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They've started playing Xmas Music Already...

on a local radio station. Not posting anything yet.

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Because of the convergence of the U.S. military.

Woman qualifies for special forces training, on path to be first female Green Beret


Controlled Opposition

Richard Spencer's appearance in this "documentary" gives support to the claim that he is...

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Some Familiar Names

CNA: USCCB elects six new committee chairmen

To get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?

CWR Dispatch: How many meetings does it take? by Peter M.J. Stravinskas
Any honest bishop will tell you that his life is one of meeting piled on top of meeting. At what expense? And to what end?

Go Army, but this...

is a bit much. It's like videos of seminarians pretending to be Jedi. It's undignified and then there are the reminders about the feminist remodeling of the US military.

From December of last year.

Is the NPC Meme Still in Currency?

3 weeks later... I don't really pay much attention to social media but is it still being used?

Soy Face

Two from Russian Faith

Conservative Fashion Trending Globally - Here's Why

Submissiveness: Why Christian Husbands Find It So Attractive

But should those with SSA be admitted to candidacy for Holy Orders?

CWR/CNA: Intense debate over handling of abuse scandal ensues at USCCB meeting
On Tuesday, more than 20 bishops and cardinals offered passionate interventions during an open floor discussion on the sex abuse crisis at the U.S. bishops’ meeting.

Following Wester, Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco then gave a long intervention in which he described what he has been hearing from Catholics in his area.

“We’ve heard how important it is to listen to our people, I’ve held listening sessions in my own Archdiocese” regarding the abuse scandal, he said.

From this listening, Cordileone said he has found that Catholics tend to fall in one of two camps regarding the abuse crisis: the first camp believes that the Church is not talking about the real problem, which is the prevalence homosexuality among the clergy and its correlation with abuse, he said.

The second camp believes that the real problem is an all-male hierarchy, “because women would never have allowed this to happen,” and therefore women must be invited in to all levels of the clergy.

Cordileone, who clarified that he was merely reporting what he found among his people, said that both conclusions are overly simplistic, but neither are without some merit.

“We do sometimes act as a good old boys club,” he said, with problems of “cronyism, favoritism, and cover-up.” He urged the bishops to find solutions to these “legitimate concerns” of Catholics in the second camp.

When considering the first camp, Cordileone cautioned against the “overly simplistic” conclusion that homosexuality causes sexual abuse. That “obviously cannot be true” he said, as some priests with homosexual tendencies faithfully serve the Church, while some heterosexually priests serve the Church poorly.

Still, the concern “has some validity,” he said, pointing to a recently-published study by Father D. Paul Sullins, a Catholic priest and retired Catholic University of America sociology professor. Sullins’ analysis found a rising trend in abuse, and argued that the evidence strongly suggests links between sexual abuse of minors and two factors: a disproportionate number of homosexual clergy, and the manifestation of a “homosexual subculture” in seminaries.

“The worst thing we could do is discredit this study so we can ignore or deny this reality,” Cordileone said. “We have to lean into it…to ignore it would be fleeing from the truth.”

The archbishop recommended further studies into the correlation between homosexuality and sexual abuse, one that avoids “quick and easy answers” and would attempt to find the root causes of this correlation.

Cordileone’s was the first intervention met with applause from many bishops.

Rod Dreher, Why Catholic Bishops Can’t Solve The Crisis


Catholic Women's Forum: A strategic necessity? (attempting to witness through mass culture and rational prsuasion) Or is the strategy itself wrong?

CWR: by Jeanette Flood

Making “the prophetic voice of women” heard
For the last four years, the Catholic Women’s Forum has been working “to amplify the voice of Catholic women—within the culture and the Church—in support of Catholic teachings.”


Scott Beauchamp Reviews Anthony Esolen's Latest Book

AmConMag: Nostalgia: Why the Left and Right Both Get It Wrong By SCOTT BEAUCHAMP

Anthony Esolen's latest explores our connection to the past and the reality that transcends.

What Accents?

Does this trailer conform to current SJW totem pole?

More Slide Designs

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The Cultural Marxists Know Propaganda

It's Not Cultural Appropriation When the Good People Do It by STEVE SAILER
From the New York Times: The idea is to recast Norman Rockwell paintings with Diversity. It's a pathetically lame idea, but who cares about artistic taste anymore? What matters now is Representation. We need more pictures of the Good People and fewer pictures of the Bad People. For example, Rockwell's Freedom of Speech is too..

Vox Day

The UK Marks the Centenary

The religion of the state usurping Christianity. The female "bishop" of Londonistan, the current prime minister, the "representation," an increasingly irrelevant Royal Family probably under the control of those who actually hold power... all of this shows how the UK has declined in a century. If they really wanted to honor the dead they would admit that the Great War was not just a mistake but a crime against God, Christendom, and humanity, and they'd be doing penance.

The Centenary of the End of the Great War

Kyrie eleison.

The last deaths of World War I
Remembrance Day: The legacy of First World War poetry, from Wilfred Owen to Siegfried Sassoon

Of course there is the LGQBTXYZ slant... ‘Youth that dying touch my lips to song’: The poetry of men who loved men in the First World War

How to Shoot Like John Wick

Part 2?