Saturday, July 11, 2020

First to Evangelize China

Who Will Be Promoted?

Paging Sir John Glubb

Still Pushing His Narrative

Jesuits in the Spotlight

William Murchison on Forrest McDonald's Biography of Alexander Hamilton

From 2015:

Bill Kauffman on Home

LSN Sensationalism or the Truth?

One feminist takes the news seriously:

Find Your Tribe.

One of the better essays to be published at The American Mind: Set Yourselves Free, Conservatives by Lane Scott

Friday, July 10, 2020

Okay Madam 오케이 마담

Uhm Jung-hwa is back, playing another ahjuma...


Ahmari Responds to Hauerwas

Catholic Herald

This is Islam

Clown World Sh*t

Preaching the Gospel of Liberalism

DB Hart's feminism may be more of a danger than his universalism. And of course one of the Fordham Orthodox has his name attached to this as well.

The Future of Post-Liberalism

The Other The Next Pope

Douglas Murray on the Mt. Rushmore Speech

Cardinal Zen on the World Over

Angelo Codevilla on the Scamocracy

American Mind

Thursday, July 09, 2020

George Weigel to Do an Interview



Don't Need Baptism and the Gift of the Holy Spirit

The quote is actually from Dreher's article, and it is counter to orthodox Christianity, even if Pope Francis is fine with that sort of loose language.

It Will Be a Respectable Webinar

Sacred Cow with Diana Rodgers - The Case For Why Meat Is Good For Us and The Environment

Yojimbo 2

Go Train

SOFREP is Converged

It will be justified in the name of journalism and getting eyeballs before the competition does, but still... there is no such thing as "neutral" journalism.


See also:

How Does One Quantify "Well-Being"?

Alan Fimister Responds to Plaza's Review of Integralism

Reality Journal

Yes, Why?

Viktor Orbán on Two Concepts of Europe

Two Concepts of Europe: Remarks at the “Europe Uncensored” Conference by Viktor Orbán

Jessica Chastain, Action Hero

Ava - a female assassin with a conscience (of course), who gave up an interracial romance for her job.

Wednesday, July 08, 2020

#38 Libertarian Crusaders with Joel Salatin

Waiting for the Barbarians

Depp aiming at a Supporting Actor Oscar with this?

St. Alban, Pray for Us

Boomer Fantasy Thinking Never Dies

The First Principles of Practical Reason

Public Discourse: On the First Principles of Moral Reasonby Paul R. DeHart

Joe Norman with Jack Murphy

Joining the Pile-On

Would it last half a season?

Phillipa Soo Is Representative of nuAmericans

yahoo! Life: Young girl’s reaction to actress in ‘Hamilton’ proves why Asian American representation matters by Justin Chan

Some Clothing Items

Pat Mac

Redux Books


Collision of Worlds


Weigel on His New Book The Next Pope

Ignatius Press, not to be confused with The Next Pope by Edward Pentin.

CWR Dispatch: The Next Pope and the Great Commission by George Weigel
The Next Pope begins with the premise that we are living in apostolic times – times that require every Catholic to be an evangelist – rather than Christendom times.

Of course Weigel affirms Latin theologoumena regarding the authority of the bishop of Rome; there will be no consideration of reducing the Roman Curia to a local body responsible for the affairs of the local Church, or a reconsideration of what the primacy of Rome entails or the current synodal structures of the local Church, which would be necessitated by a re-evaluation of the historical separation of the presbyterate of the episcopate.

Latin Universalist Humanism

CNA/CWR: Pope Francis calls on Christians to recognize the face of Christ in migrants

An erroneous conclusion from the erroneous premise that all are children of God, regardless of whether they have been regenerated in Christ through Baptism and the Gift of the Holy Spirit or not.

Sir John Glubb Getting Some Attention in AmConMag


Funny, the essay doesn't mention feminism as an aspect of decline.

James Burnham and the Asia-Pacific: 1941–1978

Kirk Center

Enlisting Maritain to Support Civic Nationalism

Public Discourse

Smith quotes Maritain's definition of nation but ignores its implications for identity and immigration:

The word Nation originates from the Latin nasci, that is, from the notion of birth, but the nation is not something biological, like the Race. It is something ethico-social: a human community based on the fact of birth and lineage, yet with all the moral connotations of those terms: birth to the life of reason and the activities of civilization, lineage in familial traditions, social and juridical formation, cultural heritage, common conceptions and manners, historical recollections, sufferings, claims, hopes, prejudices, and resentments.

Any (correct) interpretation of Maritain that would imply some sort of ethnonationalism (or "nationalism," if the meaning of nation had not been subverted by the state) would be too unpleasant for respectable conservatives like Smith to consider.

Son Yeh-Jin

Tuesday, July 07, 2020

CCP Propaganda

Another Female Astronaut Movie


Stubborn Latin Traditionalism


It is true that a concession for some use of the vernacular was sought by some missionaries (although we may note that a large number of bishops at Vatican II spoke up against vernacularization), and there is no particular reason to think that this concession is necessarily a bad idea. However, there is much in the Catholic liturgy that remains constant from day to day; that content should certainly remain in Latin (for further argumentation, see, e.g., here, here, and here).

West and George

A last hurrah for liberalism.

Bishop Barron at Work

The Problem With Lincoln by Thomas DiLorenzo


Article for Abbeville.

A Defense of Localized Economies


The Consequences of H-1B Practices

The GIVEN Institute

Joy encouraged viewers to think of themselves as gifts from God and to recognize the gifts they have been given. She said women have the ability to enter into what every heart yearns: a longing to be loved.

This is a potentially toxic belief I've seen Roman Catholic women push over and over again in their reflections on being Christian. While the emotional longing to be loved (or affirmed) is an important part of being human (generally more so in women than men), the desire to love at the rational level or alternatively, to love with all of one's being, is an even stronger and more important part of being human. This is how St. Augustine's point about the human heart should be properly understood, even though it has been misunderstood by at least one American Roman Catholic women writer. We all should remember what God has done for us and the love that we have received from Him, and to live the Divine Life which He has shared with us accordingly. It is not that great of a leap to go from the premise about the natural longing to be loved to a claim about women being naturally more spiritual than men--which the speakers do not claim, at least in the excerpts provided in the article, but other Roman Catholics have made that leap. Finally, nothing in the Given Institute mission explicitly repudiates feminism; if anything it advances a spurious form of "Catholic feminism" taking the cue of Pope John Paul II. Benedict XVI did not reject the Catholic feminism of JP2, and Francis has been in continuity with John Paul II in that regard.

Go Train

Irving Babbit

Monday, July 06, 2020




Latin progressives can try to change the patriarchate of Rome, but they have no power to affect the Church Universal.

The Education of John Adams

AmConMag: The Most Endearing Of The New Englanders Who Won Our Independence by Kevin R.C. Gutzman
Author R.B Bernstein details the life of John Adams, a serious intellectual, lawyer, and devout patriot.

OUP: The Education of John Adams by R. B. Bernstein

Infallibility Does Not Cover Blanket Judgment About Regimes

Charlie Daniels Has Passed

Eternal Memory.

Joseph Pearce Interviews Siobhan Nash-Marshall

EMJ Scrubbed


Paul Gottfried on the Conservative Outrage Against ConInc.

Ennio Morricone Has Passed

Eternal Memory.

One Year Later

Sunday, July 05, 2020


The author ignores or disregards the constitutional issues involved. But Latin Integralists may generally be nationalists with respect to the Constitution.

American Revolutions by Alan Taylor

WN Norton

Denise Ho: Becoming the Song Trailer

Silence from the Vatican

A HKer Speaks

The Crisis of Masculinity