Friday, November 04, 2016

CWR: Mel Gibson returns to Hollywood with Hacksaw Ridge By CWR Staff
“The Passion of the Christ” director's latest is a WWII biopic about a Christian pacifist.

The Song Has Grown on Me

Though not the show...

Sometimes I wish I had cable TV



Thursday, November 03, 2016

St. Nicholas National Shrine

Red Pill

This Weekend at Holy Virgin Cathedral

Byz, TX: Archimandrite Irenei becomes Bishop of Sacramento Sunday

Rod Dreher Tries to Clarify Once and For All

Everybody Row, Or We’re Going Over The Falls

If we small-o orthodox Christians are going to have strong presences in our post-Christian cities, we are going to have to embrace the Benedict Option where we are. That means starting new, explicitly countercultural schools, or changing the ones we have. That means strengthening the local churches we have, and/or starting prayer groups and other fellowships that help us deepen our faith and communal bonds. My Catholic friend Leah Libresco Sargeant, as a single Catholic convert living in DC, depended heavily on the fellowship and spiritual support in the community around the Dominican House of Studies around Catholic U. Plus, she undertook some initiatives to build community among her young Catholic single friends. If you don’t understand that this is the kind of thing I mean by the Benedict Option, you don’t understand the Benedict Option.

Molly Bawn

The lesson: make sure she always wears a bright orange one with reflector tape instead of a white one.

Orestes Brownson

Reaching the Lost 60%

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Rod Dreher Interviews Anthony Esolen

Under siege by SJWs at Providence College. (via Mere Comments)

Even though Dr. Esolen has written many good things about masculinity it seems that he is unprepared to deal with the reality of leftists -- he should have read SJWs Always Lie. He may be too nice and moderate though to take that step towards the alt right. Looks like some think he was thrown under the bus by Fr. Shanley. Sad. Academics are usually not warriors.

William Lind's Way of War

AmConMag trying to maintain its appeal and relevance to paleocons? (Not sure if Mr. Lind is still associated with the magazine as a writer/columnist.)

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

An Orthodox Perspective on Halloween

What have they done to counter the existential threat to Sweden?

Sweden’s Catholic Bishop: “We Christians Speak With One Voice" By Deborah Castellano Lubov
Bishop Arborelius of Stockholm, Sweden’s lone Catholic diocese, says that while works of mercy unite Christians, serious doctrinal differences remain

Sweden in chaos

A Book to Get

HSP Photo

FG 42

ABT Theme

Monday, October 31, 2016

SJWs at Providence College

The Dominicans need to impose discipline on them or they will lose the college.

Esolen Hammered by His Dominican College

Just Write the Book Already

See his response to Claes Ryn. His latest: The Benedict Option & 'Faithful Presence Within'

The problem here: the dichotomy between the Church and the world -- should Christians strengthen their parishes and local Churches? Yes. Do they need to withdraw from the world? If the society they live in is of the world, then yes. If it is am embodiment of secularism, then yes. But if it is not, but traditional but non-apostolic Christian? Then not necessarily -- alliances can still be formed, if not political friendships.

Has Rod Dreher ever found himself fitting in a traditional Southern community? Or does his impulse to be a moderate SJW preclude him from doing so? Or maybe he's just a rootless individual.

Rod Dreher on Norcia.
CWR: The Holy Spirit and the Two Stewards of Justice By Fr. George William Rutler
Our nation and, through a larger lens, the whole world, is torn today by ignorance of, and even hostility toward, that sober spirit of the laws which comes from the Holy Spirit.

Waiting for the Price of the Blu Ray to Lower

Indiana Jones Theme

Tier 1

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Is there a blog by an anti-feminist or red-pilled women that hasn't yet revealed why women should probably not blog extensively on these topics? Eventually some serious flaw or another comes out that discredits them as a spokeswoman or teacher -- usually tied to some narcissism, which may explain why they blog in the first place, for the attention they gain in catering to a niche.

Only those older women who are settled should educate younger women and even then do son on a personal scale, rather than attempting to bring about change (if that is what they are trying to do) on a wide scale through mass media.

The latest example: JB -- Martial arts, men’s rights and what it means to be a man and Dancing like a whore is harder than it looks

Despite her claim to be anit-feminist, JB always struck me as still being some sort of egalitarian, and her latest post confirms my suspicion that she was ill-suited to the task she held out for herself.

Type A Personalities

Was curious about Type A women since I know quite a few -- asked a question over at Alpha Game Plan, got an answer from one of the commentators:

papabear, a Type A woman is not different from the feminist ideal or the contentious woman. She IS those things, but doesn't have to remain so.

I'm told I'm Type A, and it seems to fit. Likes to be in charge, don't trust others to get the job done, know-it-all. Or at least I was. I'm still Type A, but I've learned to channel the strengths of that personality category while starving the weaknesses. It's a lifelong process.

Some say birth order can affect Type (I'm inclined to believe this is true, I'm the oldest child). Maybe it's genes, probably a bit of both...genes susceptible to the particular environment the oldest child finds herself in. I do not discount our current self-esteem go grrrl! culture as a huge factor.

People do not change. They become better or worse versions of themselves, but they do not change their fundamental nature. Once a woman can get in touch with her strengths and weaknesses, she can get out of herself and begin to see how her actions make her a better or worse version of herself. But she has to know who and what she is first, something that is merely paid lip service in our culture of radical self-love and discovery, but is seldom actually DONE by anyone. It takes prayer and the courage to review life with an honest appraisal of her culpability in the negative things that have happened in her life. It is not easy, but it is liberating.

Being Type A can have great benefits. Patterns and efficiency are clearly seen, but trust is in short supply, due to a mindset of almost extreme independence. If you let it get the better of you, a "my way or the highway" attitude can rapidly demoralize all people involved in relationships with you. Type A's have trouble with humility, but that is where fear of God as the beginning of wisdom comes into play. It's partly a function of age and of commitment to relationships of all kinds. Don't let Type A's be loners for TOO long, and don't let them get away with bad behavior, but allow them control over how to resolve their internal and external conflicts. And don't let them drink or do drugs, that's a Type A's #1 stress relieving hobby. Channel the energy into sports that don't involve team play: karate/MMA/BJJ, cycling, rock climbing, etc.

How does Myers-Briggs account for this personality type? Is Type A/Type B too simplistic a dichotomy?

Molly Tuttle Band, Gentle on My Mind

What the? I thought she was Catholic.

Steve Sailer links to the NYT: President of South Korea Is a Puppet of Her Rasputin-like Shaman Fortuneteller

Why women should not hold political office... and don't bring up Nancy Reagan and fortune tellers because she wasn't POTUS, even if she had influence behind the scenes.