Saturday, December 31, 2011

Slim Dusty - A Pub With No Beer

Sunny Sweeney - One More Christmas Beer

Friday, December 30, 2011

More Alasdair Fraser

In April, at Freight and Salvage - the 26th and 27th: San Francisco Scottish Fiddlers w/ Alasdair Fraiser
26th Annual Spring Concert

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Going to Arizona for a few days; I'll be back next week. Have a Happy New Year!

Gillian Welch & David Rawlings: The Fresh Air Interview

NPR (mp3)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Going to miss Vienna Tang tomorrow at Freight and Salvage; apparently she grow up locally. She will also be performing there on Friday.


The Archdruid Report: Hope in a Cold Season

The Archdruid Report: Hope in a Cold Season: Last week’s post on the empty promise of December 21, 2012 and other apocalyptic fantasies fielded me a fair number of denunciations. That ...
I didn't know there was a Downton Abbey Christmas Special; I read this article: Downton 'is far too clean': Real servants were a grubby lot, says historian who brands hit show 'infuriating to watch'.

For 'Downton' Fans, A New Season And A New Book

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mark Richardson talks about the ordo caritatis and opposes it to the ideal of benevolence proclaimed by liberalism. I didn't know the old CE had a discussion of the ordo caritatis. Which theologians does it rely upon in its implicit claim of a conensus?

Jeffrey Tucker, In Defense of Bourgeois Civilization

I'm a bit surprised that John Zmirak praises this article, but maybe I shouldn't be.

Advances in technology that give comfort and improve health are welcome, but what is the cost? And what problems do the solutions solved that could have been solved by other means? Is the increase in lifespan due more to improved sanitation and other preventative measures, rather than the discovery of cures? Would sanitation have been a problem if we had lived according to better-conceived, sustainable patterns? Is "civilization" forced to find solutions to problems that it causes in order to maintain itself? It would seem so, but why should that deserve to be called "civilization," rather than a way of life that is more rational and restrained? So, I find his two charts very misleading. The second chart, about the increase in population - Mr. Tucker fails to consider the role cheap energy plays in all of this, as well as colonialism and imperialism and the union between "capitalism" and a strong central government, etc. etc.

Another book...

The Imaginative Conservative: A Useful, New Introduction to the Inherited Tradition of Political Ideas by Lee Cheek

William Spellman, A Short History of Western Political Thought (Palgrave)

Gerald Celente's predictions for 2012

Hooked on Growth

Growth Busters

One man's favorites

TACTICAL FOLDERS: My Top Five Choices...

Monday, December 26, 2011

Exploiting the weakness of men to control them?

A comment at Alt Right reminded me of E. Michael Jones's book, Libido Dominandi: Sexual Liberation and Political Control:

Mark Steyn pointed out that while all our other liberties are being taken from us, our elites still continue to allow and expand so-called sexual "freedoms". That is to say, what is commonly termed sexual liberation is truly political and social control. The heavily sexualized entertainment industry keeps the masses docile and distracted while the elites destroy what remains of our civilization. Or more simply put, the elites don't think you should be able to decide what foods you eat or whether you should smoke or not, but they think you should have every ability to fornicate with whoever or whatever you want.

I wasn't the only one to notice this, and the author of the comment responds that he has the book, though he hasn't read it yet.

Items of Interest, 26 December 2011

Thomas Fleming, America's Term-Limit Monarchy

Marion Montgomery passed away in November.

Blue Collar Intellectuals by Daniel J. Flynn
Taxing Our Way to Prosperity by Thomas Pauken

Another interview with John Michael Greer, primarily on the end of the world at Extraenvironmentalist (mp3).

Re: California - Vox Populi: Failling to Notice the Obvious
There have been a lot of migrations within the U.S., but this part of the state is the best representative of the lack of culture and community and the continued displacement of people that results when economic advantage is the priority? Michael Shedlock - Businesses Exit California and Illinois; Tax and Destroy Policies of Governors Quinn and Brown; Unemployment Rates By State. What would happen if the state were to become more friendly towards business with alternate forms of organization - workers co-ops, and the like?

Ginna interviews Woody Tasch – Founder of SlowMoney

Brian Kaller, Father Christmas, homesteader (EB)

Identity Crisis (EB)
I’m a sharecropper, organic gardener, and milker of goats, as well as a democrat, a republican, a liberal, a conservative, a radical, an idealist, a pragmatist, a teacher, a mentor, a scientist, a writer, a skeptic, a scholar, a cheese-maker, a son, a brother, a husband, a lover, and a human animal. I’m comfortable with my beliefs and personal philosophy. I’ve thought deeply about my tiny place in this enormous universe, and I’ve come to value humility over hubris. And still I’m having an identity crisis. A crisis of confidence. An ego-crushing moment. The longer the industrial economy lasts, the more my identify is pummeled, along with my hope for the living planet. Every day under the rule of Athena drives me further into despair. It’s as if my ego were a proxy for the planetary rate of extinction.

Considering the effort I’ve put into defining myself and my place in the universe, I can only imagine the difficulty ahead for the typical American drone. He values his imperial role and fails to recognize the empire for what it is. He gets his news from the television and affiliated media outlets and fails to recognize that form of propaganda for what it is. His sense of entitlement is exceeded only by his ignorance of the role nature plays in his survival. And yet, he’s ahead of me.

After all, unlike the American drone, I’m clueless about what to do. I’ve invested heavily in a reasonably sane set of living arrangements, only to have nature call me further down her path. I’m attempting to serve as a witness, and occasionally a warrior, as the living planet tries to survive the insults of industry. I’m trying to show another — hence, contrarian — way, for a world gone mad. And in return, I’m unappreciated as never before in memory (including even my final decade at the university as viewed through the lens of my dean and department head).

Christmas with No Presents? by Colin Beavan

Let's Unstuff the Holidays by Fran Korten

Zenit: Pope's Urbi et Orbi Address
"Only the God Who Is Love, and the Love Which Is God, Could Choose to Save Us in This Way"

Let us think today about all the Christians who give their life for their faith, says pope

China: As Wukan celebrates and Haimen fights, Guangdong becomes a land of protests

John Michael Greer on KunstlerCast

KunstlerCast #186: John Michael Greer (mp3)
Apocalypse Not, Green Wizardry and Techno-Narcissism

(Plus, The KunstlerCast Book Has Been Published.)

Ave Maria (The Barra MacNeils)

Can men and women be friends?

Yes, but usually not with the same form of friendship that men have with one another (or women with women). That sort of reciprocity rarely exists. Women expect men to take the initiative in the relationship - I know of only one, maybe two women who would call or e-mail first, either to chat or to arrange some sort of meeting. Are they acting against natural inclinations? Or do they have a more "masculine" mind, thinking in terms of justice and reciprocity? Women do not have a problem taking the initative to cultivate a friendship with other women, right? Apparently that male-female dynamic is just too strong for some women to think and behave beyond.
What sane man with any self-respect would want to get married to a SITC Princess, entitled, high expectations, possessing only the skills of a good consumer, and having a sense of morality based on feelings and parroting correct opinions?

Young Adult - Apple

Sympathy for the Mean Girl By Andy Nowicki
"Young Adult" and Female Narcissism

CL: Feminist Loathing of Older Men and Another Pedestalising Trad. Catholic (Dale Ahlquist)

Dalrock: Is frivolous divorce overstated in the manosphere?
Our Savior, O Jesus Christ (Agni Parthene Melody)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Grim Christmas by Srdja Trifkovic

Midnight Mass at St. Peter's Basilica

It seems to me that the singing at St. Peter's has improved. I haven't watched any liturgies at St. Peter's for quite some time, so I don't know if this has been in the works for some time (ever since a new director was appointed?).

Paul Craig Roberts, The Greatest Gift For All
PJB, War on Christmas 2011: Whose Country Is It, Anyway?

Felix Dies Nativitatis Domini Nostri Iesu Christi

O beatum et sacrosanctum diem - Peter Philips

Once in Royal David's City