Saturday, June 05, 2021

What if...

Latin proscription and enforcement of clerical celibcy led to a form of clericalism based upon low-T heterosexual males and the infiltration of SSA-affected males, with "celibacy is a gift" rhetoric masking the dominance of these groups within the clerical ranks?

Friday, June 04, 2021

Interview with John Kemp


The Decline of the Country Music Industry

A New Party of the "Middle"

Of Course He Would Write This

Mr. Fake All-American... I still think he has picked his roles carefully in order to cultivate this image, so that he can be the new spokesperson for the NuAmerican Order.

Growing Gorillas Podcast Episode 1

Sierra Ferrell Live

Oka Midori

GOARCH Boondoggle

A shrine to their capitulation to "Americanism."

Another Domino

@cognazor Interview

Dick Cavett And Enoch Powell

Peak Personalities Episode 1

Soil Health

Sig P365 TacPac

Thursday, June 03, 2021

The Latest Barron Product

Buck Knives EDC Knife

Not a Good Endorsement

Genius Planning

Would Bergoglio Excommunicate Biden?


If true, how passive aggressive of Bergoglio.

But Do the Students Have the Right Knowledge to Graple with Error?

Wednesday, June 02, 2021

Cob Insulation

But She Doesn't Actually Represent "Merit"

Another Achievement by a NuAmerican

CRT vs. "Marxism"

Voices Resurrected

The Collapse of Industrial Ag

Are Worms Halal?

Pollan Is H-appy

Take Charge of Your Health

Will Allen

George Nash on Conservatism

And a nuAmerican pontificating on American conservatism.

Another Review of Ahmari

Who Is Running Joe Biden?

Tuesday, June 01, 2021

St. John of Arc

Human Nature Doesn't Change

I Haven't Posted a Link to Dalrymple's Writing Lately

Who Will Prevail?

So Say We All


Believe It or Not

Respecting Our Circadian Rhythm

MovNat Fitness

The Con Man

Localists vs. Globalist Oligarchs

Advertising... Feminism

Urban Spiritual Malaise?

The Hardest Place

Penguin/Random House

Revolutionaries and Their Affirmative Action Preferences

Joe Kent on Timcast

Repudiate Feminism

Otherwise messaging such as this rings hollow.

Nicolette Niman on Cattle-Raising

This Image Is Subversive

painted by someone with a LGQBTXYZ agenda? It is offensive.

The Deep State Has an Anti-G*d Agenda

Interview with Frédéric Leroy

Not Wrong

As what one thinks of the monolithic French identity is the product of centuries-old nationalization by a few, and even know distinct identities and cultures still exist within France. But the source of this makes it suspect. Would he apply this to the modern state of Israel?

Monday, May 31, 2021

B. J. Thomas Has Passed

Dunbar's Number

Cultural Marxism

More Technobureaucracy FTW!

Sunday, May 30, 2021

John Browning

Diet and RegenAg

Sig Sauer Ad

Paleo... Libertarianism.