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Obama keeps focus on fight for women's equality

I was going to use another epithet.

White House: Weekly Address: Women’s History Month & Fair Pay

Peter Hitchens no longer as libertarian as he once was

From: I was wrong on cigarettes but believe me, I’m right on cannabis

I used to fall for the old arguments about smoking and freedom – that people were entitled to do this stupid thing if they wanted to. I may even have used the expression ‘nanny state’, though I try very hard to avoid it now. Sometimes even grown-ups need a bit of nannying.

I even campaigned, in an office I worked in, against a planned smoking ban, though I have never smoked myself. I was quite wrong. It is perfectly sensible and justifiable to use the law to try to stop people from harming themselves, unless there are very good reasons for the risk. Because when you harm yourself, you harm plenty of other people too.

Rome Reports: Film "Of Gods and Men" makes a splash in religious circles

From October of last year --

Roger Ebert's review

The Abuse of Language

Msgr. DDr. Ignacio Barreiro

5th World-Prayer-Congress for Life in Rome, 5th - 10th of Oct. 2010
NYT: In New Food Culture, a Young Generation of Farmers Emerges

If you're still thinking of a graduate education in the humanities...

Graduate School in the Humanities: Just Don't Go By Thomas H. Benton
The New Paradigm on the Defense Budget

The real crisis is what has been happening to our forces. With a $300 billion increase in funding, the Navy's "battleforce" shrank from 318 ships in 2000 to 287 in 2010. With more than $300 billion added to its budget, the Air Force shrank from 146 combat squadrons to 72. The Army burned another $300 billion to increase brigade combat team equivalents from 44 to just 46. According to data from the Congressional Budget Office, this includes not a smaller, newer equipment inventory, but an older one.

Worse, the Pentagon can't track its own inventory, financial transactions, or even what it has paid out to contractors and received in return. Despite the accountability clause of the Constitution, the General Accounting Act of 1921, and the Chief Financial Officers Act of 1990, the Pentagon has maintained itself in a state where it cannot be audited.

Also from the weekend edition of Counterpunch:
Word Games and Atrocities By DAVE LINDORFF
US Media Hides American War Crimes Behind NATO

Toss the COIN

Josquin des Prés, "Mille Regretz"

2 other videos...

This may not be officially endorsed

by the Union Army, but it was posted by the U.S. Army Comprehensive Soldier Fitness Program Facebook page: Heighten mind-body connection with meditation.

Stupidity isn't new to the Union Army, but this sort of New Age/multiculturalism crap is? This may be only a quasi-official endorsement, but since the CSF program is supposed to help develop "spiritual" strength, I see it as a tool for those who seek to disciplace Christianity in the United States. Think the institution is friendly to "conservative" America? It may soon be time to re-evaluate this assumption. (The institution, not those serving in the military, though once homosexuals are admitted, I suspect that the popular culture of the Army will also be affected.)

Meanwhile, Ranger School seeks to fortify NCO numbers.

TAD does have clothing for women...

Artemis Hoodie

Russell Hittinger reviews Pierre Manent's A World Beyond Politics

Dissecting a Democratic Illusion
Russell Hittinger (from IR 41:2, Fall 2006) - 03/11/11

A World Beyond Politics? A Defense of the Nation-State by Pierre
Manent. Trans. Marc LePain. Princeton University Press, 2006.

A World beyond Politics? A Defense of the Nation-State
(Also from PUP: An Intellectual History of Liberalism)

Dr. Sophia Aguirre to give a lecture at Christendom on March 30 at 8 p.m.

Acclaimed Economist Dr. Sophia Aguirre to Deliver Lecture to Students

Her faculty page. Bio. Another.

Something she wrote: China’s demographic doom

Videos at ISI.

William Oddie references Stephen Hough's essay

William Oddie: ‘The Anglican Catholic patrimony which the ordinariate will bring has been enriching us for years’

(I posted a link to Stephen Hough's essay here.)

Jeffrey Polet on BYU's suspension of Brandon Davies

Jeffrey Polet, Who You Have Sex With is My Business

S.W.A.T. Magazine TV Season 3 Teaser

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Natural World, 2008-2009, A Farm for the Future


The Oil Drum
eats shoots 'n leaves

An update on the filmmakers:
Permaculture Farming – For The Future

More on permaculture--
PERMACULTURE TRIO: Forest Gardening, Edible Landscaping, Urban Permaculture.

And finally--
Some recent stuff on the Dervaes family:
Dervaes Gardebs

Urban Homesteading by Joanne Poyourow (EB)
How the Dervaes Family stole my victory garden
The Dervaes Family: Pioneering the Urban Farm
Could You Grow Food Like this Family?

They're not free from controversy, either: OC Weekly: "Dervaes family sends out ridiculous press release claiming they're not trying to shut up urban homesteaders

Beyond the Global Culture War

"Bonald" refers to this book by Adam K. Webb in his post, "What Is Our Plan?" (And I got the link to his post from the comments to this post at Oz Conservative.)

Adam K. Webb
Earlier this week I was in one of the other classrooms (2nd grade), and there was a student teacher. She reminded me of Kristin Kreuk, as she looked mixed -- Asian/White. Don't ask me to say her name; I don't know if I can, if I even remembered it correctly. She was wearing a polo shirt(?) and a sweater, covered with a North Face fleece. Her jeans were a bit frayed, because they were too long. Tennies. She was rather slender, as well. I sometimes think that teachers have a greater propensity than members of other professions to become Uhmerican (i.e. obese).

Anyway, I was there nominally as the "supervisor" since she was the one doing the teaching, while the teacher was at a meeting. I can't say her class was more difficult than the other classes at that school, but being an observer is much different than being the one who must handle the discipline. I wonder what her thoughts on teaching in a public school were after that hour and half.

I have a post to finish on classroom management/discipline...
Whiskey's Place: Hispanics Surge in California: Whites Flee

Michael Sandel's Liberalism

From Oz Conservative: Hank Pellissier criticises male-identified males

In the preface, Sandel defines the liberal conception of the person this way:

According to this conception, my dignity consists not in any social roles I inhabit but instead in my capacity to choose my roles and identities for myself. (xiv)

Do all academic liberals believe this, and are they this blunt? Amazing -- no obfuscation here, and Sandel deserves to be labelled an enemy of the true and good.

Justice With Michael Sandel
faculty page


Michael Sandel on Markets and Morals

Michael Sandel’s Reith Lectures.
Chautauqua Institution

Dr. Helen talks to Kay Hymnowitz about Manning Up

PJTV: Ask Dr. Helen: Has the Rise of Women Turned Men Into Boys or Boys into Men?

the video

A reflection on the UN report on organic farming

I thought I had posted a link to the report, but I didn't--it must be saved in a document somewhere. Here is the report. The Civil Eats post.

We could feed the world with low-input agriculture. But will we? (original)
by Sharon Astyk
The Bluegrass Blog: Chinese Bluegrass Orchestration (See also Gene Watson and Rhonda Vincent.)

Michael Bomford, Beyond Food Miles

The Oil Drum: Beyond Food Miles by Michael Bomford

A locavore is “a person who endeavors to eat only locally produced food.” What better diet could there be for an energy constrained world? After all, feeding Americans accounts for about 15% of US energy use, and the average food item travels more than 5,000 miles from farm to fork. It seems obvious that eating locally will go a long way to reducing food system energy use.

Yet cracking the case of America’s energy-intensive food system demands that we look beyond the obvious. A local diet can reduce energy use somewhat, but there are even more effective ways to tackle the problem. Single-minded pursuit of local food, without consideration of the bigger picture, can actually make things worse from an energy perspective.

Robert D. Steele on the CIA

His review of Dark Alliance.

Seven Stories Press
Dark Alliance
Columbia Journalism Review article

Perhaps Michael Ruppert has something to say about the book. He did. He is not without some controversy viz-a-viz Gary Webb.

Another video for Sarge

March SWCS Factor-Special Forces Underwater Operations Combat Diver Qualification Course
NPR: Carolina Chocolate Drops: Folk Meets The Beatbox

The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards perform at Edinburgh Castle

Highland Cathedral

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Sara Evans: 'Real Fine Place to Start'


Yahoo: Wish comes true for cancer-stricken 10-year-old inducted into Army

Little Soldier receives big wish

It was a "nice" gesture, but at the same time it does make Americans look like they are plagued by excessive sentimentalism that exaggerates the evil of death and lacks a foundation in true religion. Could the money given and used by organizations like Make a Wish Foundation and Dreams Come True be better spent?

Flying Death Trap?

U.S. Army soldiers with Alpha Company, 4th Battalion, 10th Special Forces Group fast-rope from a CV-22 Osprey tiltrotor aircraft during exercise Emerald Warrior 2011 at Cannon Air Force Base, N.M., on March 1, 2011. Emerald Warrior is an annual two-week joint/combined tactical exercise sponsored by U.S. Special Operations Command designed to leverage lessons learned from operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom to provide trained and ready forces to combatant commanders. DoD photo by Tech. Sgt. DeNoris Mickle, U.S. Air Force. (Released) flickr

I am referring to the poor record of the Osprey, despite the government and MSM's assurances that things are different now.
The Making of Vibram FiveFingers 'You are the Technology' Microsite

VIBRAM SpA: vibramfivefingers
company website

Taking a cue from Weston Price?

The western diet and lifestyle and diseases of civilization
Authors: Pedro Carrera-Bastos, Maelan Fontes-Villalba, James H O’Keefe, et al
Someone uploaded this video onto Youtube: My 12 Fastest Kershaw Knives

I'm thinking of purchasing a cheap Kershaw.

The First Ciceronian Society Conference

University of Virginia, March 17-20th - information

As I looked at the schedule, this caught my eye:
4:00-5:30- Symposium (Roundtable): Economics and Human Nature- John Mueller, David Mitch, Glenn Moots, John Medaille, and William Luckey.

Another debate between a distributist and a member of the Austrian school?
Gear Scout: Watch the 300 Blackout SBR full-auto rock with no roll

Untitled from Jason AAC on Vimeo.

The Ordinariate Portal: Stephen Hough: The daunting journey from faith to faith

iirc, Mr. Hough disagreed with the Church on certain matters... I'll have to recheck.
The Greatest Rip-Off by Paul Craig Roberts
Stealing From Social Security to Pay for Wars and Bailouts

To put it bluntly, the $3 trillion cost of the Iraq war, as computed by Joseph Stiglitz and Linda Bilmes, is 20% of the size of the U.S. economy in 2010. In other words, the Iraq war alone cost Americans one-fifth of the year's gross domestic product. Instead of investing the resources, which would have produced income and jobs growth and solvency for state and local governments, the US government wasted the equivalent of 20% of the production of the economy in 2010 in blowing up infrastructure and people in foreign lands. The US government spent a huge sum of money committing war crimes, while millions of Americans were thrown out of their jobs and foreclosed out of their homes.

Obama does something right.

Too bad he doesn't ask Wendell Berry to be one of his advisors, though.

Wendell Berry receives humanities medal from Obama

WASHINGTON, DC - MARCH 02: U.S. President Barack Obama presents the 2010 National Humanities Medal to author Wendell E. Berry during a ceremony in the East Room of the White House, on March 2, 2011 in Washington, DC. President Obama presented the 2010 National Medal of Arts and National Humanities Medal to 20 honorees. (Getty/Daylife)
NPR: Trading Wall Street For Life In A Monastery

Sadly, you'll also find things like this at NPR: 'Unprotected Texts': The Bible On Sex And Marriage

"Pastor Jennifer Wright Knust says the Bible often contradicts itself on topics relating to sex and desire."

A woman pastor. "It figures." (Yes, men are dismantling Christianity as well, because St. Paul was limited by his times.)

We Fight for Feminism, cont.

Afghan women celebrate women’s rights
America's breadbasket aquifer running dry; massive agriculture collapse inevitable
Zenit: Holy See Statement on Sustainable Development
"The Economy Needs Objective Moral Formation in Order to Function Correctly"

The representatives of the Church are correct to emphasize that development must be in accord with morality (in particular, with solidarity and social justice).  Hence the statement sets forth the following:

Steven Greydanus reviews Of Gods and Men

Decent Films

Two more from Jimmy Moore

The LLVLC Show (Episode 454): Dr. Michael Fox Says Eating Low-Carb Improves Fertility, PCOS (mp3)

20-Year Low-Carb Dieter Finds Zero Plaque Buildup In Her Arteries

Looks good on paper, but who will watch?

Benedict's Sunday on TV. With His Homilies Painted and Sung
Art and music will accompany the pope's words, which will act as a guide to the Sunday Mass. The new broadcast will air in Italy every Saturday on TV 2000. But it will be available all over the world on the web

Those afflicted with ADD may not be able to get much from such programming. I myself find it easier to read the text of his homilies than to listen to them live or recorded.

Online Broadcast of Sierra Hull Performing, Tonight at 5 PM PST

Bluegrass Blog: Sierra Hull and Kathy Mattea live stream online

I had to look up Kathy Mattea.
Earth's limits: Why growth won't return - food
Richard Heinberg, Post Carbon Institute
In addition to water, people need food for their very existence. Thus food is also essential to economic growth.

Kelley Vlahos, How’s that population-centric COIN going?


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Grist Profile of James Howard Kunstler

James Howard Kunstler: The old American dream is a nightmare

Dr. Fleming responds to Robert Spencer

Spencer for Hire

I used to read Jihad Watch from time to time, but haven't done so recently. I first read about this controversy at VFR, but Dr. Fleming has now taken up the defense of his colleague Srdja Trifkovic.


Karen De Coster, The Movie “Fathead” – Anti-Establishment, Anti-Lifestyle Fascism, and Very Libertarian

official website

I suppose if one were to try to remain paleo, while observing the norms for abstinence and fasting for the Roman rite, one could just eat a lot of eggs? Any possibility of these norms being changed some day, if some version of the paleo diet is accepted as being what is good for one's health? Or are we to think in terms of a diet based on "modern" agriculture until the Last Day? Carbs and sugars may provide cheap energy, but it would appear they are not healthy in a large amount, and one should not resort to consuming them when fasting or abstaining. The observance of such norms should not harm one's health (hence some are exempted from following them -- those who do a lot of heavy labor, and so on).

Items of Interest, 9 March, 2010

Ryan Grant, The Growth and Decline of the Roman Economy

Permaculture: Changing The World From Your Neighbourhood

The Triple Aught Design store in San Francisco. I'm going to visit it one day.

7 Foods So Unsafe Farmers Won’t Eat Them

Man vs. Wild: Top 20 Gross Eats

The Baers' Love Story: A Covert Affair: When CIA Agents Fall In Love

Fabius Maximus, Why the middle class is dying

How many in the audience will remember all of them?

Tokyo Hive: 151 former students to return for “Kinpachi Sensei” finale

How many devoted Kinpachi Sensei fans are there in Japan?

Institute of St. Phillip Neri, Berlin

some videos of the Ash Wednesday liturgy from last year

the group's website

A review of Denis R. McNamara’s How to Read Churches: A Crash Course in Ecclesiastical Architecture

Church Going: How to Read Churches

the book

Third-wave? Fourth-wave?

TED: Courtney Martin: Reinventing feminism

A post-industrial feminism

International Women's Day - sex and cheap energy
Sharon Astyk, Casaubon's Book
At the same time that we speak about the public accomplishments of women in Science, Art, Education, Politics, Social Justice, Law and more, we need to speak of something else - the degree to which the accomplishments and shifting roles of women over the last century and more have tracked and been transformed by not only our own intention and activism, but by cheap energy.

Some Recent Posts from American Empire Project

Cow Most Sacred
Why Military Spending Remains Untouchable
By Andrew J. Bacevich

Cutting $100 Billion?... Easy
If Only Washington Had a Brain
By Tom Engelhardt

All-American Decline in a New World
Wars, Vampires, Burned Children, and Indelicate Imbalances
By Tom Engelhardt

The Collapse of the Old Oil Order
How the Petroleum Age Will End
By Michael T. Klare
Hitching farm implements to an older tractor
Gene Logsdon,

As all of you know who have spent the better part of your working life hitching and unhitching stuff, when you are alone you must bring the tractor to a dead stop at the exact right place, get off, and because you never are in the exact right place, pull the implement forward or the tractor backward the inch or so necessary with brute, hernia-causing strength. No tractor yet made, even on perfectly level ground, will stay put exactly where you stop it for hitching.

Jean Laherrère, Why cheap energy is a bad thing

Why cheap energy is a bad thing by Jean Laherrère (EB)

The Story of Citizens United

Via Yes!: The Story of Citizens United
Annie Leonard’s new film asks: Why have corporations gotten so powerful? And what can we do about it?

The Story of Citizens United

Beginning of Lent

Warren Farrell

His website.
Why Men Are the Way They Are
Why Men Earn More

(Part 1 of 19)

The Myth of Male Power: An Interview with Warren Farrell

A Man Overboard: August interview with Warren Farrell

Rise of the Zeta Male interview


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Randy Travis, I Told You So

I may actually prefer his version over Carrie Underwood's...

Great Houses Make Not Men Holy: Mendicant Architecture in Medieval Oxford

by Jim Knowles

Great Houses Make Not Men Holy: Mendicant Architecture in Medieval Oxford from Jim Knowles on Vimeo.

(via Br. LL)

A failure of male leadership.

Even if leadership when used solely with reference to the self is being said analogically -- see In Mala Fide: The Fear of Manning Up.

This is what paleoconservatives and traditional conservatives tend to say in response to those who criticize the feminist-supporting legal and political systems. What can be done to change the current state of affairs?  While women have their own part to play (initiating reform in the behavior and choices of women), men need to take some control over their own lives. Some may feel the need to vent online and find sympathetic readers, but this may go too far and become a whinefest, as some have pointed out. If it is prolonged, it engenders a psychological and emotional paralysis, inhibiting a man from becoming an agent of change and improving his own life, even if it is limited to disassociating himself from the poisons in his life and seeking comfort in the few positive things that he can do for himself.

Only when a man has acquired self-mastery can he legitimately exercise authority over others. But there is also the matter of learning how to properly relate to women as a man, and not as a girlfriend.

Public Discourse has a short review by Matthew Schmitz of Premarital Sex in America: How Young Americans Meet, Mate, and Think about Marrying by sociologists Mark Regnerus and Jeremy Uecker: Premarital Sex in America.  Apparently the two sociologists recommend this solution: "If we are to “take back the night,” we may have to first recapture a compelling vision of masculinity that makes education and achievement attractive to a lost generation of young men." But what has made education and (academic) achievement lose their attractiveness in the first place? And is this a solution to men's problems, if the political economy, which dictates that it is necessary for those seeking upward social mobility to obtain degree from a college or university, is on its way out?  Those who point out that men are dropping out of college and learning some useful skill or trade instead are probably more correct in their facts. Many, including myself, sympathize with male frustration with mainstream academia and the American education system.

Sierra Hull, "Easy Come, Easy Go"

(via The Bluegrass Blog)

The role of the father in homeschooling

A comment left by tinlaw at a discussion on public education at Vox Populi:

Home education is about much, much more than academics. As a home educating mother for over 2 decades and wife of a man who was educated at home, I have seen legitimate problems with women directing the education of their own children. But those problems have more to do with children, particularly boys, spending so much time away from the presence of men, including their fathers than whether mothers are capable of teaching trig. It could be easy for those boys to become feminized, particularly if the mother is striving to achieve the "schooling" environment within in the home.

Parents who are aware of the danger can take steps to avoid the pitfalls. Fathers need to be home more. They need to establish a way of providing for their families that actually allows them to be with their families. Or, alternatively, to have their sons with them while they work. Women are to be managers of their homes, but the men are to rule. This includes the training and instructing of the children. Much of the day to day is directed by mom, but dad should be supervising, setting the goals and leading the way.

For those in the transition stage, who didn't plan to raise their families this way, it isn't going to be ideal. A man may have a job that takes him from the home all the time and the children are going to be with mom and she is going to be doing the educating. Those kids are still going to be better off than if they were institutionalized all day with a bunch of unrelated women. But at least those kids will be better prepared when it is their turn to raise their own families. We have to think long term. It may not be able to get it right in just one generation. That is no excuse to continue down the current path of destruction.

Items of Interest, 7 March 2010

Counterpunch: How the Swedes Set Up Julian Assange

The future is organic: But it's more than organic!
Dr. E. Ann Clark, University of Guelph (EB)
Organic will be the conventional agriculture of the future, not because of wishful thinking or because it is the right thing to do, or because of some universal truth revealed from on high.

How you can become a commoner by Julie Ristau (EB)

Robert Stacy McCain, ‘Where the Boys Are’

The Other McCain

Two by Mike Whitney

What's Driving the Surge in Auto Sales?
Wall Street Trash
Counterpunch: Blowback From the Arrest of the CIA's Raymond Davis

Leftists trying to dearm Switzerland

A Disrespectful Plea In Behalf Of Direct Democracy by George Handlery

Swiss Armed Forces - Schweizer Armee
Switzerland Military Police
The Militia System
The Swiss Report
Swiss Confederation Camouflage Patterns
Wiki: Miltiary of Switzerland and Gun Politics in Switzerland
The Swiss Militia
Swiss Shift Opinion to Abolish Militia

Guns, Crime, and the Swiss by Stephen Halbrook

The Transformation of Switzerland's Militia Armed Forces and the Role of the Citizen in Uniform

More rumblings...

Kit Up: BREAKING NEWS: Commission Recommends Women in Combat

The new Superman movie

I don't have much interest in the new Superman movie by Zack Snyder, even though casting continues (the new Superman - Henry Cavill). The Superman as savior of mankind conceit is rather disturbing, as it lends it self to some sort of pelagianism or naturalistic religion. The messianic theme was obvious in Superman Returns, but this can probably be traced to the original mythos as one of the creators of the comic book, Jerry Siegel, was Jewish. It is also prominent in Smallville. Jor-El tells Kal-El that it is his mission to lead mankind, and to inspire men to live up to their potential to be good. Other comic books may have this problem as well, but it isn't as prominent, especially when the weaknesses of the heroes are apparent to the reader. From what I know, Marvel superheroes are not as likely to put themselves forth as moral leaders for the rest of the world, as opposed to being content with being vigilantes. Professor Xavier might be an exception.

As a superhero, Superman might even be boring to modern audiences--he's mostly invulnerable, and there isn't much going on in his psyche (beyond figuring out his place on Earth, perhaps). There isn't much of a moral struggle, either -- he simply embodies good. However, creating some sort of existential angst for Superman may also backfire, as evident in the complaints of some who saw Superman Returns. Who wants to watch an emo Superman?

Perhaps the comic books still have some limited value for boys (teenagers? adult males?). Boys may identify virtus solely with strength, the accomplishing of great deeds, especially against great forces of evil. Such sories may have an appeal to men as well, but they recognize that there is more to the virtuous life than courage and physical strength. Meanwhile, Lois Lane has become more and more of a modern Uhmerican feminist heroine (from Margot Kidder in the 80s movies to Terri Hatcher in Lois and Clark to Erica Durance in Smallville, who can finally kick ass like Buffy the Vampire Slayer -- in comparison to these tree Kate Bosworth in Superman Returns was rather passive).

I doubt the comic book version has the same problem as the live-action versions, being alpha "at work" but a supplicating beta in his relationship with Lois (the problem of Coach Eric Taylor on Friday Night Lights). Even Superman might have difficulties holding his marriage to Lois together, if Lois were just another modern Uhmerican woman. Which makes one wonder--how many women were ultimately repelled by the Brandon Routh version of Superman, despite his good looks?

Casting news for the new Superman movie from last week--
Diane Lane Is Superman's Mom
AICN: Superman has a total MILF!!!

Was the casting choice influenced by the hip, younth-oriented Smallville? Kevin Costner will play Pa Kent.

Reactions to SCOTUS on the Westboro Baptist Church Decision

Free Speech or Federal Tyranny? by Thomas Fleming

The Limits of Free Speech: Whatever Happened to Common Sense? by William Murchison
Russell Arben Fox, Alito Gets it Right about Free Speech
MOJ: Military Funerals and the Failure of Chief Justice Roberts and The Good and Evil of Speech
Volokh Conspiracy
Scotus Blog

Snyder v. Phelps

Walking a fine line...

Zenit: Holy See Address to UN Meeting on Women
"Education Is a Key to the Authentic Advancement of Women in the World"

For some time now in this Commission, emphasis has been given to the promotion of women’s equal access to full employment and decent work. In this regard, the whole labor process must be organized and adapted to respect the requirements of the person and his or her forms of life, above all life in the home, taking into account the individual’s age and sex.

In many societies today women work in nearly every sector of life. However, they should be able to fulfill their tasks in accordance with their own authentic nature, without being discriminated against and without being excluded from jobs for which they are capable, with full respect for their family aspirations and for their specific role in contributing, together with men, to the common good of society.

The true advancement of women requires that labor should be structured in such a way that women do not have to pay for their advancement by abandoning what is specific to them and at the expense of the family, in which women and mothers have an irreplaceable role. As foundational instruments of the United Nations Organization rightly point out, the family, founded on the marriage between a man and woman, is the natural and fundamental group unit of society and is entitled to protection by society and the State (cf., Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Art. 16,3; International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Art. 23,1). For this reason, women who choose marriage must be supported, as should their husbands and their children. Civil legislation regarding marriage ought to protect the family which is necessary for the preservation and increase of the human community.

On the one hand the statement recognizes the vital role of the mother. And yet it seems to demand that working mothers not be hindered from advancing (even if they need to take time off?) while in competition with those who do not have the same role (fathers? and single people).

Again, it is one thing to admit that many women have to work because of the lack of economic freedom in many societies. But does the statement seem to endorse the notion that women "can have it all"?

Peter Hitchens, Britain not Christian any more - Official

His blog.

Sean Gabb, How Long Before Christians Are Actively Persecuted in England?

The casting of the new Conan was controversial, too

Because, according to the fans, the character of Conan was white in appearance. A debate about the casting.

Empire’s April 2011 issue – including the debut of Khalar Zym! (Update)

Something from last year.

World of Fantasy: Conan the Barbarian and his lily-white women
Today in entertainment headlines: Thor director likes his Norse gods like he likes his coffee

Gary Taubes on Dr. Oz

The TV show is aired locally on KICU 36 at 8 P.M. weeknights.

Gary Taubes has a blog post about his appearance: The Dose of Intervention and the Land of Dr. Oz.

From a comment to Mr. Taubes's blog entry:
The Man Who Thinks Everything Dr. Oz Says is Wrong, Pt 1. (Parts 2 and 3)

Are You Free? by Mark T. Mitchell


However, it has been pointed out that with the expansion of individual freedom has come the expansion of the centralized state. Are the two dynamics related? Robert Nisbet, for one, argues that the emancipation of the individual from the complex web of social groups that constituted pre-modern Europe, ironically, has served to undermine the diffuse powers that held the state in check. Thus, with the rise of the atomized–though liberated–individual came the centralized, bureaucratic state to fill the void once occupied by secondary associations and complex social structures. The very dynamic that emancipated individuals fostered the rise of centralized state power. While few would advocate a return to some of the social and political forms of medieval Europe, we do well to wonder if it is possible to build strong social structures that could defend the dignity of every individual while at the same time provide make-weights against the centralized state.

The Ebony Hillbillies

website (from the CCD interview) and Myspace

Get Low

I had decided not to watch Get Low after reading some of the reviews, but Steven Greydanus may make me change my mind.

Robert Duvall on "Get Low," Bill Murray and Marlon Brando.

Dr Allan Wicks

Sunday, March 06, 2011

How much paleo diet advocacy?

I was reading Katherine Dalton's Eating for Another Fifty (Centuries); I had been a supporter of the work of The Land Institute in the past, but now that I've rejected grains...

Some people may be able to stay healthy with a diet that includes grains, but should grains be kept as a staple simply because they are a cheaper source (especially with regards to resource inputs) of energy? (Is this really true?)  It seems to me that permaculture can be used to produce the food for a paleo diet, but how much land would be necessary to support one family?

Urban Permaculture Guild
Chant Cafe: Immutemur Habitu, José Maurício Nunes García (1767 - 1830)

Alison Krauss & Union Station: Brand New Album Coming April 12, 2011

Grist: The last days of the low-fat diet fad

Grist: The last days of the low-fat diet fad

Tomorrow's News

official website

Tomorrow's News "Good Things" 2009 IBMA

Tomorrow's News Performs Oh Atlanta


"I have to love me first."

The Social Pathologist: Hymonwitz's snowflakes.
The Badger Hut: Obligation Masculinity: Kay Hymowitz and Her Clueless Brethren
Oz Conservative: Can a marriage be all about the woman?

Dr. Robert Epstein, The Case Against Adolescence: Rediscovering the Adult in Every Teen and other books (Quill Driver Books, Google Books)
The Myths of the Teen Mind

Robert T. Miller takes on Alasdair MacIntyre

First Things: Waiting for St. Vladimir
An admirer of Alasdair MacIntyre’s moral philosophy rejects his political economy
by Robert T. Miller

Mr. Miller's treatment of MacIntyre and capitalism merits a response, but there are so many things that need to be countered and clarified that I do not think I have time. First Things has not changed its basic economic beliefs, even though it may have a new editor?
MacIntyre on money

Another laugh for the HBD crowd and SPBDL

The movie Source Code. According to this review, Jeffrey Wright plays the scientist in charge of the top secret project that enables Jake Gyllenhaal to go back in time by inhabiting another person's body. (Almost like Quantum Leap?)


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A Surprising Piece from Russell Shaw?

From what I have read by him on Opus Dei and the laity, is one correct in judging that this may reflect a change in his thinking: Recovering a Catholic Subculture? Probably not. The Catholic ghetto, the loss of which he laments, is not the actual physical neighborhood, but the various institutions and associations that had a strong Catholic identity, schools and universisties, mass media and publishing companies, and movements (Opus Dei) and organizations:

In recent years the pendulum has started swinging the other way. Signs of a revived Catholic subculture can be seen in such things as new, proudly orthodox colleges and universities, media ventures like EWTN and Catholic radio, a growing number of websites and a handful of publishing houses, and organizations and movements that work to promote a dynamic Catholic spirituality -- especially an authentic spirituality for the laity. These coexist side by side with individual parishes, even whole dioceses, that have gotten the message and taken it to heart.

(via First Things--see the comments there)

Mr. Storck on Money

The Errors of the Economists: What is Money?

Nikki Young

Paleo Diet Cookbooks

From November of Last Year: Next-Generation Paleo Diet Signals Change to Kitchens World-Wide

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Islam: What the West Needs to Know - FULL LENGTH ENGLISH VERSION

Google Video

NPR Review of Of Gods and Men

'Of Gods And Men': Faith Tested, Faith Proved
by Mark Jenkins

'Of Gods And Men': A Moving Test Of Faith by David Edelstein

Claims about OD

In previous posts (such as this one) I've mentioned the claims made by supporters and members of Opus Dei regarding its spirituality and its novelty/originality. One example is this piece by Russell Shaw.

Life as an offgrid family - video

Part 1

and Part 2.

Shannon Hayes, My Antidote to Overwhelm

My Antidote to Overwhelm
Shannon Hayes: People ask me, “How do you do it all?” The answer is, I don’t … and there’s a good reason for that.

Joel Salatin interview in latest issue of Yes!

Yes!: Farmer Joel Salatin: Why Changing the Food System is Up to You

Miserere Mei, Deus (Psalm 51) a setting by David Hurd

David Hurd
GIA Music
General Theological Seminary