Saturday, October 03, 2020

A Cerebral Feminist Film

The Queen's Gambit

Battle of Mogadishu

Glock P80

What Height Disparity?

Is Parolin Lying?

Freemasons Like It

Meanwhile Latin bishops are already claiming it is in continuity...

Robb Wolf Interviews

Charles Massy


Having the same or similar values and goals doesn't mean coordination is necessary, though that may happen as well.

Oh Yeah, This Happens Today

English translation available tomorrow?

Horce Racing in the UK and China

Vermeule Might Like This

The attempted Hispanicization of the US...

Friday, October 02, 2020

Morrissey, "The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get"

Mine Were of Trouble

Mine Were of Trouble – Peter Kemp

The Worthy House


Our Enemies and Competitors Laugh

31st Annual IBMA Bluegrass Music Awards



Jason Peters Reviews Living the Long Emergency

A Second Armenian Genocide?

Lord Have Mercy

Miserere mei, Deus (Byrd) The Gesualdo Six at Ely Cathedral


Archbishop Viganò Addresses the Cardinal Becciù Dismissal


This Does Cause an Eyebrow to be Raised

Sounds like the typical suspicious academic "research."

Can't Be Friends with Those Who Don't Want to Be Friends with You

Academics in the ivory tower are having problems understanding what identity politics means. Civic nationalism is dead, and so is state liberalism.

Celtic Colours 2020

It will be online this year...

Thursday, October 01, 2020

Dreher Selling His Book


China and Taiwan

Should Medical Schools Teach Antiracism?

No. But who controls the medical schools?

A Carnivore Success Story

Avi Woolf Reviews The Habsburgs: To Rule the World

Basic Books

His Third Guest

Not a surprise, given his contacts in American academia. Will he be going back to the pattern for his fourth guest, or will he picking another American "conservative" to be on his show? It shouldn't be too hard to see what the possibilities are by looking at who has been associated with his "National Conservatism" project.

Edit. Apparently it's been reuploaded and has a different URL now:

Old link:

More RC whining about the past and the Anglo-Protestant United States...

Another Conversation with Diana Rodgers

Burning Fat


Chris Smaje Book Launch Webinar

Of Course Climate Scientists Would Object

Let's see a "neutral" paper with all of the base assumptions laid out.

I linked to an article on the original paper here.

Will the (R)s be Transformed?

Responsible Statecraft

Bowtie Conservatism

We are in a culture war, souls are at stake, and not everything can be reduced to dialectic. Rhetoric is a necessary tool of the statesman.


VOCES8: Jacques Brel, "Le Plat Pays"

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Federal Gun Control

South Asian Male Feminist

Is there any NuAmerican more cringeworthy?

Flipping the Table: The Future of Healthy and Regenerative Meat

More on Regenerative Agriculture:

Civnat Breakdown?

Those involved are probably liberal or leftist civic nationalists but probably "conservative" civic nationalists would appreciate the lyrics as well, a successor to "This Land is Your Land." But those who are members of a rooted American people? Maybe not.


You can have it all feminism will pass, too.

Feminism, "conservative" feminism and "Catholic" feminism, will pass, too, when the cheap energy goes away. I can't wait until feminist academics and intellectuals are out of work.
Erika Bachiochi: Amy Coney-Barret, Supreme Court Nominee, Feminist Icon


Who Is Supervising US Military Twitter?



What has the Holy See said about religious freedom for Christians and Muslims in China?

Really really tiny steps?

Did He Tell Them to Disarm Themselves?

On the Offensive

NuAmerican at Work

Theology Shouldn't Be Tweeted

The Kingdom of God, as it exists in us, can be logically distinguished in order as receiving, sharing, giving though in reality all these are one. But the implication of this on the political order is limited as not all have the life of agape. Second, the political order is part of the order of charity; it does not fall outside of the order of charity (or the order of natural benevolence). And third, the political order demands accountability and consequences for failures in responsibility.

Does Weigel Have Access to the Latest Historical Research as to Who Was Making the Decision?

It would be good to determine who much control Truman had, and after that, ask whether Truman failed in his responsibilities as president.

More Ecclesial Culturla Appropriation by Latins

I am referring to the cover artwork.

An Unjust Dismissal?

Mid-Autumn Festival

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Where's the Representation?

Food labor can probably find someone who better represents them ethnically, but would such a person get the same sort of backing and funding?

A Non-American Perspective on Collapse

Regenerative Agriculture to Save the World?


Limited Edition Infidel

A Profile of TacMed

A Tireless Worker, Cardinal Zen

What a Joke

She's been shaped by feminism, and most likely by the values of the upper class elites.

First Things

Hunter-Gatherer Fitness


Monday, September 28, 2020

The Dunbar Number of 150 Makes an Appearance in This Essay

Personalism, Small Churches, and Building Community by Archpriest Lawrence Farley |(originally published at No Other Foundation)

But here in North America, we have a number of Orthodox churches which are less Imperial in their architecture and numbers, churches which can hold only a few hundred people, if that. That, I suggest, is no bad thing, for it allows us to recover the important personalism from the early church which was increasingly lost in the Church’s Byzantine period. We have the possibility once again of actually getting to know the fellow members of our local church community and of praying for them all by name. Church growth is good, and we are called to grow. But we must take care in our growth not to lose this personalism, which is so important to internal spiritual growth.

In particular, if a congregation grows to a size of about 200 people or so, they might consider splitting and founding another daughter church somewhere else (obviously with the bishop’s blessing), so that the local church never gets above 150 in number. Church growth gurus teach us that 150 is the maximum number in which authentic community can occur. In any church much bigger than that, it becomes hard to really know your fellow worshippers, and one fades into the anonymity of the mega-church. We have emerged from Byzantium, and are increasingly marginalized in our pluralistic North American society. That brings with it its own sorrows. But it also brings with it the possibility for recovering true community in our churches, and with it, a spirit of love.

FRC on the Armenia Situation

Christian Post Interview with Rod Dreher

Still Selling TOB

Lamb and Beef as Superfoods

Generation Growth Trailer

Federalism Movement in Lebanon

Lebanon is about the size of Connecticut, with about twice its population. If federalism is warranted for Lebanon, how about Connecticut? And if American states should be broken up, then our obsolete federal system (which makes an appearance now and then) should be replaced.

Wishful Thinking Won't Resolve Identity Politics

Fabbriche di Careggine

Kunstler on the Decline of Big Cities (Part 2)


A Review of What I Stand On

Penguin/Random House

Bringing Back the Front Porch

Brion McClanahan: Originalists and Anti-Federalists

The Petersens, "You're Still the One"

American Snipers in WW2

The NuAmerican New Owner of the LAT


FH Buckley is Useful for Something

Modern Age

One Explanation of the Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict

TFP in Poland?

The cult spreads. Couldn't they find something native to embody instead?

God Bless Cardinal Zen

Politicized Prayer

Papal Nannying Again

in service of the state.

Conservative/Christian Feminism

The '80s live on for the upper class.


Kevin Owens on the Mike Ritland Show

Sunday, September 27, 2020

John Garvey on Amy Coney-Barrett

Rachel Fulton Brown and Owen Benjamin

The kind of BS that results from convergence and social engineering.

Another Interview with Jonny Kim

John McWhorter

Matt Goodwin Reviews Sandel's Book on Meritocracy

A Scandalous Lack of Response

This is Catholic Feminism

Hot Wash Ep. 4 - Kyle Lamb

An Imperial Mindset?

Building an Orthodox Parish by Archpriest Lawrence Farley (originally published at No Other Foundation)

Much of this is good. But I think the last direction is problematic:
Finally, the community must be eschatologically oriented. That is, they must regard themselves not primarily as citizens of this world or as Americans or Canadians or as citizens of any other country, but as citizens of the Kingdom. Patriotism is wonderful, but the good must not be allowed to become the enemy of the best, and the Church stands under the Cross, not under any national flag. To make the flag paramount is idolatry. Through his preaching the priest must encourage his flock to see themselves as sojourners in this age, with their eyes fixed on the horizon to behold the blessed hope of the Second Coming with the cry of “Maranatha!” in their hearts.

Living this out consistently will mean that the society around them will increasingly regard them as aliens, as unwelcome intruders, and as disturbers of the secular status quo. We all know where the front line of this battle is being drawn, and we must not flinch or compromise. Our Lord’s words to the apostles, “If you were of the world, the world would love its own, but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you” (John 15:18-19) have lost none of their relevance. The priest must preach and the people must accept that to become an Orthodox Christian is to leave one moral universe and to enter a different one. And they must read the fine print before making this decision—that of inevitable conflict with the world and of possible persecution.

It is true that Christians primary focus is God; but to say they are "citizens" of the Kingdom in this case, as if their political citizenship is not a relevant moral concern, can be misleading. After all, being a member of the people of God, while it does entail "duties" to God and other Christians, also entails that one lives up to one's duties to one's neighbors who may not be Christian but nonetheless are members of the same political community. Christians don't enter a "different moral universe"; their moral universe has been clarified. I say that this may reflect an imperial mindset because it may be similar to the mindset of early Christians living in the Roman Empire. And it is probably even more reflective of how certain non-Western Apostolic Christians in the Anglosphere view things. Perhaps even some Russian Orthodox in Russia think in this way as well. But I think it is incorrect, though there is another error of identifying the state as one's political community, and this must be corrected as well.