Saturday, September 28, 2013

Friday, September 27, 2013

More About the Patlabor Live-Action Project

Twitch: Live Action PATLABOR News: It's A Series And Also A Movie!

Main cast members for upcoming 'Patlabor' live-action project revealed

Manipulating Viewers to Sympathize With a Villain?

Monkey See: Point Of View: How So Many Rooted For 'Breaking Bad's' Walter White by Michaeleen Doucleff

Takashi Hirose on Fukushima

Counterpunch: A Letter to All Young Athletes Who Dream of Coming to Tokyo in 2020 by Takashi Hirose
Some Facts You Should Know About Fukushima

Kevin Gutzman Reviews Mark Levin's Book

Do We Need a New Constitutional Convention?

Two Catholics on Pope Francis

What is Pope Francis Saying to the Right? by John Zmirak
I also understand the pope’s main point: you don’t lead people to Christ by starting with the code of Canon Law, or even the canons of natural law. The apostles on Pentecost did not rush into the marketplace to explain the indissolubility of sacramental marriage. They proclaimed the resurrection, and that is the key event which ought to motivate each of us.

That said, the news of the resurrection was not what converted the Roman world. First of all, the eyewitnesses were long-dead by Constantine’s day. And the notion of bodies rising from death was profoundly off-putting to Greeks and Romans who saw the spirit as higher and better than the flesh. What impressed the Romans was how the Christians lived, and their willingness to push back against the corruptions of a dying, death-dealing culture. Christians did not kill their unwanted infants—in fact, they went to the city gates and rescued the infants whom pagans had abandoned. Christians did not divorce, as Romans did; they were more likely to be chaste before marriage and faithful afterward—which led Roman aristocrats to seek out Christian wives. (Think of St. Augustine’s pagan father.) Christians might own slaves, but they did not think it acceptable to use them as sexual concubines or kill them for disobedience. In an increasingly totalitarian Roman state, Christians were even willing to say no to the emperor. These radical acts of resistance to the social and political culture, carried out at personal cost that sometimes included martyrdom, won over jaded residents of the crumbling empire. If anyone today is acting similarly, it is precisely those Catholics who fight the culture of death, who resist the expanding power of a secular government, who refuse the ethic of enlightened hedonism which crusades against cigarette smoking while permitting abortion. They are the pro-lifers, the home-schoolers, the large apostolic families, the members of traditional religious orders who embrace ascetic lives.

Scott Richert: Nothing New Under the Sun: Pope Francis, the Gospel, and Love and his comments on "that interview"; plus Getting Naked in the Public Square.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fr. David's class is great, but spending 2 hours in traffic for a trip that should take just an hour... it may wear me down yet.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Driving south on 280 near Lawrence Expressway I just noticed that a new building and parking structure/garage are being built. As I had been driving along that stretch of the freeway rather regularly for the past several months, I did not see them before; it was almost as if they had appeared overnight. A bit disconcerting how much escapes one's attention, though my eyes are rightly directed to the freeway and surrounding traffic, and not to what lie next to it?
Xiao Jimmy called me while I was at work and told me he wanted to tell me something. It was either good news or bad news...

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Soompi: Interview With “We Got Married Global Edition” Star Fujii Mina

Kendall or Calhoun?

The Constitution vs. Calhoun: Why Harry Jaffa Is Still Wrong About Willmoore Kendall by Daniel McCarthy

"Kendall was, in American constitutional terms, a “nationalist” rather than an advocate of states’ rights."
PaleoMag: AMA Redefines Obesity

John Médaille on Capitalism

An Imaginary Conservatism: Realists v. Romanticists
Even though James Spader is in The Black List, the commercial was not that impressive, and I couldn't take him seriously as a master criminal. (Spader was good in Boston Legal; probably deserved his awards for his acting in that show.) Criminal who wants to deal only with a young female FBI agent. Sound familiar? Overused trope yet?

The Duties of a Free Citizen by Kevin Gutzman

The third contribution to ISI’s symposium, Conservatism: What’s Wrong with It and How Can We Make It Right?

Peter Haworth comments.

Monday, September 23, 2013

"He was touching down here [feigning grabbing his balls] and humping, doing this." - One 4th grader telling about what another 4th grader did while my back was turned. Where do they learn this?

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Celebrity Deathmatch: Bryan Cranston or Gary Oldman?

Remember the MTV animated shorts? (I was thinking of Gary Oldman's various roles as villains, especially after I saw parts of Lawless again.)

I didn't know Bryan Cranston played the dad in Malcolm in the Middle, until someone mentioned it in FB, in connection with the final episodes of Breaking Bad.

Access Hollywood
CBS News

Must have picked up a cold from one of the small virus carriers.

The latest Foyle's War series has the new, shiney "period look" that you also see in the new Upstairs, Downstairs and The Midwife. I don't think it's solely the effect of HDTV.