Saturday, December 19, 2020

Can the Middle Be Sought in This Way?

From a tweet:

At the beginning of Dr. Tim Patitsas's truly amazing Chapter Five, "Only Priests Can Marry: The Reconciliation of Men and Women in Christ," in his book The Ethics of Beauty: Our concern in this chapter is the mystery of gender, an issue which has become increasingly vexed in our society. A new way of considering gender difference is proposed here which borrows [and transcends] elements from both the 'left-wing' insistence that the genders are interchangeable, and the 'right-wing' assertion that the genders are complementary. This new way is chiasm, wherein men and women, in embracing the cross of Christ within their biologically given genders, come to symbolize each other's vocation while experiencing the transfiguration of their own" (p. 297).

I don't think so. Where is the warrant in Scripture or Tradition for such an argument?

Apollo5: "Only You"

And some polyphony...

Captain Larry Thorn

The Upswing


Christopher Patten on the Vatican's Treatment of Cardinal Zen

Friday, December 18, 2020

Resilience and Well-Being? Or More WEF-Sponsored Lies?

When, Indeed

Scruton on Hunting

An Agenda Shared by the WEF?

How Long, O Lord...

Rewilding is not an Absolute


How Long Before They're Celebrating a Woman?

Some Chest Rigs

"Cash On the Barrel Head"

MODX Suppressors

Smith and Wesson M&P 15 Pistol

product page

Thursday, December 17, 2020

A Precarious Situation

Tempting God?

Here Come the Gentle Lambs

Let One of Them Denounce Feminism Publicly if They Are So Brave

No Surprise, Josemaría Escrivá Was a Latin in His Piety

Is the Hand of the WEF Behind This?

Alpha Men

What Is the ATF up to?


US out of Syria

wth is this.

Who Did the Cartels Buy Off?

Avon Protection Mask System

Life of an Alpha

Dr. Tim Noakes on Low Carb Diets

Too Bad the Wolverines Didn't Have This

Jack Carr and Larry Vickers

What Does Milbank Know of Paleoconservatism or Politike?

Dr. Joshua Lim

Chris Smaje Discusses A Small Farm Future with Geoff Tansey

Robotics Nerds

"American" meritocracy at MIT.

Ted Eytan on Sustainability and Health Care

Bison to Save the World

The Brion McClanahan Show Episode 390: Secession 2020

A Reminder: This is Latin Ecclesiology

But the Self-Righteous Have No Need of Purification

The Wokeness of the New England Journal of Medicine

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Command Sgt. Maj. Bennie G. Adkins Laid to Rest

Of Course They Were

Go Sprint

The Feminine Imperative in Action

A Parisian Matriarchy

Anarchism as a Response to the State and Its Oligarchy

An Imperial Papacy

Anglo-Saxon Cross

A Future for Such Schools?

Not when preparation for the future requires relocalization and reintegration of education into one's network or tribe, especially the education of boys and young men.

No Man Left Behind: The Good News from Gregory the Great Academy by Christopher Check

Lord, Have Mercy on Hong Kong...

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Restorative Justice

I am not opposed to what it implies (rehabilitation/rehabilitation/re-education) though the name itself is misleading. But restorative justice cannot be exercised in a state that is by its very nature dysfunctional and opposed to true human formation. "Restorative justice" is possible only at a small scale, in true communities.

Who is Considered "Radical" by the State?

The oligarchs, with the assistance of the Deep State and the mass media, have been targeting Red Americans for some time. Their narrative is in play already and has already advanced to the next stage.

NPR: Ex-National Security Officials Warn of Mass Radicalization

Academic Naivete on Display

Yeah, because that has worked so well in the past...

The Legacy of David Fleming


New Space Force Insignia


MeatEater and book and Meateater's Guide to Wilderness Skills and Survival

UK Style


Cucking on Free Speech

Nick Kary Narrates an Excerpt from Material

Patrick Holden on the Farming for Nature Podcast

The Problem of Waste Gasoline

How Much Protein Do We Need?

How Intermittent Fasting Works

Michael Pollan... Again...

Heinberg on Limits

What Is Monbiot Up To?

Are Cows Getting a Bad Rap?


Vox Day: A Non-Military War

"Soft Totalitarianism" is Here

Jonathan Pageau on Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

I haven't watched this yet, but I did watch the TV special again last night, and it can be interpreted as being subversive. Communists in Hollywood?

Monday, December 14, 2020

Daríona Nic Dhonnacha

Steep Canyon Rangers, "I've Endured"

Sugar and Chronic Disease


Two Pertaining to Delta

The Tyranny That is the Nation-State

An Experimental Vaccine

John le Carré, RIP

Wayne Allensworth

Cardinal Burke Adds His Voice to That of Archbishop Viganò's

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Mossberg 940 JM Pro

product page

The Importance of Soil Health

UN Subversion

Lord Have Mercy


Interior peace doesn't entail pacifism, pusillanimity, or ignoring the order of charity as we proceed through collapse.

Michael Pollan on Psychedelics, Again

He needs to consult his alternative sources more often -- news about these correlations have been floating around for a while.

Don't They Have More Pressing Issues to Address?

Bergoglio and the Global Elites

Christmas with Cappella Romana

Larry Vickers Stuff

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