Saturday, May 04, 2019

Kyrie Eleison.

Whatever I think of her taking on the authority to be a truth-teller and making a living from it, the suffering is real.

L'Acte 25

Orthodoxy in Korea

Lazarus Saturday


A Convincing Christ?

A little too average in demeanor and behavior.

100 Years of Dresses

Friday, May 03, 2019

Russian Orthodox Modest Swimwear


Asian Invasion of Great Britain

Justifies this?

Focke Wulf FW-190A/N

Katie who?

This is why women shouldn't be leading anything. Then again, if she became "prominent," who was supporting her or giving the money?

A documentary about clown world for clown world consumption.

Pushing the Lie of Catholic Feminism

wth, UND

Why would the cuck-in-chief get hired?

He shouldn't be teaching there, and it's questionable if he would get a Catholic education there. If America Magazine approving of the education at the university, that is reason enough to question its quality.

Wednesday, May 01, 2019


CNA: Vatican accepts resignation of Bishop McGrath of San Jose

Boyd Cathey on Aaron Wolfe

The Death of a Christian “Knight Without Fear”–RIP Aaron Wolf By Boyd Cathey

A week ago Sunday—Easter Sunday, April 21—Aaron D. Wolf, Executive Editor of Chronicles Magazine, passed away. After what had been for him, his wife Lorrie, and his family one of the best weeks of his… »

RT with Elliott Hulse


Derek Warfield

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Childhood Innocence


“Don’t try to understand women; women know women and they hate each other”.

A spin on Mencken's “Misogynist: A man who hates women as much as women hate one another.” Maybe?

GEAR: Fight Lite!

When Will TradCons Admit Reality?

The Other McCain: ‘Hypergamy Doesn’t Care’

Roosh Hour #37 - Interview With E. Michael Jones

Scalia Speaks

Scalia Speaks: Reflections on Law, Faith, and Life Well Lived

CWR Dispatch: New collection demonstrates the faith, wisdom, and wit of the late Justice Scalia by Gregory J. Sullivan

The example that Justice Antonin Scalia provides throughout On Faith about how to think with the Church and live the faith in all sorts of settings, both private and public, is heartening.

More of Белое Злато

The Brion McClanahan Show Episode 226: Should we love the founding generation?

Giggle Bush Hat

Day Game...

and other topics in this interview.

Monday, April 29, 2019

Commando Hall of Honor


Medal of Honor recipients inducted into the Commando Hall of Honor

The State Accepts No Competitors

Anson Mount

The Ready Room - Episode 11

Белое Злато

Rather Moronic

The local hockey team refers to it in its advertising and social media; but I think the song represents the dumbing down of American mass culture, even if it was originally aimed at children. Who passes on traditional nursery rhymes and children's songs?

Merle Haggard, "Are the Good Times Really Over For Good"

Miss & Mrs. Cops Trailer

Secession: The American Tradition

Mandolin Orange - Cavalry !

Prayer is Important

But it is not enough; action is required.
Taking on the Toxic Feminist Revolution by John Horvat II

His review of The Anti-Mary Exposed: Rescuing the Culture from Toxic Femininity by Carrie Gress

Just Say No

Good liturgy is not enough.

Another good thread, this time from RT.

MIB International

Latest international trailer...

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Tolkien from a [Byzantine] Orthodox Perspective

Two Threads from Yoram Hazony

Vet Away

The American Scholar Advances the Narrative

Daughters of War: Writing women back into battle by Stephanie Bastek

On the Frontlines by Katie Daniels
An excerpt from Women Warriors: An Unexpected History by Pamela D. Toler

An Opportunity

But will the American Church be able to capitalize on it, with its slow slide to liberalism?

John Robb on the Jack Murphy Live Podcast

More Academic Nonsense

Church Life: Remedies for American Catholic Polarization by Robert G. Christian III

Reducing Catholic polarization will almost certainly require reducing overall political polarization in the country, a difficult challenge. At the same time, the Church can and should try to convince more American Catholics to embrace Catholic ideals and support the countercultural approach of Catholic Social Teaching.
A version of [Roman] Catholic Social Teaching more akin to a SJW version of liberalism/statism? A statist counterfeit of the common good is no replacement for the authentic common good and community, which requires that the right to association be respected.

Step one in confronting Catholic political polarization should be to unite against all forms of bigotry and those seeking to undermine our democratic system. We must not forget the lessons of the 1930’s and allow brutal ideologies to become mainstream among American Catholics. Essentially, this is about preventing a new political pole to emerge—one more toxic and antithetical to Christian values than the existing poles. A failure to arrest rising Alt-Catholicism would make Catholic polarization far worse—creating new obstacles to communion, jeopardizing souls, pulling the American Church away from the global Church, and badly damaging Christian witness. It is perhaps the gravest threat to Catholicism in the United States.

Actually, the gravest threat to Catholicism in the United States are SJW bishops and academics such as the author of this piece, who fail to realize that their advocacy is in opposition to the Natural Law.

One critical way to reduce enmity is for American Catholics who are publicly dissenting from Church teaching to be honest about their dissent. Catholics should not overstate their knowledge of Church teaching or their commitment to it. They should not distort it—intentionally or through neglect. And they should never downplay it or undermine it by making it seem optional by twisting concepts like intrinsic evil or the need for prudential reasoning. They should describe Church teaching in a way that is clear and fair, having examined it with the desire to fully understand and accept it. If ultimately, having looked at Church teaching in its best light, they feel that core Catholic principles and factual reality point to a different conclusion than what the Church teaches and they wish to discuss this publicly, they should be honest and clear about it and explain precisely why.

While the author postures as being fair in asking "dissenters" to explain their reasons, he is actually indulging in the worst of Latin positivism in assuming that the teaching of the Patriarchate of Rome is identical to Tradition. The burden of proof is on those who have "developed" Church teaching so that it sounds like liberalism to show that their teaching is grounded within Tradition or the Natural Law.

Liberalism? Or Female Narcissisim?

Oz Conservative: Zeitgeist Girl