Saturday, December 12, 2020

The Lipivore

Throw Down Your Heart

In Dulci Jubilo

An Article on Schwab and the Great Rest


When they're actually in a medical MOS? This is how the women are allowed to get ready:

Female MPs in the first 10 seconds.

Timed for the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe?

Richard Heinberg on the Back in America Podcast


ATF Raids Polymer80

New TRADOC Manuals

A Debate on Talmudic Judaism

Do These Questionable Conservatives Look Worried?

At least one of them has a parachute.

The Road to Revolution

according to Alexis de Tocqueville...

Interview with Alexander Lingas and John Michael Boyer



One Opponent of MMT

Shia Can Return, Too, and Stab Indiana Jones with a Lightsaber

Bill Gates, Philanthrocapitalist

Robert George on Jonathan Sacks

You Know His Political Alignment

The Films of WKW

Brandy Vaughan, RIP

AxisOfEasy Salon #34

Thanks, Francis

Color Revolution in Process


Heroes of the Fourth Turning

This is How the Left Treats Patriots

The Imperial Papacy, Cont.

Friday, December 11, 2020

Pedro Gonzalez Reviews Xenophon

The Influence of Emer de Vattel on Hamilton

Does the WEF Promise This Too?

Becoming a Conservative... Through Farming

"The New Catholick Religion"

What Would Haidt Say?

New Album by the Hillbilly Thomists


And will there be infiltration by CCP agents? They should either not be put on the track to citizenship or put into a system where they are held accountable for becoming lovers of liberty and republicanism, loyal to the historic American nations, with granted after 4 generations of assimilation conditional upon their assimilation and acceptance by a local community. But neiether option is politically correct.

Separation Now

Remembering Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn



P Envy and the Invasion of Male Spaces

Fempowerment Pop

The song is an expression of a woman's desire for an alpha and to submit to him. I haven't confirmed, but it appears that Taylor Swift herself wrote it. Taylor Swift's 'Willow' Lyrics Capture What It's Like to Want Someone

Do women consider Troye Sivan attractive?

Chariman-Elect of the Committee on Doctrine for the USCCB

Will Armenians Hold Their Leadership Responsible for the Debacle?

Bank Job

Mystery Ranch RFAK and VLAK

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Useful Idiots for the Oligarchs

More Acquiescence by Roman Catholics to the Judeo-Christianity Lie

To Infinity and Beyond!

Welsh Sheep Farms

Northern Real Farming Conference 2020 - Building Regional Autonomies for a Small Farm Future

Muh Liberalism!

More Hustling of the Liberal Arts

More inflation of the liberal arts. "The liberal arts free the soul not only from oppression and dominating power structures, but for the good life." Not even Christ may free us from external oppression and unjust power structures, but Christ, and only Christ, frees us from sin. What else won't American liberal arts school do? Turn young males into men, because they have neither the ethos, faculty members, or the requisite understanding to do so. Indeed, virtually all, including conservative or Catholic ones, take pride in being egalitarian and co-ed. And so the majority of liberal arts schools will die out, along with other cultural institutions, and deservedly so as a Divine punishment, whether they realize it or not. (Those given charge of the schools will probably proclaim their innocence of any wrong-doing until the end.)

Jessica Hooten Wilson

The Road of the Imperial Papacy

The logic, which is also one step further than the Jesuit logic of ministry: this is how the Church will influence the elites to use their power for good.

Della and Jim

Oligarchs Have Used Liberalism to Subvert Community and Tradition

Allan Savory Speech

The Rural-to-Urban Transect

More on SF Identity

Big 5 Philosophy

Marksmanship, physical training, medical training, small-unit tactics, and mobility. Go train.

More on the Military Failures of the American Empire

Building Your Carbine Kit

Cardinal Zen on the Arrest of Jimmy Lai

Magister: In the Appointment of New Chinese Bishops, Beijing Clobbers Rome. The Case of Fujian

Aping the Latins

VMI is Dead

Perfumed Prince at Work

The challenges of running a multiethnic empire.

Tafelmusik: "Silent Night"

Holding One's Breath

The Beginning of Farming in Europe

Table Debates

Another West-George Dialogue

A Chonaire

Wednesday, December 09, 2020

Robert Bellafiore Reviews Robert Putnam's Latest

Putnam's liberealism shapes his narrative, and leaves his history suspect. History as an act of persuasion or political rhetoric. AmConMag

Simon and Schuster: The Upswing: How America Came Together a Century Ago and How We Can Do It Again by Robert D. Putnam with Shaylyn Romney Garrett

Kirkus Reviews

Harvard University Magazine

A Replacement for Christianity

An atheistic religion based on beliefs about gender and human development.

On Laudato Si’, Fratelli Tutti, and the Terminal Decline of Patriarchal Civilization by Luis Teodoro Gutiérrez

Guess his SSH status, and how much experience with women he has.

Cobra Kai Season 3 Trailer

Will it be more woke the third season? Will there be a fourth season, or will Netflix cancel it? (Perhaps season 4 will be the last season, given Netflix's track record.)

Del Noce on a Post-Marxist Culture

Can there be any Marxism that is not parastic on a state?

Jeff Deist Interviews Amity Shales

The Austrian

Richard Vodra on Big Oil's Troubles


Running with Eric Orton

Joe Rogan on Infinite Growth

Bamboo Fiber

Making a Willow Hoop

Bioneers Video on Regenerative Farming

Otherwise, the organization itself is rather woke.

Nuclear Energy Wouldn't Be Enough

The Effects of Antiobiotic Use on Animals

The Cause of Coho Salmon Dying off

Free As Can Be

More Scamming?

Narco Wars

Why Is the DOD Involved?

More SpaceX Advertising

Michael Rectenwald on Tech Censorship

The New Global Religion

CWR Interview with Andrew Nash

Film on Hopkins introduces 19th-century Jesuit priest and poet to wider audience by Edward Short
“I think it’s important for Catholics today to appreciate that we have a great literary heritage,” says educator and filmmaker Andrew Nash, “that there are writers who are as good as—in Hopkins’ case much better than—famous non-Catholic writers, like Wordsworth, that we’ve all heard of.”

Home from Afar

Imperial Apologist


Christmas Cheer

She Shouldn't Have Been in Syria and She Shouldn't Have Been in the Imperial Army

True Friend of the Church?

The challenge was serious, to be clear. The God of the Bible, Sacks contended, was lost in the bargain of Saint Paul’s ambition to spread his newfound faith to the Greco-Roman sphere. More to the point, God was lost in translation. The Greek language, with its left-to-right script, per Sacks, tends toward abstraction and universalization, whereas Hebrew is fundamentally a “right-brained” language, tending toward narrative and particularity. The result was that the West received an abstract, theoretical version of a supremely narrativistic deity.

The Hebrew Bible, Sacks believed, has no “theory” of being itself, of natural law or of political regimes. What it does offer are stories that deal with things like creation, morality, and politics “from multiple perspectives, at a level of subtlety and ambiguity closer to literature” than philosophy. The synthesis—the attempt to Hellenize the Bible and the teachings of Jesus—was an imposition, in Sacks’s view. And it was precisely because the God of the philosophers was so distant and inaccessible, Sacks thought, that the early Church had to posit a God-man as man’s bridge to God.

Sacks was, in truth, a pure anti-metaphysicist. In his 2011 book, The Great Partnership: Science, Religion and the Search for Meaning, he declared: “We cannot prove that life is meaningful and that God exists.” As a philosophy undergraduate at Cambridge, he recounted, he was thrilled by his atheist teachers’ demolition of the classical proofs for God, which he’d always considered a kind of cheap sleight of hand.

Does Western rationalism find its source in medieval scholasticism, after the state had started to rebel against Christendom and the intellectual elites starte do capture that intellectual institution of Christendom, the university? Or is it more a problem of practical atheism spreading thanks to mass culture and the agency of the elites? Blaming St. Paul is really a cheap shot, since St. Paul himself would repeat that the Christian Mystery is the summit of salvation history and God's relationship with His people. And such a Christianity does exist, even if it is obscured by other things, in the Christian East. So how much of an ally was Rabbi Sacks, as opposed to being an advocate of Judaism in what is left of a Christian society?

Guess How Many of These Are Associated with the WEF

Excerpt from the Di Dongsheng Interview

A Latin Urban Strategy

Will this become more popular? Is it just more of the same-old? How many Catholics will be left in NYC by 2030?

Some Will Find This Offensive


Robert George on Jonathan Sacks

A Language of the Commons

A Response to Bronwen McShea's Book on the Jesuits in New France

Nature of Prosperity Dialogue

SARD Underground

Christmas Music from the Steep Canyon Rangers

More from SCR:

Tuesday, December 08, 2020

More Academic Hustling

Gerald Celente on Current Events

Useful Llamas

Change in Design for the New SSPX Church?

An Announcement by Marion Maréchal

A Postchristian Age

The Hollywood Production Code

Of Course It Would Be Franciscans...

Having a Backup Gun

Maintaining a Charade

Meanwhile, oligarchs seeking greater control over natural resources.

More on Diets...

Holy Cuthbert, Pray for Us!

Myth of the Holy Cow