Saturday, May 26, 2012

Classical radio is coming back to the Bay Area -- more info. Meanwhile, it looks like 92.3 is in the process of being changed from a 24/7 Chinese radio station.
The cashier at Safeway mentioned to another customer that Dickey's Barbecue Pit had opened another store on Prospect and Lawrence Expressway. Yelp reviews for Fremont and Morgan Hill stores. Maybe I'll wait for Texas Smokehouse.
Should have highlighted this post by Dr. Fleming in yesterday's round-up - "Charity and Welfare":

Before our prudent webmaster carried out our long ago agreed upon plan to disable comments on this section, I received an insightful message from W.C. Taquiya. Old friends and some regular commenters are being invited to contribute to this section, and, in the future, if I wish to stimulate debate it will be in the form of a Hard Right column where comments are allowed. Now for the comments:

With a nod to your comments on the confiscatory (theft) aspect of State administered welfare, it's powerful reinforcement of dependency (sloth - or a seven day sabbath?), the observations of the Saints, and Christian obligations. To other incompatibilities.

First, one of my favorites, the State subsidizes murder and calls it abortion. I could argue that State sponsored welfare, in effect and intent, elevates the State to the status of a false God. I would modestly suggest that the whole subsidized contraceptive program is an endorsement of adultery. It may be that welfare recipients covet their neighbor's ass, or at least the contents of their wallets. This might could be the flip side of the stealing thing mentioned above. Does the welfare program honor mothers and fathers? Since it rewards and even sometimes requires recipients not to be part of complete families, this one is a slam dunk. So yes, there are certain inconsistencies between State welfare and some of the Christian ethical 'suggestions'. Or, so I would argue.
These are all sound Machiavellian insights, that is, they evince an understanding that pursuit of power is the basis of most government policy. There is a finite amount of power and authority in any society, distributed among human persons, families, corporate associations (churches, burial societies, colleges, etc.), and government(s). When national governments grow, it must be at the expense either of lower level governments, e.g. of states, provinces, cities, or non-governmental institutions such as the family, or both. When governments decide to "help" women and children, they are really seizing power from husbands, fathers, and kin-groups. This is not an unintended consequence or side-effect of the policy but an anticipated and welcome result.

How much of the loss of "intermediate associations" and family cohesiveness is due to culture and how much is due to a deliberate "conspiracy"?

Monastère de Chevetogne


Polyeleos - Chœur des Moines de Chevetogne

Friday, May 25, 2012

Items of Interest, 25 May 2012

Thomas Fleming, Charity v. Welfare

Ron Paul's Paradoxes
Justin Raimondo, Interventionism and the Elites

WINSLOW T. WHEELER, F-22 In A Dogfight

Growing Opposition as US Mulls Arming Domestic Drones

GARETH PORTER, Hard Line Failure in Nuke Talks

KEVIN CARSON, Why Corporate Capitalism is Unsustainable (C4SS)

KunstlerCast #206: Live Audience Podcast @ CNU (mp3)

New Urbanism Blog: Beware the 18%

All Together Now – 05/17/12 (mp3)
Localization and the Economics of Happiness

Making the Case for Economic Relocalization

The Emergence of the Fix-It Society
RALPH NADER, The Rise of Re-Use

Sale at Chelsea Green.

Higher Education:
Universal Uniformity in the University by James Matthew Wilson

Diet and Health:
MovNat: Movement Brings Us Together
The Ninth MovNat Principle: Cooperative

The New Feminist Agenda: A social revolution encourages us all to invest in family care
Woman Stirred Radio Madeline Kunin and Barbara Vacarr interview May 17 2012 wgdr-wgdh

Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms - Sleepy Man Banjo Boys

TV Preview: 'Closer' Team Brings 'Longmire' To The Screen

Hilary Hahn in SF

SF Symphony - maybe I'll catch her performance next time around.

SFCV: Violinist Hilary Hahn: Taking It All In by Marianne Lipanovich

parts 2 and 3

her channel

And something from Mark O'Connor on his method of learning to play the violin:

His blog: Suzuki has gone fiddlin
Byzantine, Texas: French documentary on Valaam to be subtitled in English

Valaam "Step to the Skies" part 1 of 7 (English Subtitles)

Parts 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Grand canon pascal, choeur des moines de Valaam


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Rome Reports: Praying for Catholics in China

Pope prays for Catholics in China. Sends condolences to victims of bombing and earthquake

China: Catholics and Marian devotion
ZENIT - Pontiff Asks Church to Pray for Chinese Catholics

Hatfields and McCoys

History - starts next week.

another trailer (SpotlightWV)

on Leno (pt 1 - 2)
another interview
CD preview
WV Culture
Roseanna Don't You Cry

Cowboys and Indians: Blasts From Our Past with Kevin Costner

Another Baz Luhrmann spectacle


So pathetic.

Baz Luhrmann’s Flashy Great Gatsby Trailer Sets off Internet Backlash

Charlize Theron on adopting

Her liberal naïveté - on display:

So would she refrain from condemning Hitler?

The Thinking Housewife: Must-Have Accessories for Beautiful Movie Stars
Charlize Theron Gets Emotional On Ellen: Being A Mom 'Just Feels Right'

Parts 2 and 3

Watch: ‘Snow White And The Huntsman’ Director Rupert Sanders On Directing 2 Strong Women

May Snow White and the Hunstman tank.

FSSP ordinations vid

(via Rorate Caeli)

Solemn Mass of Superior General of FSSP in Mexican Cathedral

First Mass of a New Young Priest

Sandro Magister, Gregorian Chant - The Revival Announced - NLM
Subdiaconal Ordination at the Russicum

Hugh Laurie with Leno

Part 2

Jerry Douglas - Traveler

his website

Our Lady of Sheshan
Catholics in China need prayers, pope says at audience
Pope calls on Chinese Catholics to be faithful to church, pope

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

BEARFOOT - Midnight in Montana - MUSIC VIDEO

KUAC's Alaska Live performance
Zenit: On the Holy Spirit's Prayer in Us: 'Abba! Father!'
"God has inscribed Himself in our hearts"
Tom Piatak recommends For Greater Glory. I don't doubt that it will pull in a lot of Catholic viewers around here. Are there any promotions at OLP?

The Anglo-Catholic
CNS review
Mexican 'Cristero' fight relevant to actor's Cuban heritage

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Re: House -- Riding off into the sunset on a motorcycle with my friend used to be a dream; then I got old and no longer wanted to be an organ donor.

There was a German-speaking blonde girl in class today. Didn't expect to meet one in SC.
Fr. Michael Sherwin informs us that Fr. Bedouelle has passed away. May he rest in peace.

L'Inquisition, Dominique et les dominicains
fr. Guy Bedouelle, o.p.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Unexpected 'happy' ending for House. Evidence again that the human heart yearns for friendship and that it is difficult for us to deny this. (No clear resolution of the question of faith/God.) I think Hugh Laurie should stay and do more American television, but I think I read somewhere that he is going back to the UK.

MBC Korean Wave Concert tonight at 7 P.M. PST

Soompi: "Korean Wave in Google" to Livestream on YouTube

"MBC Korean Music Wave in Google" will be streamed live through YouTube Presents Channel to the world."

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Wendell Berry discusses life

National Religious Coalition on Creation Care (NRCC) Conference
Wendell Berry accepts NRCC's award, "Steward of God's Creation"
April 22, 2012 at the Washington National Cathedral (Episcopal)

Last day of the school year for CM today. Went to the "graduation" and party -- too much junk food: I had the costco pizza, and even
that wasn't a good choice. (It normally isn't, but today especially so. Maybe it's because of the banh mi I had for lunch.) Will miss the kids, even though they were a noisy bunch. Feel sorry for them; the parents in general should be better parents. Shouldn't comment on the speeches that were made - the speakers were probably sincere but what will they say about their experiences in 10 years time? I believe the young man who is in charge of the high school students was actually a student in the confirmation class with which I helped a long time ago. (Where is Mrs. K now?) How time flies. I'm of little use to the community; we'd be at loggerheads since I think they need a lecture (but not them only) -- who isn't infected with consumerism and the assumption of perpetual growth and cheap energy?