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"Toss A Coin To Your Witcher" Female Cover by Rachel Hardy - The Witcher Series

Cappella Romana to Livestream Tchaikovsky's Divine Liturgy Tonight


Chastisement Talk

There is manifest injustice in the political (dis)order of European and American states, and there will be a reckoning.

Rorate Caeli: De Mattei: Is the Corona Virus a Divine Punishment? A Video Conference

Crisis Magazine: America, the Northern Kingdom by Casey Chalk

Two Important Points Made

OrthoChristian: Don’t Look for New Ideals. The Monastic Life Has Always Been an Example for the Laity by Hieromonk Thaddeus (Pestov)

 —Should we endure financial and family problems, or should we fight for a better life?

—It’s not for nothing that they say a place does not save a man, but a man is saved in that place where the Lord put him. If you have the strength and opportunity, why not fight, move, change jobs? We are strangers on this earth.

It’s another matter when you can’t change anything and you have to accept circumstances as a given. You mustn’t lose courage, but turn to God, live the spiritual life, and enjoy those blessings that you have at the moment.

Christ teaches us to love God and neighbor, to fulfill the commandments—no one has or will abolish this until the end of his earthly life. Everything else is temporary, but we must do what depends on us.

—What should a parish community look like?

—The most ideal community is a monastery: people united by the same aspiration, living by the same spirit. Monasteries have always been models for the laity too. You won’t find any new templates.

Will Christians fight or will they resign themselves to the revolution being an accomplished fact?

As for living the same spirit, even monasteries are dependent upon that unity of purpose to provide limits for behavior of its members. However, the unity of spirit for parishes requires unanimity regarding their place in the political sphere.

Which brings me to the following... Three Years Of ‘The Benedict Option’ by Rod Dreher - three years since its initial publication and Dreher hasn't learned much about what is required for community.

The Mystic Knights...

Search Out 서치 아웃

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The Latest from PDW

Some Military Levity

How Much Does That Really Weigh?

You Tell Me

You Don't Need English or Citizenship to be Counted

Mainlander version


Ed Calderon on the Adam Carolla Show

Truly Dumbing Austen Down

First Things: Emma Unframed by Veronica Clarke

“Human” moments, centered around the demands of the body, break up the film’s stylistic uniformity. “I’ve thought a lot about how much the body interfered with some of the most romantic moments of my life,” de Wilde has said. “I love the comedy of fighting your body.” Not too long after we are introduced to Mr. Knightley, we see him naked in his bedroom. In another scene, he throws his jacket to the ground, and then himself, in love-sick frustration. (Flynn does justice to Knightley’s despair.) Emma warms her bare backside by the fireplace as she is helped into her clothes. When Mr. Knightley proposes to Emma, she gets a nosebleed, as if something inside her has snapped. These scenes offer a refreshing reprieve from the constrictions of social etiquette.

FOCUS Features

Fab TV
Director Autumn de Wilde Interview - Emma
Brian Penny
The Low-Down
Bill Nighy and Autumn de Wilde - Emma Interview
‘They were quite hard work’ - Bill Nighy and Autumn de Wilde on the pressures of making Emma.
Onscreen Magazine
The Anglophile Channel
The Upcoming
EMMA Interview with director Autumn de Wilde - Jane Austen Movie - Book - Success - Set Memories
EMMA Interview - Bill Nighy loves to be a Vampire ! Underworld Mr. Woodhouse - Zombie - Jane Austen
Reader's Digest

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Eliminating Distinctions Between Adults' and Children's Clothing

I am ok with that, but is this taking it too far?

USN Nonsense

I wonder why there are all these short sailors...

Army nonsense too.

And the Opinion of the Professionals Is?


Reverse Honey Trap?

Sounds like she did it for the tingles.

The Battle of Haditha Dam

Patrick Stewart's Legacy

SJW. You can see it in this clip and in Picard. "I'm a representative of the evil patriarchy, strike me down as I deserve it."

This is pathetic, too: Jonathan Frakes on Riker's comeback, directing Picard, and Discovery's bright future

Still Egalitarian In Some of Her Assumptions

This was more fun...

Virginia Madsen

More at DuneInfo.

Still waiting for clips from the new movie.

Other Treasures of Westminster Cathedral


Nationalism is Not Catholicism

CWR/CNA: ‘Somebody is killed every day’: Bishop pleads for Christians to remember Ukraine

We should accept his opinion or narrative just because he is "Catholic" or in communion with the bishop of Rome? What business is it of ours, this dispute between cousins? If those in East Ukraine do not want to live under the state of Ukraine, why should we support efforts to forcibly keep them under Ukrainian sovereignty?

Don't Compromise: Don't Buy Nissan or Give Money to Disney

Breitbart: Video: Brie Larson Tells Women to ‘Refuse to Compromise’ in Woke Nissan Commercial

In Over His Head

Probably. "I'm not a theologian." Or a leader.

Crisis: Francis vs. the Deep Church by Michael Warren Davis

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Emulating the Latins

In trying to get warm bodies in their churches, while disregarding the social and political issues involved when ignoring identity politics and the order of charity?

GOARCH: Spanish Outreach Conference (via Byz, TX)

Is Anyone in Rome Paying Attention?

CNA/CWR: Chinese campaigns to control Christianity worsened in 2019, watchdog says
“Encouraging snitching is a common method applied by the Chinese Communist Party to reinforce its rule,” said ChinaAid. “Authorities used money incentives to motivate non-believers to report house churches’ so-called ‘illegal religious activities’…”

An Institution in Crisis

Daniel Vanier, and what comes next by JD Flynn (via Rod Dreher)

I know this is why God gives us the Church. I know that the Church, in her wisdom, and through the test of time, carefully discerns men and women of heroic virtue — saints worth imitating and venerating. But the Vatican’s saint-making department is an office full of sinners, some of them facing criminal investigations. Believing that God works through those guys to help people know who was really holy takes faith. I know it’s true, but in the days after the Vanier news, I found myself plagued by doubt.

Lego SR-71

Zombie Joe

Everywhere Except in a Tibet Restored to the Dalai Lama, Right?

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New VS Product

An Old Issue...

Are You in Love 사랑하고 있습니까

Playing Games

A comment at VD:

Read Erik Erikson's book, "The Games People Play" (it's light reading, you can read it in 2 hours, and it's one of the most understandable books regarding psychology and patterns of misconduct and self-destructive behavior that you'll ever read.)

Erikson's book documents a few dozen "games" such as:

* Alcoholic (generalizable to all substance abuse)

*Therapy (Mental health clinicians actively interfering with forward their clients becoming fully functional again, as this lowers the client count, and thus their government subsidies)

* Let's You & Him Fight (Softball versions include girl initiating the game by deliberately involving an ununaware guy to use him to provoke a jealousy response in her boyfriend -- see the lyrics Jay & The Americans' 1964 hit "Come a Little Bit Closer" by Tommy Boyce, Bobby Hart & Wes Ferrell . Fastpitch versions include: Divorce, and Hardball versions would be "Call the Police" or even "Hire a Hitman"

Like many social problems, Pederasty is a multi-player Eriksonian "game", with each play of the game involving one or more minors, and one or more abusers OR one child victim and one (still child) abuser, who has been in the victim role so many times that he/she thinks this is normal.

Just like an alcoholic can easily change roles to barman/provider for another alcoholic, many can switch from one role to another. Example, the spouse of an alcoholic can play the role of persecutor when the alcoholic comes home drunk at 3AM, or spent a whole paycheck on booze, yet when the alcoholic is being threatened or punished by an outside entity, will quickly switch to the protective/mother role.

One does not have to be willing participant in one of these games to eventually participate in any of multiple roles depending on the circumstances of the moment.

Russian Modernization Program

Sunday, March 08, 2020

The Prayer Was Not Infallible

nor were its suggestions morally obligatory, but still a scandal.

CWR Dispatch: Pope Francis’ “Prayer for Catholics in China”: Alignment or contradiction?

Any suggestion by the Vatican that China’s Catholics behave as “good citizens” is complicated and controversial, in part because being a “good citizen” in China also means subordination to the Chinese Communist Party.

See last post.

Hitman: Agent Jun 히트맨

A Song of Solidarity for HK: “疫境同行“

Gear Scout: Sig Sauer MG 6.8

Friday Night Plans, "Plastic Love"

The 1776 Project