Saturday, October 19, 2013

Nomocracy in Politics: “What Did the Declaration of Independence Do?” By Bruce P. Frohnen

Cappella Romana in NoVa/DC Next Week

Heaven and Earth: Art of Byzantium from Greek Collections

National Gallery of Art: Heaven and Earth: Art of Byzantium from Greek Collections - press release

The project at Stanford with which the group collaborated: Icons of Sound: Aesthetics and Acoustics of Hagia Sophia, Istanbul

Cherubic Hymn Mode 1

A Revival of Pansori?

Teen Finds Success with Korean Traditional Music

Kim Ki-Chang: Korean Jesus Paintings Remembered on Late Artist’s Birthday

It was noted in Fr. David's class that in many cultures that received Roman-rite missionaries, Christ is often depicted as a native. I can think of at least two reasons for this: to emphasize the Incarnation and also that Christ came for all men, not just Western Europeans. This is contrasted with the depiction of Christ in icons in Orthodox churches, which are found not only in Europe and the Middle East. The representation of Christ was rather fixed, with respect to His ethnicity.

Icon of St Innocent of Irkutsk presented to Orthodox parish in Hong Kong

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Interview with Christopher Ryan

author of Sex at Dawn

Making excuses for a hedonistic lifestyle, when one doesn't have to live with the consequences of "unwanted" pregnancy and the like?

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

NYT Photoessay: The Russia Left Behind by Ellen Barry
A journey through a heartland on the slow road to ruin.

Wishful Futurism

The rise of [mega-]city-states: The End of the Nation-State? by Parag Khanna

Energy, Ecology, & Economics — Part II by Mary Logan (Resilience)
Oath Keepers: Bring On the Collapse!
True Natural Aristocracy

The Republic and Modern Ethics: Disorder in the Soul by John V. Gerardi

Those Traditionalist Dominicans

They're not officially Dominicans - the Fraternity of St. Vincent Ferrer. The group is also celebrating the 25th anniversary of their canonical erection.

Rorate Caeli: A French milestone

Rob Hopkins in Oakland

Rob Hopkins - "Organizing for Resilience":

Land and Resource Scarcity: Capitalism, struggle and well-being in a world without fossil fuels by Luis Gonzalez Reyes,

FSSP Anniversary Solemn Mass

From J. Balza: will be broadcasting, live from Rome, the 25th anniversary of the FSSP on October 18, 2013. Solemn Mass to be celebrated by the Superior General, the Very Rev. Fr. Berg, FSSP.

More Byzantine Christian Articles at NLM

Thanks to David Clayton: Photos of a Newly Completed Serbian Orthodox Cathedral in Montenegro
Icon carvings - they are exquisitely beautiful but why bother to carve them if we can paint them?

And an article by Gregory DiPippo: The Feast of the Holy Fathers of the Seventh Ecumenical Council

To Treat Them Like Children

Being calm in the face of the emotional woman, who needs a man to be self-control, restrained.

But if women are "like that," should men take offense when other person cannot control themselves, start yelling, etc.? If a woman loses her temper or has an emotional outburst, are men likely to excuse, unless it is unjustified or over a minor matter? Should women be held to a higher standard, rather than letting them give in to their anger? Yes, but I think the "red pill" men in the androsphere agree. Instead of giving in or cowering before a woman's rage, a man needs to let a woman know when she has crossed the line and enforce consequences.

A woman's lack of self-control should be distinguished from a genuine sh*t test?

Does a woman lose respect for a man who engages in a shouting match, rather than shutting the argument down with a firm command or a statement that such behavior is intolerable? Can he even engage her in an argument? What would a typical woman think of a man who refuses to engage her and just leaves (without explaining way)? If he goes into "hiding"? Rather than just avoiding her, while maintaining his presence and authority? It seems to me that there is a difference between the two; it's not just semantics.


Memory Lane

An Interview with novelist Dorothy Cummings McLean

The Economics of Genuine Happiness

Plenary talk by Mark Anielski at the Economics of Happiness Conference earlier this year.

EoH: Mark Anielski: The Economics of Genuine Happiness

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Straussians Doing Good Work?

Nomocracy in Politics: A Review of Zuckert and Webb’s The Anti-Federalist Writings of the Melancton Smith Circle by Peter Haworth

Two Perspectives on Walter White

Ross Douthat - a socon piece that echoes many of the criticisms made by a feminist.
Jef Costello, who refers to Jack Donovan's The Way of Men.

Is Walter White an appealing protagonist to male viewers? Is he "amoral" or "immoral"? Is he good being a man, despite not being a good man? Does that explain his appeal to male viewers, who are tired of a culture and society that emasculates them? If so, the solution is not to demand that they submit to further emasculation (e.g. subscribing to PC groupthink). What of group loyalty and participation? (There is no group, really, except for Walter White and himself, though he does treat Jesse like a son.)

Maybe Walter White's story can be understood as a tragedy; someone who used what is naturally good (his masculinity) for bad ends - even though his becoming a "real man" was through immoral acts. Then again, I don't think I can fully sympathize with those who are cheering Walter White as some sort of [anti-]hero because he does his own thing.

John Rao on Civiltà Cattolica

Dialogue with the Living Dead by Dr. John Rao
A Deadening Moment in the Civiltà’s Present Critiqued by its Living Past

Another Drama Set in a Department Store?

Wasn't Mr. Selfridge enough? Masterpiece Theater brings BBC's The Paradise.

Drama + consumption - what else could be more perfect for female viewers?

Achieving Victim Status

It isn't so hard for females to rationalize themselves being such, as they are, by nature, led and not the ones taking the initiative. Being the recipient or the follower is equated to being the victim of an oppressor. Or, a woman is being threatened merely because she is receiving unwanted attention from a man she does not find attractive (but "creepy").

While they ignore their own moral agency, even though various notions of "consent" has become paramount with respect to distinguishing between licit sexual relations and rape. In rationalizing, women can also rewrite memories (lie to themselves) in order to adjust to their current feelings - I think Sunshine Mary had a post about this. ("I don't like the result or I don't feel positively/satisfied, so therefore I wasn't really agreeing to what happened, and therefore I didn't give consent.") Similarly, they may assent to do something that they don't like but are unwilling to confront the other party - thus, they are being "coerced" when they could have walked away.

Diminished rationality and moral agency? Or are they just making excuses for their moral failures, not owning up to their own culpability in wrong-doing? What can we learn from Eve's denial in the Garden?

Rural Rhythm Records: Marty Raybon Shines in “God Didn’t Choose Sides” Civil War Music Video


Backlash Against the "Fat Acceptance" Campaign

"It's not my fault, it's my genes."

Alpha Game: Fat women SHOULD be ashamed

Last week a campaign involving twitter was mounted at RoK. If women want to make excuses for their obesity, they are free to do so. But they cannot compel men to find them physically or sexually attractive or to deny that they are repulsed by fat women. (And while a man's physical fitness may have some impact on a woman's attraction to him, it is just one factor and perhaps not the most important one.) Male and female attraction triggers are not the same.

Otherwise, overweight women should go paleo and stop rationalizing.

Feministing Supports Bullying Of 16-Year-Old Girl

Karen De Coster: Low-Fat Indoctrination: The Younger the Better

Ivan Illich Conference

It was held in August in Oakland: "After the Crisis: The Thought of Ivan Illich today." I might have seen a reference to it, but I did not attend. Probably didn't have the $ to do so. Illich fan Jerry Brown gave the opening remarks? Laughable.

Ivan Illich and the contemporary commons movement by David Bollier (Resilience)

Elinor Ostrom: Collective Action and the Commons: What Have We Learned?

Peaches Help Grow Slovenia’s Gift Economy by Marjana Kos

Two from Rorate Caeli

Great new blog: Wigratzbad seminary - Blogger
Images of Wisques transition

"Literary Catfights"

Why Charlotte Bronte Hated Jane Austen by Susan Ostrov Weisser
In her new book 'The Glass Slipper,' Susan Ostrov Weisser looks at the rivalry between two of England's most famous female novelists.

(via Tea at Trianon)

Should those in secondary school be required to read the Romantics without some prior form of moral training? And what benefit is there to having young men read Brontë?

Sunday, October 13, 2013

More from Peter Hitchens on WW2

More Thoughts on Our Finest Hour
General Conversation
Think, Read, Don't Just Regurgitate
Getting the Dinky Toys Out Again

Pope Francis at a Seminar on Mulieris Dignitatem

Vatican Radio: Pope Francis: Women called to service, not servitude
Vatican Insider: “I suffer when I see that the role of service of the woman slips into a role of servitude”

“I suffer – speaking truthfully! – when I see in the Church or in some ecclesial organizations that the role of service that we all have, and that we must have - but that the role of service of the woman slips into a role of “servidumbre” [Spanish: servitude]. . . But when I see women that do things out of “servitude” and not out of service,” said Pope Francis. “And that it is not understood well what a woman ought to do. Can she be valued more? It is a reality that is close to my heart and for this I wanted to meet … and bless you and your commitment. Thank you, let us move this forward together! May most holy Mary – a great woman, eh? – the Mother of Jesus and of all God’s children, accompany us. Thank you!”

Do we want those in authority and distant from us to wear their hearts on their sleeve? Some may be sincere, but if so, then what? Does a man talking about his emotions really elicit respect from men and women?

I have read that the culture of machismo is rather bad in Ibero-American countries.

From the Vatican Insider article:
Francis also spoke about the special gifts given to women in the Church. “ I would like to underline how the woman has a particular sensitivity for the ‘things of God’, above all in helping us to understand the mercy, tenderness and love that God has for us,” he said.
More Christian pedestalizing.