Saturday, September 26, 2020

Sexuality is a Woman's Only Real Agency

Feminists proving it once again...

Orthodoxy in America Lecture by Archbishop Elpidophoros

Solidarity? Setting aside the theological issues that do divide Chalcedonian East and West, there is certainly unity in clericalism, liberalism, feminism, and some version of statism among the Latin and Greek hierarchs.

Another Review of the Vanishing Tradition

American Greatness

Symbolic of Much That is Wrong in a Gynocentric Social Order

The Glorias

The life of Gloria Steinem glamourized even more...

Another Interview with Esther Gokhale

Hm. Anabaptists...

Just earlier this week we got a civic nationalists who believes in American exceptionalism comparing the Woke to Apostolic Christians who purged classical civilization.

Preparedness Mindset

Her Voice Has No Authority Behind It

We already knew Trump is a true-believer feminist.

ACB's in the Driver's Seat

Confirmation here.

Catholic feminism on the rise:

BATMAN BEGINS (2005) Casting Christian Bale & Cillian Murphy [HD] Screen Tests

Shawn Ryan Interviews Mike Ritland, Part 2

Luther Martin

Bill Kauffman for AmConMag

Nerds Make Media




More Reviews:
Jeremy S.
Mrgunsgear - his upper receiver review
Hank Strange

James Lindsay on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Sarah Jarosz, "Four Seasons in One Day"

Friday, September 25, 2020

What to Do if You Are Driving and Surrounded by Protestors?

They're Not Being Shy About It

At Least the CCP Doesn't Discriminate, Right?

The 1917 Project

The Plot Against the President

Live Not by Lies Study Guide

An Orthodox Christian in Japan

Decent" or "Respectable"

AxisisOfEasy Salon #23: Lords of the Algos



Massad Ayoob on Saying Nothing

Different Types of Pistol Reloads

Still Promoting Running

Cancer as a Metabolic Disease?

Regenerative Wool


Something Related to Kiss the Ground

What Sort of Privilege is This?

True North Interview with Gad Saad


The Vatican Probably Is Wrong

Statement from the Society for the Protection of Westminster Cathedral Choir

Looks like bad leadership is a prevalent problem in the patriarchate of Rome.

Damian Thompson thread

SPWCC website

From March 2020: The battle for the finest cathedral choir in the Catholic church by Damian Thompson

Today from Telegraph: Cardinal Nichols accepts recommendation that choristors will sing seven services a week

What a Joke

The presence of women in a unit destroys cohesion.

More feel-good nonsense:

Cork Folk Festival

Good Musical Program

but Tafelmusik's leadership is converged. "Canadian Newcomers"?


On the Path to War?


James Kalb Reviews The Age of Enlightenment


Russell Kirk in Romania?

Exercising His "Spiritual Authority"

Embarrassingly bad. Even our Lord didn't have problems with sword-makers or his disciples carrying a sword on their travels.

More on Becciu

Liberal Networking

Two Reviews of Live Not by Lies


And over at crisis, a review by Michael Warren Davis.

Sincere Piety or Sincere Feelings?

Women Need Patriarchy

Originally published at American Greatness.

Is It Safe to Notice Now?

A Correct Reading?

No till farming and how it can benefit soil and water

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Just as Ginsburg Was a Feminist Icon to Revolutionaries

so will Amy Coney-Barrett be a feminist icon to "conservatives" and Roman Catholics if she is nominated and confirmed. Lots of cheering on of her fempowerment in the interviews below.

More on Becciu's Resignation

Redgum - I Was Only 19 (A Walk in the Light Green)

Danger Close is a good Vietnam War film even though it is obvious that it wasn't filmed in Vietnam (actually filmed in Queensland); other than the obvious location issue (When We Were Soldiers had that problem as well) it is comparable in quality to When We Were Soldiers, I think.

Put Them Next to Walt Disney?

I'd like to somehow keep avocados widely-available as collapse proceeds, but this probably is not a solution, given the infrastructure it requires.

Profile of a 15t Aircraft Avionics Mechanic

Darren Beattie with Adam Townsend

Angelo Codevila's Latest

The American Mind

Blue Boomer and X-er Fantasy Returns

A Study on Ketones

More Fallout from the Vatican Scandal?

"You're Out of Touch, I'm Out of Time"

If True...


Waiting to See Who His Third Guest Is

His first guest was David Rubin. Maybe he'll change things up to avoid being obvious with his tribalism.

Can Men Like This Be Converted to Christ?

Or is there too much LARPing and ego-investment?


Taleb on the Application of Statistics

The Laity Rising Up?


How Will History Judge Francis?

The People of Praise

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Reading Out Loud

The Twilight of the USA

A Hit Piece or the Truth?

Interview with Shania Twain

Agrarianism and Localism

Christopher Rufo with Jack Murphy

Salazar: The Dictator Who Refused to Die by Tom Gallagher

Hurst Publishers/OUP

Providence Mag

Christopher Rufo on CRT

Proposing Invasion

A Good Ideal, But Practicable?


Carl F. Horowitz on Reparations

It was taken down? Not sure what's going on.

Edit. Here it is:

Latin Integralists and Ultramontanists Unhappy with Weigel's Take on the Loss of the Papal States

Even though Weigel holds on to the more problematic of Rome's claims, the ones re: the Church Universal. Apparently he needs to repent and embrace papal caesarism.

Fr. Benedict Kiely on the Sino-Vatican Deal

Kiss the Ground Q&A

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

And So It Begins in Blue Virginia

(Talmudic) Judaism?


John Lukacs on Historical Consciousness


Conservatives need to move away from being anti-Enlightenment and being focused more on being anti-state.

Who Will Hold the Power?

The purposes are noble even if badly stated (inalienable human right), but the means are utopian.

The 20th Anniversary of the Canonization of the Russian Royal Family

Trijicon Product

An Upublished Edith Wharton Story

Hacker's Teleology

Peak Prosperity

Iraq's Secret Sex Trade

Helena Norberg-Hodge on the Team Human Show

Kiss the Ground

Alas it is available only through Netfix for now, unless one searches for it on the high seas. Hopefully it will be available for purchase in disc format.

Diversity That Is Needed

Soon to Be "Men and Women of Special Forces"

It May Not Be Coddling

And basic training can probably be done better so some reforms are necessary. But I'd still like to see a study of the supposed psychological effects of the "Shark Attack" broken down by sex.

Appropriating Mondragon?

Not My Heroine

Bradford and Weaver on Lincoln

The Imaginative Conservative

Another Life is Possible by Clare Stober


Christopher Rufo on Wokeness

Get Rid of Back Pain

Democracy and Imperialism: Irving Babbitt and Warlike Democracies


University of Michigan Press: Democracy and Imperialism: Irving Babbitt and Warlike Democracies by William S. Smith

Gerald Russello on Catholics in America


Some Latins in the US have identity issues...


Prepare Now for Possible Short-Term and Likely Long-Term Events

Monday, September 21, 2020

Hazel Henderson and Juliet Schor Online Talk on Thursday

Some Might Interpret This as Advising Absolute Pacifism

But the context is not provided, and he is not present on earth to clarify. It is the case that one cannot wage war on evil directly nor eradicate directly, as one cannot coerce the will. One can only prevent another from committing grave evil or harm. But this charitable reading of the saint's words is probably not what he meant.

No Idea

No Barrett

Robert Barnes has the reasons why.

Women prefer statism.

Development of a Vietnamese Use of the Roman Rite to Follow?

How healthy are the Latin churches in Vietnam?

Liberals Promote Their Own

RC Feminism Will Kill the Latin Churches as Vehicles of Evangelization

The Education Bubble

Go Train

EMF Protection