Saturday, May 17, 2014

Natalie Merchant Interview

English and American Dance Week

The Hornet's Nest


Seems like more propaganda for GWOT.

The Earl Brothers

Advice for Michael Fassbender

"Zombie" Apocalypse

Are there plans for dealing with global pandemics, the supervolcano exploding, and other huge catastrophes? Probably.

Peter Kreeft Commencement Speaker at Christendom College

Liberal Narcissism, a Consequence of the Hydrocarbon Age

How Fossil Fuels Subsidize Us by Robert Rapier (original)

It's easy for us to posture about how morally superior we are compared to those who came before us when we live comfortably thanks to cheap energy, facilitating our wallowing in self-gratification and "private" vices. When that all goes to hell, let's see how moral we are then.

Picture of the American Church(es)

Cantrix and cantor off to the side - in general I don't care for the big puffy look; on this cantor at least it's rather emasculating. (Maybe it's the white - if he were dressed in black I would probably think differently.)

Friday, May 16, 2014

Just Wait a Few Years

Certainly the American diet and food are blamed when those who immigrate to the US become fat. But what of those who remain in India? Are they really that healthy, as some vegans like to claim?

Except Immigration Without Requirements Destroys Community

Thomas Storck, The Catholic Failure to Change America

American Catholics have become good neo-Yankee liberals and support, even if unwillingly, the destruction of local cultures and communities. How can they be given the task of being the leaven of society when they do not understand the society or seek to become a part of it in the first place?

Modern CST

Rights talk.

Great Marian Procession

website (via Fr. Z)

Michael Pollan Interview

Representative of Their Values and Culture?

Thursday, May 15, 2014


People still watch Gray's Anatomy? 'Opiate for the masses' [of women] and a counter-argument in itself against the premises of feminism, no matter how PC and feminist-friendly the show.

USA Today

Rockford Files Theme

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

While I hate commuting, I will miss the age of cheap energy and the pleasure of driving (and listening to music in the car).

But Republicans Aren't Conservatives

No Place to Hide: A Conservative Critique of a Radical NSA

Emerald Warrior

H. R. Giger Passes

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Special Arvo Pärt in the US

All on the east coast, alas.

Fr. Illo

FOB Comedy

Are Asian-Americans that insecure about their identity that they have to clamor for their share of crap on network TV?

Remarks by Woody Tasch

Gott's Made This List

News about Anonymous 4

Noam Pikelny and Stuart Duncan on Tour

Pope Preaches CST, and Dog Bites Man

What is the purpose of Latin Catholic journalism, if not to contribute to ultramontanism?

U.S. Shepherds are Sheep

A representative of the USCCB, not the totality of the American bishops you say? Any protests about what is being said in their name? Any peep about the boys and men who have been killed?

Trivializing the Office

By participating in a hashtag campaign.

If the Dalai Lama, or any self-respecting world or spiritual leader or intellectual, did this, you'd lose some respect for him, wouldn't you? Is Pope Francis a global spokesman for Christianity or pastor? Or a trendy follower?

The bishop of Rome needs to hire a new PR person. Maybe it was a bad idea for Benedict XVI to start a twitter account. Or stop asking someone else to do his tweeting for him.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Disney + ABC = More Crap Coming to Your Television

Innovations in Ecclesiology or a Reactions to Ineffective Churches?

I suspect someone with a greater historical perspective and different ecclesiology (and a less Latin-centric worldview) would think differently.

Wish I could be in LA this weekend...

The Time for Action

A failure of Christians to answer the needs of the modern world is a failure to evangelize.

Gotham Trailer


The trailer debuted during the broadcast of 24 last week. Hopefully it won't have that CW vibe. (As for the 2-hour premiere of 24, it was good enough to get old fans excited but it did recycle some overused tropes from earlier seasons. And couldn't they have kept Chloe a secret until the last minute?)

Stile Antico at Wigmore Hall

Probably expires in less than a week...

Fr. Rutler's Latest

Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Energy Crisis... for Dummies?

The Heroes of Sewol

Should include 22-year-old Park Jee Young, who didn't abandon her station but was helping passengers when the ocean took her.

Paleo Restaurants in the US

One of the parishioners was inveighing against Michelle Obama and the pretty people and their pouty face selfie campaign, #Bringbackourgirls for ignoring the boys, men, elderly, babies who have been killed by the same thugs. She is an older lady - the immediate causes of her reaction? I am not sure but at least she wasn't going along with the nonsense. Alas, how many people in their 20s and 30s have that sort of wisdom? And this cheap, feel-good activism is spreading around the world, among the pretty people.