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Party over here, party over there. Consequences tomorrow?

Dr. Fahey on Guilds and Distributism

Friday, November 15, 2013

Not Your Father's Biblical Epic

Russell Crowe’s ‘Noah’ Film – A Warning For Christians

International Trailer
Domestic Trailer

Domenico Cardinal Bartolucci Has Passed

Chant Cafe: Funeral Mass for Cardinal Bartolucci, 9:30 am Eastern Time, Wednesday, November 13

NLM: Cardinal Bartolucci Interviewed on the Liturgical Reform and Sacred Music - An NLM Exclusive
(Rorate Caeli)

From 2009 - Rorate Caeli: A bombshell of an interview. Mons. Domenico Bartolucci on the liturgical reforms and the reform of the reform.

Nickel Creek Reunion!?!

Bluegrass Today


Zenit: Cardinal Zen Ze-Kium: 'Tyranny is Encouraged by Silence'

Annie Get Your Gun

Someone linked to this over at Vox Day: Chicks Rule at IDPA Nationals

What to think of that trend? Some men may find it a turn-on that those few attractive women who compete in such events are even hotter because they know how to handle a gun. And it may be beneficial for a woman to know how to defend herself. But does participating in such competitions have an effect on their femininity?

An amazonian personality coming to be? This little girl dreams of going into law enforcement. And her parents consider themselves conservatives? What a joke.

More Excellent News from South Korea

South Korea: Ground Zero for Food Sovereignty and Community Resilience (Resilience)

Tools: Work Done Right by John Willson

More Examples of Indoctrination in Children's Literature

Program the child, control the adult.

Froggy Plays Soccer by Jonathan London - Froggy's dad is assistant coach. Who's the coach? The mother of one of Froggy's friends.
Five Little Monkeys Reading in Bed by Eileen Christelow - I have not read the other books in the series but in this one I noticed that the monkey mom is the only one putting the monkeys to bed, the only seen in the adult bedroom later, by herself? Where's the monkey dad? Is he a deadbeat dad? Is the monkey mom a single mom? Or a widow?

Vox is right that it is irresponsible to leave your children in the hands of the public education establishment, if not child abuse.

The Night of the Doctor


It's nice to see #8 again, and it's understandable that fans of #8 would like more - something before or during the Time War? The short episode explains how The Time Lord with No Name came to be, and I can't say #8's personality is different from what was shown in the Fox movie, even if it does have a great resonance with nuWho. (Too needy and pleady.) For me the episode is a reminder of how the franchise has been mishandled (starting with the Fox movie) and how far we've come from classic British TV.

Le Vent Du Nord

upcoming concerts - nothing in California... yet.

One more...

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Office Depot and Office Max have merged - so how many of the local stores will be closing? There are at least 2 of each within a 8-mile radius from here.

Grounds for Annulment?

This story about a Chinese man suing his wife for divorce because she deceived him about her appearance through plastic surgery has been making the rounds on the internet and FB. (Edit. It has been shown to be a hoax.) Would this sort of deception grounds for annulment? What would the moral theologians and canon lawyers say about this case?

I was thinking about this last night - what are the Latin churches doing to mitigate divorce or determine fault? Who would have the authority to determine fault and enforce sanctions for someone who destroyed a marriage, such as excommunication and social ostracization? Where are the consequences for bad wives? (I think we know what happens to husbands, good or bad, in our current legal system.)

Plastic surgery culture flourishes in East Asia: not just Korea and Japan, but also in Hong Kong and Taiwan. (I don't know if it is a booming business in mainland China yet. Maybe the unmarried career women have been resorting to plastic surgery.) But I should have known better than to think that the Latinas deserved their reputation for beauty - case in point, the Venezuelans. Miss Venezuela wins Miss Universe. Another plastic beauty?

iirc, CH made fun of NBL judge Osmel.

God is Good and Merciful

He gave us the avocado. What other proof would a paleo/primal enthusiast need?

Never-Browns Guacamole

Updated. Eating fresh avocados may chase away hunger pains

Stromberg Responds to Storck and Cavanaugh

Polis, State, and the Common Good

I wrote some quick notes here on Storck and Cavanaugh, which need to be fleshed out more fully.

On Aristotelian analysis of accidental unities: the use of form and matter to analyze accidental unities (like the unity of a community) is not problematic, if that sort of unity is understood probably (i.e. not identical to substantial unity).

Otherwise, I agree with Stromberg for the most part.

Ahead of the U.S.? Good for Seoul.

Who knew that Seoul was a leader in the sharing economy? by Richard Heinberg

Holy Resurrection Monastery Divine Liturgy at IRL Event Mundelein, Illinois

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Can They Be Brought Together?

Ancestralize Me: Why Weston Price and Paleo Will Not Survive Without Each Other

John Tavener Has Passed

Eternal memory.

BBC News
Arts Journal
Eric Whitacre Remembers

An interview from earlier this year:

King of a multicultural UK?

Prince Charles at 65: A modern man of undimmed energy ready to be king
As the Prince of Wales approaches his 65th birthday, Charles Moore argues that he has made a success of his current, unique role, and that bodes well for his next

Time has also allowed the seeds the Prince of Wales planted long ago to bear fruit. For about 40 years, his search for that path through the thicket has taken him into countless areas; youth opportunities, business in the community, the environment, inter-faith relations, food and farming, literature, liturgy, architecture, the armed services, crafts, enterprise, education and medicine. Often, his outspokenness has caused alarm, and sometimes he has seemed to lack judgment.

But two things have emerged. The first is that these causes are not, in fact, a ragbag. They represent a consistent approach to life in which the material and the spiritual are linked. He believes that what people eat, how they grow it or rear it, what they live in, the language they use, the art they produce, how they pray, how they look after one another and care for their health, all relate.

For much longer than anyone else in public life, he has done a huge amount to establish these connections. The Prince has got there first, and got others to follow after. There was a tremendous stink in Buckingham Palace when, in 1985, he planned to attend Mass in Pope John Paul II’s private chapel when visiting him in Rome. In the end, he was told he could not do so. There was also scoffing when he spoke of wanting to be “Defender of Faith” rather than the Faith. But it turns out that the Prince saw more clearly than most the importance, in religion, of maximising what people can share. The man who sneaks off to Mount Athos, dabbles in Eastern mysticism and searches for what is best in Islam is the same man who stands up for the King James Bible. It works. He has become the main unofficial leader of interfaith trust.

Obviously it's men's fault again, and not that of the lying sex-positive feminists.

Because men and women are created equally for casual sex, right?

In Hookups, Inequality Still Reigns
Even as young women are becoming equal partners in the hookup culture, they are less likely to experience orgasm during uncommitted encounters than in serious relationships, studies show.

Another Contrarian Voice

Fred Reed on Veteran's Day

Plus Srdja Trifkovic on the Great War: Armistice Day, 95 Years Later
A woman was dating someone in her group [band] for some time; now she's with another fellow in her band. I don't know if the ex- is still in the band or not; wouldn't that be awkward for everyone? And dating within the band may seem 'natural' - it just 'happened' but...

A mutual decision to separate? Got tired of waiting for a ring? Disappointment and loss of attraction?

Thomas Fleming on Obamacare

An examination of first principles...
Obamacare: Charity or Marxism
Part 2
Part 3

Alice Waters

WSJ. Magazine 2013 Humanitarian Innovator
Alice Waters Makes the World a More Edible Place

A pioneer of farm-to-table cuisine and founder of the legendary Chez Panisse, WSJ. Magazine's Humanitarian Innovator of 2013 changed the way Americans think about food

Bon Appetit Slideshow

The Mother of Slow Food
Authors @ Google
"Food is Political"
Food is Political
A Conversation with Alice Waters

Videos at Epicurious

Alice Waters, Wendy Slusser, & David Binkle: Edible Education - S & F Lecture (2013)

Three With Genticorum

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HuffPo: 10 Ways to Be a Better Male Feminist

Mother Dolores Hart on EWTN Bookmark

Interview with Thomas Howard

Touchstone - The Catholic Angler

Touchstone: One of the things C. S. Lewis is now notable for is his intellectual dissent from, in a way his assault on, feminism. I mean not the ordination of women as in his essay “Priestesses in the Church?” but the feminist ideology in general.

Thomas Howard: That’s one of those questions that has to be chased all the way through the corpus of Lewis’s works, because, obviously, feminism as such was not then a major or articulate force. He wrote the essay “Priestesses in the Church?” because the question had surfaced in a mild Anglican sort of way, but there was nothing very imminent about it.

Lewis presents a view of reality at a polar extreme from the frame of mind that ends up demanding ordination of women as presbyters. Obviously, he believes in hierarchy, but it’s not a hierarchy of power, which seems to be the feminist understanding. The whole discussion of priestesses in the last thirty years has run along sociological and political lines, with theology dragged in, when necessary, from the sidelines and various attempts made to rewrite the Bible to show that St. Paul said you should ordain women as presbyters.

In Lewis, you get a vision of things—of everything—in which the whole question of masculine and feminine is a subdivision of tremendous, prior considerations that he understands to characterize the universe. Lewis felt that those categories are of the very stuff of the universe, prior to male and female. Male is the way masculinity exhibits itself under biological species or terms, and female is the way femininity manifests itself under biological species.

For him, hierarchy is obviously the way the dance is choreographed, or the way the map of the universe is drawn. He points out in one place that in a hierarchy one has the duty of obedience to those above one in the hierarchy and the duty of magnanimity and stewardship and noblesse oblige to those below one. I seriously doubt that Lewis would use the words “above” and “below” with respect to masculine and feminine, because they don’t apply. They’re the terms of people who can only think of a dance in terms of power—which makes for a pretty poor dance.

The locus classicus for his view of gender is, I think, the scene toward the end of Perelandra when Ransom sees the two eldila: Perelandra, who is feminine, and Malacandra, who is masculine. The feminine eldil, Perelandra, participates in equal majesty, dignity, authority, and so on, with the masculine figure, Malacandra, but she has a receptiveness, a nurturing side. All these words have become buzzwords now, but they weren’t when Lewis wrote them in the 1940s.

I think he would feel that it’s turning things upside down to try to come at the mystery of femininity and masculinity with a power glint in one’s eye, or with an egalitarian, calculating set of categories to try to even up the slices of the pie.

One for Movember

5 Church Fathers on that Most Manly of Traits: the Beard

Not really going to help a southern Chinese. Why were the ancient Romans anti-beard?

The Status of the Suzuki Method in Japan

A conversation with a classical violinist from Japan, Tomomi Kimura.

Kursk-Root Icon of the Mother of God in Tokyo

ROCOR: Divine Liturgy is Celebrated in the Presence of the Kursk-Root Icon of the Mother of God "of the Sign" in Resurrection Cathedral in Tokyo

A few Japanese, but not many.

The Mass Is Not Bible Study

Is Reading More Scripture at Mass Always Better? by Peter Kwasniewski

An third reading, an OT Lesson that is a prophecy of Christ or has typological significance for Sundays. Probably not a problem. As it was done in the Pauline reform, coupled with a 3-year lectionary? I still agree with traditionalists like Professor Kwasniewski on some points concerning liturgical reform.

Steve Bull on the Five Stages of Collapse

Transition Voice: Faith and trust in the system is collapsing

To which Orlov has added a sixth.

Two on the Rogers Shooting School

Personal Defense World
Tactical Life

Rogers Shooting School

Paleo-Friendly Restaurants in SF

Part 3 of Grass-Fed Girl's series.

A good reminder from Karen De Coster about paleo perfectionism: Paleos and Food Fear Mongering

Jack Donovan, Paleofuturism for the Man; Archeofuturism for the People
Paleo Permaculture: A Sustainable Future of Food?

A Contrarian View on Veteran's Day

Jack Donovan: “Thank You Military”

Let us mourn the victims of the "Great War," both civilian and military and remember that Armistice Day should not have been necessary or that peace was poorly imposed on the losers.

Who's afraid of white men (in the military)? This administration.

Nicole Foss Podcasts

The Automatic Earth
Haven't had a chance to go up to SF to get some shopping done - the bus system is rather convenient but I'd rather not have to pay the bus fare and save the money if possible. Will more Americans be feeling the pain in their wallets in 6 months?

"Papa Benedict, We Miss You!"

Sunday, November 10, 2013

How does one advertise a more traditional, "patristic" form of Apostolic Christianity?

Shiko Hikage Performances

Shoko Hikage will be playing the koto today at Stanford.

She also has another concert next week for Old First Concerts. (SFCV)