Saturday, November 14, 2020

Brittany Haas and Bruce Molsky

Health and Sick Care

Dr. Evil

Is Letting Nature Take Its Course Enough?

I Thought Gender Was a Social Construct

The Armenian PM Needs to Resign for His Mishandling of Things

Lord have mercy.

Nurse Practitioners as a Part of Health Care Reform?

Building Healthy Soil

Michael J. Fox is not Alex P. Keaton

Interview with Dale Koestler

No Tradition, No Standards

Just to Emphasize that the Company is on the Right Side of History

Friday, November 13, 2020

The Case for Keto

Penguin/Random House

Irregular Warfare Podcast Ep. 4

Dr. Jason Fung Links

Sex Differences Are Real

Memes Ripping on Twitter

Sure He Is

More Judeo-Christianity

An Even Older School of Jesuit

The order is living off the glories of its past.

More CCP Statism


More convergence in the MLB.

True Leadership?

Doubtful. More like a counterfeit that is akin to being a presumptuous functionary.


Bottum-Up Revolution Podcast

Do Any Reds Care What David French Thinks or Says?

Children of Ash and Elm

Basic Books


The Madness of Crowds: Gender, Race, and Identity By Douglas Murray

Modern Age review


Rugged Legacy Podcast with the Men Who Took Down Pablo Escobar

Anchor FM

Their website. They were on the SOFREP podcast in October.

Land of Hope: An Invitation to the Great American Story by Wilfred M. McClay

Encounter Books

Finding Common Ground?

David Korten relies on the writing of Paul Chappell. While families and communities are important goods for the individual, they are not sustained apart from norms about individual behavior, and it is here that the disagreement between Reds and Blues. What can Korten do about that? Nothing, except to repeat some tired liberal beliefs.


Lean Logic

Phil Haughton Interview

The Colour of Money

Army Aviation

Another One from UN Women

Interview with a Female Roman Catholic Academic

Catholic Herald

Mat Best on Free Ranger American

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Dr. Fitzgibbons Responds to the McCarrick Report

CWR: The McCarrick Report and the need for new protocols (Part 1) by Richard Fitzgibbons, M.D. I told the Congregation of Bishops about Theodore McCarrick’s disturbing behaviors and some of my account appears in The McCarrick Report. But there is more to be said.

Real Irish Hate the Movie

Would they give The Quiet Man a pass? They do have a point about the casting and the bad accents -- there are plenty of Irish actors and actresses they could have cast instead. Cultural appropriation? The author of the original play is an American of Irish descent.

Will It Be Inspiring or Useful?

Or a marketing gimmick of a declining imperial military?

"Free-Market Capitalism" is Judeo-Christian

Yoram Hazony with Ryszard Legutko

Matilda: Empress, Queen, Warrior by Catherine Hanley

Yale University Press

A New Conservatism, A New Right?

The only respectable option for "conservatives": more "civic nationalism," one that recognizes ethnic diversity and populism go together! As if these professional conservatives don't recognize that they don't have the $ or the influence to reform the GOP; rather the GOP will just use them for a cover of populist legitimacy.

It’s Not Your Father’s GOP by Ben Hachten

We must act better than our counterparts on the left. We cannot succumb to the violence and destruction that has plagued our cities for the last several months. We must be above name-calling and petty jabs that tear others down, pollute our own souls, and lead to further division. We must nevertheless resist all of the moral lies of the soft-totalitarian elites, never exchanging our souls for temporary comfort. At the same time, we must reach out to our friends on the left with humility and charity. They are all children of God, and we are all prodigal sons and daughters. Let us embrace them with open arms, just as our Father has done with us.

This is just more bowtie conservatism that doesn't recognize the severity of the political crisis and the real divisions that exist between peoples. In the end it's just a cover for more statist solidarity enforced with a gun.


Hypocrisy as an Art

John Robb Interview

Chris Yeh Podcast - his website

Scott Hahn Interviews Derya Little

What Does It Mean to be a Steady-Stater?

Alas, offering deluded speculation today:

A Peep from Edward Snowden


But the Land is for the People, a Community

Not for atomized individuals to claim based on the rights defined by liberal justice

Jason Hickel Interview

Protecting a Farm from Energy Infrastructures

Diana Rodgers on Modern Wisdom Podcast

Modern Wisdom


Dental Health

Dr. Jason Fung on The Broken Brain Podcast

Broken Brain podcast
and Soundcloud

The Importance of Protein

The Health Investment

Because Not a Single Man Could Have Designed Clothes for Women...

Grand Opening of the National Museum of the US Army


Mentors for Military: Jon Macaskill

Not a Surprise

The movement is primarily aligned with the left. But still disappointing. Build a resilient tribe so that it last longer than these think tanks.

Charles Hugh Smith Blackpills

What a Joke

Novel Vaccines

Life Lessons

Teach your children the importance of being rooted in a place with a tribe to their divine vocation. As collapse proceeds, circumstances will make this even more clear.

Complete thread by Taran Ann Thieke

God Bless Douglas Macgregor

NuAmerican Promoting Liberalism

Liberalism enables immigrants to steal the American dream in the name of "freedom" and "prosperity." What is his position on open borders and immigration?

Climbing on the Anti-Puritan Trend?

"Salute My Hero"

"Emer's Dream"

Tenebrae Choir

The Power of the Violin!

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Who Are Anabaptists to Ask?

Surely, they don't still hold on to the belief that they are in continuity with the early Church in doctrine or authority?

Young Farmers = (Cultural) Marxist Organization?

Their Twitter.

"Plant-Foward Eating"

Sounds like WEF propaganda.

We Feed the World


Lord Have Mercy

Veteran Farming Training Program

A Good Appointment

Not Reassuring

Is There Anything the Great Reset Doesn't Cover?

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

ASP the Christian Democrat Party

That won't acknowledge cultural Marxism or renounce it. So it is destined to be a fringe movement, even if ithe (R)s fail to transform the party to a populist one.

Vatican Neutrality?

Bishops, even bishops of Rome, will one day have to render an account to their Lord.

Lord have mercy.

How do you rebuild trust? By not repeating the mistakes from the past and learning from it. That is what ecclesial reform would require, but at this pace, the patriarchate of Rome may have to suffer a severe pruning first.

George Monbiot Schumacher Lecture

Dawn Phenomenon

The Greenland Diet

"Can Hardly Wait"

Modern Uhmerican Woman

A Bit Simplistic and Romanticized

Plenty of hunter-gatherer tribes that were violent against others -- but the violence was directed outwards. Violence within the male population was generally policed by the men themselves.

Not Quite Dead Yet

S. Trifkovic:

Decline of an empire:

"South African"


More Imperial Propaganda

"brothers and sisters"

After the JP2 Roman Catholics Pass

how much of a cult to JP2 remain?


Institutionalized clericalism at work here, too. Lord have mercy.

Lord Have Mercy

What’s next after the Azerbaijan-Armenia ceasefire? by Annelle Sheline

A Photo of a Degraded Institution

The McCarrick Report is Released. No Surprises

Shifting the blame onto others, no revelations about what Francis did know, and putting some of the blame on Archbishop Viganò.