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Will It Be Co-Ed?

Sounds like the pedagogy is supposed to be geared towards boys who can be energetic and have short attention spans, but if that is the case, why make it open to girls as well, if they have a different learning style? But more likely than not TK is PC.

What Sort of Political Life?

When the church is committed to being God’s politic, then Christians won’t fit into any worldly system – Two-Party or otherwise. The church, by its very life, is political. When it models mutual participation, economic justice, the things that make for peace, healthy marriages, and taking care of each other from cradle to grave, it serves as a reminder that God’s politics is something other than the world’s.

Most likely for this author it is one that does not participate in war-making or protecting the community from malefactors. It is a vision of political life parasitical upon the state and those who make sacrifices for the state? In such an instance, the Church isn't a complete political community, but dependent upon the "state" for protection and defense. This is probably not so different from Hauerwas' vision of the Church but it disregards the duties Christians have to their non-Christian neighbors.

Too Many Fatties in the UK

Foreign-Born Clerics in Need of an American Civics Lesson

NuAmericans at Work

Michael Anton's Update

American Greatness

Technobureaucracy as a Tool of the State and the Oligarchy

The New Atlantic

There Will Be Justified Schadenfreude

When the Jesuits and their endeavors in the US go the way of the Dodo.

Lord Have Mercy

We should pray for him as we pray for all who die, Christian or non-Christian, as they are judged by God. But it is not surprising that Roman Catholics, in their disordered desire for good interfaith relations, praise him thus. What did Rabbi Sacks do to preserve the Christian character of the UK, rather than promoting "liberalism"? What did he say about the dangerous immigration policies?

Patrick Deneen

Interview with Michael McGlynn, Founder of ANÚNA

A Distraction from the Pro-Biden Nonsense Being Aired and Honked Today

It looks good on paper, but they presume in their "community-building" that you share their culture and values.

Gaia Education and Resilience

Don't Conflate Them, Sure

But we have all 4 at work in the US.

A Young Eastern European Woman Should Set Up an E. European Version of 滇西小哥

New Salomon Shoes

BS Artistry

A genre that is mostly dead, with the last stage being its transformation into agit-prop for feminism.

Pope Francis and the EU

CWR: Pope Francis, Europe, and the “universe in little pieces” by Chilton Williamson, Jr.
The Pope’s “dream” (as he calls it) for Europe is singularly ill-timed and, worse, ill-conceived.

An Endorsement of the Nation-State is an Endorsement of Oligarchy

Not republicanism.

Unsurprising Behavior

Endorsing cancel culture as a form of shunning.

Even Latin Traditionalists are White Knights for Feminism

[Paleo-]Libertarians aren't much better...

Combat Fitness

Pat McNamara has a program which I think Max Alexander has recommended. Max A. has his own suggestions for what one should be able to do at the very minimum to participate in his classes, and his requirements are suited to what one would be doing as light infantry. There are probably other programs being marketed out there too.

Go train. Better, find a tribe and train with them.

Too Late

We are too far gone in the development of empire to return to "federalism."

"Ok, Boomer"

Converting everyone to Christ will end identity politics. Ok. But weak, emasculated, and increasingly heterodox churches are not going to bring this conversion about.

Another Fluff Piece from Weigel?

Looking into the Future Through His Eyes: John Paul II, the Catholic Church, and the Crisis of the West
The age of the ethnic or national transmission of Catholic faith – the age of Catholicism transmitted by a kind of genetic inheritance or osmosis – is over everywhere in the Western world.


This profound and challenging vision of a Catholic future in which every Catholic is a missionary and every place is mission territory is taking some time for Catholics to grasp, especially in what have been comfortably Catholic societies and cultures for centuries. And yet Catholics must understand that we are living in apostolic times, not Christendom times. Christendom in the West is over.
The patriarchate of Rome has not even begun to recover from the consequences of the development of the imperial papacy. prestige loss of scale and accountability that resulted in clericalized institutionalism, feminism, loss of leadership In order to be the Church of the New Evangelization, Catholicism must renew and reform itself. Let me indicate very briefly two such lines of reform that seem to me especially urgent in Poland.

To be the Church of the New Evangelization requires a deep reform of Polish seminaries and Polish theological education. The priests of the future in Poland are all going to have to be missionaries, whether they’re priests living in and working from religious communities, or priests living and working as diocesan clergy in parishes. Every man who imagines that he has a priestly vocation in the Polish Catholicism of the 21st century must understand that he will, of necessity, be living a missionary vocation. That means that priestly formation in diocesan seminaries and religious houses must be formation for mission. The notion of the priesthood as a privileged career of providing sacramental services can no longer be the dominant notion of the priesthood in the West; it cannot be the driving image of the priesthood of the future in the United States, and I do not think it can be the idea that shapes the Polish Catholic priesthood of the future. Priests of the twenty-first century who think that their primary task is to maintain the Church’s institutional life – priests who do not think of themselves as missionary apostles – will eventually find themselves being museum-keepers.

Secondly, this Church of the New Evangelization in Poland must be a public church, but not a partisan church. It must be a Catholicism fully engaged in culture and in society, offering the truths that it is privileged bear to the public conversation about public goods. But the Catholic Church of the future in Poland, or elsewhere, cannot be a partisan church identified with any particular political party, political faction, political tendency, or political philosophy. Whenever the Church has done this in modern history, serious trouble for the Church’s primary evangelical mission follows.

Regarding the reform of seminaries and theological education: what exactly does Weigel want in terms of forming priests?  That they shouldn't be bureaucrats? Do the men seeking Holy Orders in Poland give credible witnesses as Christian men? What good will it do for these priests to be missionaries if they cannot make Christianity attractive to men?

Weigel says that the Latin churches need to refrain from being partisan. But to be in support of the state (and require obedience to the authorities of the state) is to be partisan in favor of the state. Will the Latin churches recognize that anyone advocating a breaking up of the state is presenting a legitimate political view?

If the root of the cultural incoherence of the West is a loss of faith in the God of the Bible (the Jerusalemic foundation of the Western civilizational project), then the Church of the New Evangelization – the Church of the future, according to John Paul II – is critically important to the rescue of the Western civilizational project. For it is the Church of the New Evangelization, in its work of proclaiming the Gospel and in its public witness, that will help Western civilization recover “Jerusalem,” and thereby recover “Athens” and the cultural confidence that reason can grasp the truth of things – which is essential to defending the rule of law against coercion in the name of skepticism and relativism.

By being a Church converting the world to the truths of biblical faith, the Catholic Church is also reconverting the world to reason and reason’s capacity to order human affairs. The two go together. By being a Church permanently in mission – the Church John Paul II envisioned during the Great Jubilee of 2000, the Church that he described in Redemptoris Missio, and Novo Millennio Ineunte – Catholicism will both fulfill the Great Commission and offer Western civilization a path beyond this crisis of incoherence.
The loss of faith and sin are fundamental problems, but they are always the fundamental problems. Can the churches of the patriarchate of Rome effectively evangelize given its institutional inertia, degradation of ecclesial culture, and capitulation to liberalism and feminism? The mess that the patriarchate finds itself in will not be addressed until its leaders are humble enough to receive insight into the causes.

Friday, November 06, 2020

Andy Smarick on Political Prudence

But really, this is an anti-Trump piece. He thinks that people can have sufficient governing experience for the state or even for the Federal Government? Hell, no. And bureaucracy or meritocracy cannot provide "exerptise" to assist the Chief Executive.

City Journal

Bill Lind Would Approve


Michael Anton on the Patrick Coffin Show

From a week ago.

What Did He Know?

Undercutting His Own Message

Well, whoever chose the photo to accompany this did. The US military is now a Federal make-work welfare program.

D-Day Darlings News


Can't Disagree with This

The young (D)s are pushing for socialism and more leftist measures, while the centrists are mostly older (Boomers) and trying to hold on to control of the party. But generally all (D)s are agreed upon stricter gun control.

Thursday, November 05, 2020

The New 21C

Bye Bye LA County

We Don't Want Unity

Separation now. Dreher can't even admit what else has been lost, thanks to Hart-Celler and weaponized migration:
"We are a divided country because we have lost the core narratives that bound us: a shared Christian faith (however attenuated), and a shared commitment to the historical narrative of America as an imperfect country that always strives to make life better for the next generation than the one that came before it.

At least the paleolibertarians are good for something: What Will It Take for Americans to Consider Breaking Up? by Jeff Deist

Liberal Churchian

This is the president of Wake Forest, ostensibly trying to pick up the pieces, but really giving aid to the state in its mission to eradicate identity and take away rootedness. Christianity in the service of some form of statist civic nationalism.

The New Name of the American Solidarity Party

The Churchian Democratic Enablers of Cultural Marxism Party. The ASP will never be a serious threat to the oligarchy.

Liberal Romanticizing of Local Co-Existence

Daniel Herriges

He has some observations about the local that should be considered. But his recommendations do not scale up to the national level, and can't be. Separation is a more feasible solution. And honestly, the sort of co-existence he idealizes at the local level is possible only because of some measure of separation enabled by cheap energy and a reliance on the state for addressing critical existential concerns. (And the state takes conflict remediation away from the people.)

President Trump's Remarks Today

McGinley Riding His Hobby Horse

The Virtue Of Getting Along by Brandon McGinley

The "social virtues" are important but by themselves they cannot create true fraternity, community, and solidarity if there are substantive differences in culture and identity. One may even have to be "not nice" and recognize that someone who lives nearby is not a person with whom one wants to associate, because they are working against the interests of you and yours. In many areas, social atomization has already taken place for 4 or more generations, and the social virtues won't put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

Richard Heinberg

His newsletter.

I must confess that I'm deep in Tocqueville and Kirk Fatigue

(mainly because of milquetoast conservatives' over-reliance on them) though this essay does acknowledge Tocqueville's recognition of ethnic (and therefore cultural) solidarity as a necessary foundation for republican (not "democratic") government.

Imaginative Conservative

"Conservatives" Hustling

What some "conservatives" are really advocating is for the (R)s to fully become the Big Daddy party, or the Alpha Party, while the (D)s continue their transformation into the Big Mommy Party. However, even DJT is a true believer in feminism; he's likely the best the GOP can get. Unless we get a Caesar who actually acts like Caesar to use the power of the national government to protect local autonomy, no GOP Chief Executive will be able to counter the cultural revolution, and feminism in particular, even if he were willing. Professional "conservatives" can continue their advocacy of broadening the base of the (R)s by espousing a civic nationalism combined with economic populism - "Hey (R)s, just listen to this, we know the path to future electoral success"; it's just a form of intellectual AMOG. But what we really need are men exercising leadership at the local level, not necessarily through mass politics, but definitely in their tribe and the broader local community. That is the only way forward as collapse proceeds.

Find your tribe and build it up.

Meanwhile, the GOP remains ineffectual even with the difficulties facing its supposed standard-bearer.

Red Arrow Weapons 300 BLK Rifle


Daniel Christian Wahl with Lena Norberg-Hodge

Doing Jobs that Britons Won't Do, Obviously

Associated with Princeton and Making PC Choices for Guests

Might as well advertise itself as "Swamp Thing."


Texas A&M and Department of State

Episode 10

Jesuits Saints and Blessed

Lincoln Project Not out of Work Yet

Charles Hugh Smith on the Best Historical Analogue

Maybe Some of Her Early Songs Are OK

But her fempowerment music has been trash.

Pop Culture Coffee Hour

3-Minute Bio of Vadana Shiva

First population control. Today, cutting down on meat or cutting it out completely. I may read CASSE for its alternate theory of economics, but I oppose its policy recommendations and won't contribute to its mission.

Again, No Commons without a Community

Gotta Have Equal Representation to Get Those Female Customers!

Sisters Cattle Company



Who Wants to Bet on the Contents?

The Washington Generals Is Getting a New Line-up!

Moratorium First and Now.

I don't care how much "merit" future candidates would need under this proposal.

Another NuAmerican at work:

They Think This is an Endorsement

But it's the opposite. Even more of a reason to avoid Orbis titles.

Wednesday, November 04, 2020

Michael Anton's Response to (D) Dirty Tricks

Something on Running

Geneva Consensus Declaration on Promoting Women's Health and Strengthening the Family

How Many Protestant Denominations Have Already Substituted Liberalism and Feminism for the Gospel?

Conservative Academics Keep Dreaming of a World Without Identity Politics

Is John Courtney Murray still relevant?

No, and the (Roman) Catholic moment has come and gone. Murray probably did not foresee the consequences of increased migration and the onset of identity politics.

Law and Liberty

Another Population Control Post from CASSE

But these prophets are too important to commit suicide for their cause...

Bach/Gonoud, "Ave Maria"

Solzhenitsyn and American Culture

Joseph Pearce on Elizabeth I

Shilling for the State and Globalism


A Free Interwebz for How Long?

Different Styles of "Learning"

Even if we concede that sex differences entail the promotion of collaborative learning for women when possible, this should not be applied to their learning of ethics or catechesis.

Shooting Around Cover

Another Band to Refuse Patronage

Athens, Georgia. Uh-huh.

Can't Have a Commons without First Having a Community

Anything else would be a utopian statist imposition

Their Solution? "Democratic" Empowerment

Any comments from the left about the World Economic Forum, the Great Reset, and other globalist plots against local sovereignty?

The Leadership of the Antiochian Orthodox in the US

Marco Tosatti on the New Appointment

Papal Centralization Continues...

For How Long will Latins Have to Put up with This Fraud?

Crisis: Medjugorje: A Cult Exposed by Jane Stannus

Bill Lind on Cultural Marxism

Tuesday, November 03, 2020

Interview with Bear Grylls

Peter Turchin on the Current Conflict


Promoting Gut Health

Our Imperial Presidency

Sufficient Cause for Condemnation of CASSE?

Scamming until the End

Jobs in Blue Mass Population Centers

Would Those Outlets Qualify for Yellow Checks?

Oka Midori

Recruiting New Americans to the Globalist Cause

The Federal Election for this Year is Important

in battleground states, and there may be more states in play than one would normally assume. But George is just promoting the system; he has no alternatives.

Stop donating to ConInc. and academic institutions, and use your surplus funds to build up your tribe.

The Terminator Theme (Extended Version)

Monday, November 02, 2020

Another Development in the Order of Malta Affair

NIH Guidelines

The Meaning of Death is Revealed by God

How can anything of human origin compare with that?

It's a Conspiracy Theory Until It Isn't...

Modern Age Interview with Pat Buchanan

May God Grant Him Many Years

Reno Doubling Down on Liberal Civic Nationalism

Gotta appeal to those First Things donors.

But He Thinks Liberalism Will Save Academia

A Winning Sex Ratio

4:1 for the MA students.

"Uncle Roger" on the HKPF

An Accurate Map?