Saturday, December 05, 2020

Lego Vatican City

The Woke USMC

Roman Catholic "Teaching" vs. the Constitution

Really just an opinion in moral theology.

Greenhouses Gases and Climate Change

I Don't Care Who the Opponent Is

As long as John Bolton loses...

An Unsustainable American West

Say No to the COVID-19 Vaccine

Durable Trades by Rory Groves

The Discipleship of Work

Satanism on the Rise

Fr. Innocent Green

World Soil Day


Charles Marohn on Rebuilding Rural Communities

Are rural "communities" more likely to have a sense of solidarity and not suffer from significant divisions in the population? Maybe. But any such divisions are not addressed in this. Civic nationalism still lives in the imaginations of some.


Crossing the Rubicon

Are Blues, the oligarchs, and even the GOP pushing Reds towards accepting first, the reality that the Constitution is already dead, and second, a Red-friendly dictator to take its place?

UN Representatives Posturing as Advocates and Educators

We Shall See What the Consequences Are

EU Bullies

The Visegrรกd Group needs to reconsider its relationship with the EU, NATO, and Europe in General. Be like water and don't play the EU's game with its rules.

Who Cares

More from the Chamber of Commerce Party

I can't even say it's cultural suicide, because the (R)s really aren't Reds but parasites, killing off their hosts for their own private benefit. Everyone has a right to preserve their identity, culture, and communities except Reds.

Air Force Special Operations Command Makes Some Changes to SOF DT

The Wexford Carol

Friday, December 04, 2020

ThruDark SF Recce Beanie

Trigger Warning

American Empire and the Big Bad Russian Wolf...

Propaganda to Cover the Asses of the Pentagon and the Neocons

What would Hack make of this? What BS.

What Happens When a Society is Dechristianized and Sentimentalism is Left

Hell is a reality.

This Is CCP Statist Nationalism, not Patriotism

How Did She Accumulate US$3 Billion in Personal Wealth?

Vice Article on Agnes Chow


She Took a Slot That Should Have Been Filled by a Man

Too Early to Celebrate Christmas

But I do listen to Christmas music even though I shouldn't...

The Modern Uhmerican Woman

If it were easier to sing without instrumental back-up, it could be the anthem for the modern alpha-widowed Uhmerican woman.

Where's That in the Constitution?

Statist progressives don't care.

Regenerative Agriculture Is for the People, Not for the Elites to Control

Wildcrafted Fermentation

Watch Gather for Free

Philip Springer Playing "Moonlight Sonata"

Solutions That Are More Statist

and require the exercise of power at an inhumane scale are worse.

The Proof is in the Pudding.

The man couldn't lead his own wife and daughter, and we should take what he says about "personality" seriously? The hustle is on.

Is the Causality Reversed?

Who's Funding Them?

Did Rob Hopkins get his ticket punched?

All NGOs are suspect now, even those that talk about resilience and localism.

Just Appropriating the Language to Persuade that Audience of Something Different?

Or a true believer in the Great Reset?

Latin Traditionalists Will Think This Is a Right Step

But Latins should be recovering their iconographic tradition.


Chavagnes Still Exists

But for how much longer? Is formal schooling the best environment for training a young male into worship? What is the appropriate ritual for initiating a male into adulthood? (Neo-)Confucians would be most sympathetic to the approach taken by Catholic liberal educators. And should such an initiation ritual take place outside the tribe or community to which a young man belongs? Probably not.

NLM: Education and Devotion: A School of the Lord’s Service - Guest Article by Ferdi McDermott

Pastoral Conversion Advent Conference

More talk without the necessary understanding of the problem?


Thursday, December 03, 2020

It's Not Just about Envy

More female projection? Certainly feminism can be characterized as a form of envy, and some aspects of race politics. But not all of it.

M. Vlahos' Vision of Collapse

Missed This One

More language reminiscent of the WEF and the Great Reset.

A Shout to Biden or Someone Else?

Pope Francis probably hasn't read anything by Archbishop Viganรฒ on the Great Reset (or the World Economic Forum). But as a head of state, shouldn't Francis know something about those topics? There's no equivalent from the Latin account, but there are for the Porgtuese, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Polish accounts

Dr. Mark Cucuzzella

WB Takes the Lead

Advocacy from a Woman Who Benefitted from Having a Husband Who Is Bill Gates

But They'll Take Women Who Actually Aren't Qualified

The Story of a Kamikaze Pilot

Interview with Dr. Mike Yeadon on December 14

Bone Broth and Protein Intake


Not Buying This Book

Even if the science is correct; the SJW tried to get Joel Salatin cancelled.


Chivalry Isn't Dead

Plenty of white-knighting still happens. Aubrey Huff still catching flack from blue-pilled professional "conservatives" and "Christians" for failing to adhere to the Churchian "man up" message wrt to single moms. If they can't get intersexual dynamics right, they have no credibility with respect to politike.

Blue-pilled Scott Hahn on marriage and politike -- it's all theory, not based on experience of either family or a true political community (as opposed to a university or parish "community"). He has revealed in anecdotes that he is not a true leader in his marriage. (I'm disregarding contemporary pussyfooting, e.g. "servant leadership," or some other counterfeit.) So-called "conservative" or "Christian" experts and pontificators on marriage and relationships, especially if they are male feminists, deserved to be scrutinized closely, along with their home lives, and that is not an ad hominem fallacy. The Natural Law will not be mocked be mocked by their behavior and words.

The First Society: The Sacrament of Matrimony and the Restoration of the Social Order by Scott Hahn

Anglican Style

Altar should be better.

Cultural Imperialism

American Empire

Don't Trust Fake News

Stitch Sessions

Regenerative Agriculture Links

Meanwhile, some alarmism...

Shoot and Move

Icehouse, "Electric Blue"

Globalist Neofeudalism

The Book of Vision

It looks pretty, but is it a ponderous pretentious slog?

Peak Oil in the MSM

Slow Food Not Necessarily Aligned with WEF

They could just be concerned with humane, sustainable ranching, but it still doesn't look good.

Michael Pollan retweets:

Or, we could just stop living in big cities, especially if we know they are not sustainable. How's that for a change?

A news item along these lines...

Snigel Designs Light Combat Belt

Does the Rule Have Any Relevance to Those Outside the Order?

[Debt] Jubilee

Jimmy Lai Denied Bail

Where is "Dignity" in the Bible or Apostolic Tradition?

Rowan Williams on Jonathan Sacks

Dr. Hodkinson Interview


Oligarchy at Work

We Should Be Taking the Lead

Or Texas, at least.

Michael Shuman on Cluster Development


Indigenous Birthing

There are plenty of white people who would agree with her and prefer to not give birth in a hospital. But one must push the narrative.

Papal Biographer or Ghostwriter?

Chris Smaje Responds to a Marxist Criticism

Bringing Beavers Back to the UK