it's ok to poke fun at ourselves but not at our Lord, but is this a proper representation of ourselves as the likeness of God? At least they didn't attempt a depiction of the liturgy within the context of the MV. (Though there is a procession shown.)

A problem of the medium being the message?

At the very least, there may be too much of an accomodationist spirit in the industrial world with respect to pop and mass culture. Yes, Catholics should accept whatever is true, regardless of the source, but that does not mean that we should always adopt the source as our own as well.

"Lighten up."

Catholics [in the state of grace] do experience true joy but this MV is an example of inappropriate levity, especially since parts of the MV are shot within the church/temple, apparently with the Blessed Sacrament present in the tabernacle. (To those with traditional[-ist] sensibilities, this may even be scandalously irreverent. They might even ask whether that sort of atmosphere is that much different from what is present at a youth mass with Christian rock and the like. Do we not believe that in the Christian temple the Holy of Holies is present? Does this sort of outward behavior comport with that belief?) Why do Catholics want to put ourselves in a ridiculous light? The MV itself is embarrassingly bad. "Cringeworthy."

To use the language of game - why should we accept the frame of those who would push mass culture in a direction to which we are opposed, accepting their implicit criticism that Christians backwards and have to imitate what is in pop culture in order to appeal to the world? Should we not reframe instead? Even the various videos (like for Catholics Come Home) and shows on EWTN (which involve passively watching others) cannot capture what it is like to live the Christian life. (The use of metaphors might be more effective?)

Will there be any references to the original "Gangnam Style" song/MV at the local ethnic parishes? It probably has come up in casual conversations. We are too tied to pop culture.

Trappist Ice Cream... in Japan!

Trappist ice cream lures tourists
Trappist ice cream: expensive, remote and oh-so-delicious


Cardinal Zen on Paul Cardinal Shan Kuo-hsi

Sandro Magister, Cardinal Shan, a "master of wisdom and fidelity to the Church"
The secret meetings at the Vatican. The struggle over the canonization of China's martyrs. The failed trap set for him by the authorities of Beijing. On the day of his burial in Taipei, the remembrance of a cardinal friend

Pope's sorrow for the death of Card Paul Shan Kuo-hsi
Taiwan remembers Card. Shan, communicator of the faith, even during illness

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

A Banana Stuck in Hollywood's Tailpipe

Last night with Pete Takeshi, Eddie Murphy come up in the conversation in connection with his song from the '80s, "Party All the Time"

It was good seeing him and his wife. I mentioned to his wife that one possible long-term plan is to move to Oklahoma, find some sort of occupation (preferably agrarian-oriented) and settle near Clear Creek. We had dinner at Tia Juana in Sunnyvale; I ordered the Steak a la Mexicana. I found the meat to be rather dry and tough. The chips were rather cold and tasted somewhat stale. Mrs. Takeshi's guacamole looked good, at least, and I did think the salsa that came with the chips was decent. Don't think I'd go back there, though.

They were staying at the Santa Clara Hyatt. I think the remote concierge (whom I saw when the MD was staying at the hotel with her family) is no longer employed there; the big flatscreen TV that was used for communicating with her was gone. There was a large monitor display with suggestions for various places, but I don't know if it could be used to communicate with her.

Anyway, back to Eddie Murphy - I asked if he had done anything worth watching since the '80s. It turns out that CBS has ordered a pilot for a Beverly Hills Cop TV series. Shawn Ryan is producing; that is a good sign, but... With Obama in the White House, would the humor of a hip, wise-cracking fish out of Detroit water being in Beverly Hills really be that funny? (Not that Obama has much affinity with black Americans; he probably has more with those in Beverly Hills, despite his protests of being from a humble background and having to shoulder education debt and the like.)

A street-smart black showing stuffed-shirt whites how to get it done - how is that novel or edgy anymore? What can the series rely upon other than the nostalgia of the original movies' fans? The series would be centered around Axel Foley's son, but how is he going to have legitimate street cred if he grew up in Beverly Hills? Will he have some sort of complicated backstory, a la The Fresh Prince of Bel Air?

The original movie was one of the first risqué rated-R comedies that I watched at my cousins' house. I can't say that it's enhanced my life; while it was a "bonding" experience for us, will it have any usefulness in promoting familial friendship in the distant future, compared to other more important things?

What became of Judge Reinhold? If the show-runners brought him back, I'd check that episode out.

The somewhat memorable "Axel F" by Harold Faltermeyer:

Paul Craig Roberts, Republicans Cross the Rubicon

Two Worth Reposting

Don't Worry, There's Plenty of Oil by Richard Heinberg (EB)

What the Economic Crisis Really Means - and what we can do about it by Theo Kitchener (EB)


And something I haven't posted, from The Automatic Earth: Everything Won't Be Alright.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Some Previews

Person of Interest

Season 3 of Downton Abbey

Micael Pollan on the Stanford Study on Organic Farming

Michael Pollan Responds to Study Finding 'No Significant Health Benefit' to Organic Food

What the Economic Crisis Really Means - and what we can do about it

Doing It Ourselves

Items of Interest, 4 September 2012

Srdja Trifkovic, The Disappearing Middle Eastern Christians
PJB, The Last Recourse of Failed Presidents (AmCon)
Harold Thomas on the War to Prevent Southern Independence and the Confederacy.
Richard Gamble, American Exceptionalisms (see also William Graham Sumner's
The Fallacy of Territorial Extension)
Paul Gottfried, The Left's Unreported Extremism
Allan Carlson, How Protestants Learned to Love the Pill

They won't succeed in getting Vermont to secede, but the declaration should be heard:
The Montpelier Manifesto by Thomas H. Naylor, Kirkpatrick Sale, James Starkey, and Charles Keil (via Rebellion)

The Imaginative Conservative:
Falling into Feudalism by Kate Irvine Deddens
M. E. Bradford, Artists at Home, Frost and Faulkner

Dave Lindorff, The Big Lie About Police Brutality

Energy Bulletin:
when the left hand knows what the right hand is doing by Charlotte Du Cann (EB)
Green-washing “sustainability” by Shepherd Bliss
The simplicity exercises: a sourcebook for simplicity exercises (EB)

Peak Oil:
Why the oil industry doesn't want you to remember the last 14 years by Kurt Cobb (EB)

The Manosphere
CR on Sarah Polley and the Cuckholded Husband: For the Good of the Story

Vox on the new blogger interface.

More Photos from Metropolitan Hilarion's Visit

This time at the FB page for Holy Virgin Cathedral.

Fort Ross Bicentennial Concelebration 2012
Vigil for the Feast of the Dormition of the Theotokos 2012
Liturgy for the Feast of the Dormition of the Theotokos 2012

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NYT Review of No Easy Day


Is the DOD being pushed to punish him for pure politics, as the book may be critical of the Obama administration?

It is only after the George W. Bush presidency that the author begins complaining about the slow-moving “Washington machine” that members of the SEALs found frustrating. That irritation mounts in 2011, when the SEALs anxiously awaited their signal to raid Abbottabad, but this account is determined to steer clear of serious politics or leave itself open to election-season manipulation. The worst it has to say about President Obama is that none of the fighters who caught bin Laden wanted to help re-elect him, and that he never followed through on a promise to invite them to the White House for a beer.

For Labor Day...

A Labor Day Without Jobs
Charles Eisenstein, We can't grow ourselves out of debt, no matter what the Federal Reserve does

Mish, German Manufacturing Declines Again, New Export Orders Fall at Fastest Pace Since April 2009 and Asia Export Machine Cracks Wide Open: South Korea Production Falls at Fastest Rate in Eight Months; Taiwan Exports Deteriorate Sharply; Global Recession Call Revisited

Thomas Hodgskin, The Natural and Artificial Right of Property Contrasted [1832]
Arthur Ranc, Anarchy (1869)

Big Government, Big Business — Conjoined Twins
Big Government, Big Business — Conjoined Twins, part 2

Chris Hayes at the Commonwealth Club

MSNBC's Chris Hayes: Meritocracy and America's Failing

The organization is now charging for access to their videos at Fora. It may make sense from their perspective, but is will they get many subscribers, when you can probably find sufficiently similar content through other providers? Maybe the older members, like the retirees, who have money to burn won't mind paying for this additional perk. (Some of their other videos are free.)

Information about the event

Audio file for the event.

I heard the first 10 minutes while driving back from the airport Sunday morning. His voice is indistinguishable from a lot of other Uhmerican men I've heard through podcasts and the like. He grew up in NYC - does that explain his quick speaking and pitch of voice?


Random House
Up with Chris Hayes
Democracy Now - Part 1 and Part 2
Rolling Stone
The Alonya Show - Part 1 and Part 2
The Big Picture - Part 1 and Part 2

Rod Dreher, Journalism & Meritocracy

Also from the Commonwealth Club:
You can listen to audio of Raj Patel's talk for the Commonwealth Club here.

This might also be of interest: Julia Ross: Sugar Addiction -Recovery From The Greatest Dietary Crisis Of All Time (7/12/12) - event info

The Diet Cure - vid - LLVLC

More from the New School:
Political Disobedience vs. Revolution: Significance of the Occupy Movement
Chris Hedges' Empire of Illusions

Someone Got Lucky

Some young guy (probably) was gunning his car down the freeway, northbound on 280; CHP had 2 cars parked on the median shoulder after the Saratoga exit, with one officer using the radar gun. He spotted the speeder and aimed the radar gun at the car. The driver must have seen the CHP (who wouldn't notice 2 cars) and slowed down. Eventually, one CHP car did pull out; I wasn't sure if he was in pursuit of the speeder or not. But the speeder had enough smarts to pull off at the next exit, on Lawrence. CHP probably didn't see him make the exit, they were too slow this time around.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Why does MundoFox have MMA (some UFC fight) on a Sunday night, while white Fox doesn't? That said, what I saw of the Silva fight was boring (and rather stupid - high kicks?).
Long day, spent some of it in SF. Maybe a post tomorrow on what I saw and heard in the city.

Tom Murphy, Growth Has an Expiration Date


Growth Has an Expiration Date from Compass Summit and Compass Summit on