Saturday, August 13, 2016

Allied Teaser

Anthropoid looks more interesting. Hollywood pushing an agenda now with its WW2 movies? The only politically correct villains: Nazis and neo-Nazis.

The USCCB: Not Discredited Yet?

Beyond the Walls Trailer

Screen Anarchy

Friday, August 12, 2016

What If Some of Those Cultures Are Opposed to Liberalism?

Or whatever framework makes that sort of multiculturalism possible?

All indigenous peoples, except... the indigenous peoples of Europe?

How Many Were Christians?

Photos of St. Nicholas National Shrine Under Construction

I Bet the Character Gets Killed Off

One of the stars of Criminal Minds fired. Can't stand that show, hysterical drama...

The Olympics: In Whose Economic Interest?

The corporations who advertise through commercials and product placement?

Counterpunch: Olympic Beats and the Soundtracks of Solipsism by David Yearsley

LAV & Tyler Talk Guns

Less Girl Power Makes for a Better Trailer

But the movie still needs to be boycotted.

New AK Video

Thursday, August 11, 2016

A Clip from Citizen Soldier

Screen Anarchy

See also this post.

Opens Tomorrow?

According to Fandango, but nothing in the South Bay.

Two By Bruce Frohnen

Finding the Roots of the Old Republic (JGA Pocock. Does Frohnen get Machiavelli right? Or is Dr. Fleming's interpretation better?)
Is the United States a Republic or a Democracy? (alt)

The New Star Trek Series Will Be Worse Than Voyager?

Star Trek Goes Full SJW

Then again Gene Roddenberry was a secular humanist and would probably uphold a centralized p9litical authority enforcing his liberal values. A SJW before there were SJWs.

Sugihara Chiune Movie

(via Byz, TX -- see the profile)

Does the movie mention his being an Orthodox Christian?

Following the Trend of Going Younger

the new MacGyver

First time I saw the trailer; I'm not a fan of Richard Dean Anderson (especially when his SJW-Canadian side shows through) but the lead for this is ridiculous. Not inspiring at all. Even a geek character can have some charisma for TV? Richard Dean Anderson"S MacGyver was manly; the new MacGyver seems like a smartass millenial. The rest of the cast (except the ex-CSI actor) follows the SJW guidelines.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

All-Female Ocean's 8 Still Being Made

Hollywood hasn't learned its lesson from the Ghostbusters debacle. Casting news.

Land of Mine

A Science v. Faith Movie for Anti-Christians

What's at stake here? Only a theological opinion concerning the age of the earth or the length of human history. That's it.


Let's see a moviemaker brave enough to take on Islam.

Vickers and Hackathorn on the Development of the HK45

Phone interview for Pistol Training

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Anything for a Buck

Fr. Rutler on Terrorism

Tolerating Terrorism

Alternatives to the Benedict Option?

Tolkien Alternatives to the “Benedict Option” by David Michael Phelps

Rod Dreher: Benedict Option Countries

Hope in Eastern Europe? Maybe not.

Bruce Frohnen:

At a conference I attended recently (convened to address contemporary challenges to Christian culture) one speaker faced head-on a central problem with Christian responses to our secular culture: As a rule, we do not have enough children and we do not teach them from a young age their essential familial roles as male breadwinners and female nurturers. For any Catholic, and any Christian who has taken the time to understand the fundamentals of our beliefs and traditions, it is undeniable that the sexes are different and are by nature suited to different roles within the fundamental unit of society, namely, the natural family. The vast majority of thinking Christians know this while the vast majority of secular Westerners reject it as a matter of unthinking ideological prejudice, so there really is no sense at this late date in attempting to argue over it. This is at the root of Rod Dreher’s “Benedict Option” proposal for Christians to concentrate their efforts on rebuilding faithful communities in the face of the cultural aggression of our public institutions.
John Hunwicke: "On June 7, a new artistic exhibit was unveiled ... if that is the right word ... in Westminster Hall, the only truly pre-Victorian portion of the ancient Palace of Westminster. It was a new window, designed to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the movement for Women's Suffrage."

View light sculpture ‘New Dawn’ in Westminster Hall (alt)
New Dawn artwork in Westminster honours suffragettes

Moonlight Drawn By Clouds

The Narrative Must Be Global

The first woman to... the first woman to...

Sunday, August 07, 2016

In the Natural Order, in a Loose Sense... Not Necessarily in the Supernatural Order

It is a Crisis of Authority

And ultimately that is due to the fact that the origins of the religious cult are not divine.

Middle East: The crisis is cultural, the words of a Quranist by Abdullah Islambouli

The Middle East crisis stems from the fact that there is an intermingliong of the Koran and hadith (the sayings of Muhammad). The author, a young Syrian Muslim "neither Sunni nor Shiite," follows the Quaranism movement, rejecting the Hadith (the sayings of the Prophet), full of violence, and not closely related to the religious message of the Quaran. All Quaranists are exiles abroad because Sunni society considers them "unbelievers." A varied Islam open to ecumenism: There can be no compulsion in religion.
Catholic World Report: China and Vatican Make Preliminary Agreement on the Election of Bishops
Pope Francis is not the first pope to turn his pastoral gaze toward China, and in the long scope of the Middle Kingdom's history, the Vatican’s overtures to China are not so unusual.
By Anthony E. Clark, Ph.D.

The American historian and novelist, Edward Eggleston, once said that, “Journalism is organized gossip.” There has been a lot of journalism lately about the Church in China, but it has been extremely difficult to separate the genuine news from “organized gossip.” In June, the bishop of Shanghai, Ma Daqin, who has spent four years under house arrest for refusing

Asia News: Card. Zen: My concerns over China-Holy See dialogue and repercussions on Chinese Church

Card. Tong: Communion of the Church in China with the Universal Church

Card. John Tong, bishop of Hong Kong, gives an in-depth explanation of the Holy See’s reasons for continuing dialogue with Beijing: to ensure greater religious freedom to the Catholic communities; re-establish unofficial and imprisoned bishops; reinstate illicit bishops. The Letter of Pope Benedict XVI is "absolutely valid."

Looks Like a Good First Carbine

Featured in the second episode of Larry Vickers's live-cam show.