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St. Eugene Byzantine Catholic Church

Byzantine Catholics in Panama

Émilie Tardivel-Schick, Christian Citizenship: A Paradox?

Magpul Enters the Knife Market


Colonel Blades



Marion Maréchal at the Oxford Union

Will there be a video of the event uploaded?

l'Acte 11

Oh no, a generalization or two.

A comment at isteve:

You have ideology and personal orientation–including quality of mind. There are plenty of not very feminine–bitchy, unpleasant–women on the left.

But in fact, most of the behavior of these women is stereotypically feminine:
— emotion driven
— prioritizing “nurturing”
— conforming to the narrative
— anti-rational

As Anonymous notes, a bunch of these “liberal” women are in the helping professions. Their nurturing instincts have been redirected from a positive one–having and raising their children–to a negative one, fixing the evils perpetrated by the white partiarchy.

They are just a bright underlining of two problems:
— the feminine virtues are not suited to the political sphere, but to the domestic one;
— when your culture/society is hijacked by a hostile other, you’re in deep shit, because your women rather than conforming to ideology and mores that helps conserve your nation, conform to an ideology and mores that help tear it down.

Emily Cheung

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If He Can't Do His Job, He Should Resign

Crisis: Disgraced Cardinal Must Not Address Catholic Conference BY AUSTIN RUSE
What message is being sent to victims of priest sex abuse that Cardinal Roger Mahony will be a featured speaker at the upcoming Los Angeles Archdiocesan Education Conference, the largest [...]

Instead of lecturing about immigration and trying to redefine American identity, Archbishop Jose H. Gomez needs to do his job and clean house, including replacing the staff for LA Religious Congress or cancelling it, if necessary. There is absolutely no doubt that Roger Mahony, who should be laicized and punished with other penalties, should not be allowed to speak at the congress.


These people have no honor.

Bishop of Covington Apologizes

And in the process makes himself look even worse. "Bullied"? Unbelievable.

Yes, the principal should resign. (Even if he does issue an apology letter, and I don't think he has.) The bishop should resign too, but bishops apparently don't have to live up to a code of honor.

LifeSite: BREAKING: Covington bishop apologizes to pro-life students: ‘we…allowed ourselves to be bullied’
Covington bishop apologizes to Covington Catholic students



FirstSpear Catalog

More from Arc'teryx

Mark Lilla: After Identity Liberalism

HK Not Bothering with the US

Walther Q5 Match Steel Frame


Blue Force Gear

LAV with Kyle Lamb

Another Vickers Mod

See also...

Justifying Their Existence

The feminists here repeat the claims that pornography leads to the "objectification" of women and the unequal treatment of women. Women in Japan are free to become spinsters -- porn is not the problem, industrialized mass life is, just as it is in other places where feminism is not a dominant ideology. Japanese women would be fine being objectified by the right man -- but the herbs are not those men. It is good that convenience stores are becoming more "family-friendly" -- it is in their economic interest probably to be so, and the herbs can get their porn elsewhere. But to interpret this as a victory for feminism or egalitarianism? Only ideologues do that, to justify the existence of their jobs.

CNA: Major Japanese convenience stores ban pornography

What could the adults have done?

CWR: An Analysis of a Debacle by Peter M.J. Stravinskas
Shame on the Diocese and the school for rushing to judgment, especially in this Pope Francis era of “Who am I to judge?”

Fr. Stravinskas criticizes the chaperones/teachers and suggest that they be removed from their jobs or future positions of trust.

But what could the chaperones have done?
1. Called the police on some minorities -- yeah the SJWs would have played up the optics on that as well.
2. Stand their ground and do nothing while waiting for the bus to arrive. Was choosing another exfil point an option? Maybe not, for large buses. Maybe no one had the authority to make such a decision; maybe there was no clearly designated leader. Maybe they didn't have proper communication with the bus driver.
3. Leaving/retreating to go where?

Could they have gone to the train station? It's probably a bit far for the HS students. I don't remember the layout of National Mall that well, but the number of spots at the mall for bus pick-up are probably limited. So what is to stop various people from following the students and continuing to harass them? (Some say that the group had already moved four times and were followed. What of the optics for such a retreat?) Option #1. Maybe Catholics will toughen up and keep that option in mind next time something like this happens. (And get a Catholic lawyer to help with legal advice.)

What was the risk of real danger? (As opposed to a public nuisance or annoyance.)

Were there any teachers there? The parents were probably unfamiliar with such situations. Who would have chosen differently knowing what they know now? Where is the guide on what to do? Were the chaperones given instructions on possible scenarios? (I am guessing no, as Catholics are rather new to dealing with SJWs.) Should these parents lose a position of trust because everyone involved, including the school administration, was unprepared?

I am betting that most, if not all, of the chaperones were women, too. Not likely to be good leaders in a stressful situation like that. (Sexist!) Maybe next year there should be more men involved, or maybe they should cancel their participation. (Though one would help the organizers of the march would have some countermeasures in place by then.)

It is a question of whether their prudence was sufficiently schooled for such situations, and I am betting that even school administrators might not have known what to do. Why "punish" them for inexperience?

As for the March for Life itself -- it is a copy of the avowedly peaceful political demonstration from the 60s, Civil Rights Era, Vietnam War protests, and so on - an appropriation of Gandhi. It is different from the mass demonstrations of the late 19th and early 20th ce, in which mob violence was a real possibility. Is such a public demonstration still necessary, given that it is politically ineffectual for ending abortion? (What is effective is getting a candidate like Donald Trump, or someone even better, elected to Federal and state offices, and not a pro-life demonstration but political rallies may be needed.)


How is his suggestion (gathering to quietly read something pro-life) not to degenerate into a form of performance art? Why do conservatives concede ground to those who uphold abortion by turning it into a merely intellectual argument? It's because they too have been indoctrinated with liberal presuppositions. If abortion is so serious, and a prayer service for the dead (in a church - I am not keen on the idea of public prayer demnonstrations) is insufficient for Mr. Waters, then perhaps those who oppose abortion may be justified in pursuing other responses to end it. But I bet Mr. Waters is opposed to those options as well.

Bishop John Stowe (D)

Breitbart: Kentucky Bishop Blasts School Boys Who Wore MAGA Hats to Pro-Life March


His letter.

Diocese of Lexington
Video of his installation and ordination

The NCReg Editors Don't Get It Either

They don't understand that the identity politics is primarily about conservative whites and secondarily about Catholicism -- they even talk about calling out actual racism when it happens, a necessarily concession to appear "woke." The American Latin Catholic mass media cannot be relied upon as leaders of any sort, not even opinion leaders, because they don't understand the culture war.

Covington Catholic: A Cautionary Tale for Our Times by The Editors
EDITORIAL: We must challenge false claims that seek to defame and slander young people and maliciously attach the pro-life movement to racism and intolerance.

Christians in the Cultural Crosshairs by Joan Frawley Desmond
NEWS ANALYSIS: Targets Include Kentucky High-School Boys, Karen Pence

Msgr. Cormac Burke: “Feminism v. Femininity

EPPC: Feminism v. Femininity: The Threat to Woman’s Identity

Don't We Already Have The Handmaid's Tale?

Some Podcasts with Sebastian Junger

Art of Manliness



The Art of Charm Podcast

Legends and Losers Podcast

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No Agenda Here

What? Sean Young in a movie again?

More from Latinpalooza 2019

More papal hand-holding...

More Ibero-American White Privilege

41% of US Latin Bishops Ignorant of Tradition

Who knew?

"A survey of bishops in the US released this week found that among respondents, 41 percent believe it theoretically possible to ordain women as deacons..."

CNA: Two-thirds of US bishops do not believe women should be ordained deacons

Mosby's Raid on Fairfax Courthouse

Latinpalooza 2019

Would be interested in seeing the demographic stats for attendance this year. 50+ years of liturgical experimentation and what does the patriarchate of Rome have to show for it? Maybe we will have to wait 100 years for someone to write a good history of what happened to the patriarchate up to and after the council, including the JPII years which are currently shielded from criticism.

Nagging Again

CNA: Don’t let fear keep you from welcoming the stranger, Pope says

Dr. Taylor Marshall on the Lincoln Memorial Incident

Does he get identity politics?

205: Covington High Boys: Assault on Catholic Pro-Life Young Men [Podcast]

I'm 17 minutes into the podcast, and they don't seem to get it.

Ah, 19 minutes they talk about the reaction being anti-white...

The equating of SJWs with KKK 2.0 is just wrong.

[They resume the discussion about anti-white identity politics for a bit at 58 minutes.]

Lord Acton, For the Defense

Crisis: Lord Acton, Confederate Sympathizer by JERRY D. SALYER

Bryan Singer

Bryan Singer's Accusers Speak Out

Vox Day: Lavendar Mafia Fail

Charlotte Allen on the Response to the Lincoln Memorial Incident

First Things: Covington Catholic and Our Inferiority Complex

Rod Dreher uses it as a springboard for this: Catholic Rebels: ‘We Don’t Care Now’

What options do apostolic Christians have with respect to weak but recalcitrant bishops who refuse to resign? When will bishops understand that their measure of political prudence, if they have any, is in no way better by virtue of his episcopal office than that of a lay Christian's?

Gottfried on a Book by Buckley

AmConMag: How Did Buckley’s Up from Liberalism Age? by PAUL GOTTFRIED
Not exactly like a fine wine, but for different reasons, says this conservative scholar.

A Biography of J.S. Mosby

Abbeville Institute: A Thousand Points of Truth By Paul Gottfried
A review of A Thousand Points of Truth: The History and Humanity of Col. John Singleton Mosby in Newsprint (ExLibris, 2016) by V.P. Hughes Valerie Protopapas (who writes under her maiden name V.P. Hughes) has… »

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If he's a neocon...

does he advocate that the US take a "hard line" towards Iran?

Would he consider "returning home" to the Chaldean/Assyrian Church?

From atheism and Marxism to Catholicism: The conversion of Sohrab Ahmari by Jim Graves

Identity Politics

Rod Dreher should admit that he prefers a liberal order, with an artificial basis for political organization, one that must ultimately be enforced by the threat of violence against those who would choose to separate because of identity.

Identity Politics, Whether We Want Them Or Not

The US Code

on militia

What Will the Results Into the Department Investigation Be?

Assuming that there is one -- how can this be prevented from happening again? Some will say that it could have happened to a male police officer as well, but that is not really the point. What sort of society is willing to use its young women in such a manner? A society that isn't really a society and doesn't care who serves them, and where the elites are willing to push an ideology destructive to women.

Davis CA police officer Natalie Corona shot, killed; suspect dead
Davis forms committee to honor slain Officer Natalie Corona
UC Davis Students Memorial Photo of Slain Office Natalie Corona Offends Black Lives Matter

Full memorial service

Natalie Corona's father speaks at his daughter's memorial service

Her instagram.

Latinpalooza 2019 Begins

CNA: World Youth Day kicks off with message: ‘Have the courage to be saints’

These Are Not Apologies for the Original Statements

CNA: The evolving response of the Church in Kentucky to the Covington Catholic incident

Be a Churl

Dalrock: White Knights vs. Churls


Fr. Rutler Keeps Up With the Lingo

I bet he does read a lot everyday.

Infamous Scribblers: Virtue Signalers on the Warpath by FR. GEORGE W. RUTLER

Hell on Earth

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Susan Boyle, "Wild Horses"

Maintaining Borders

Oz Conservative: The Bible, nations & migration

Too little, too late?

Or doing what one can to make the best of a situation?

It will probably not be well-equipped to deal with the Gender War.

Catholic SF: Star of the Sea School to become archdiocese’s first classical academy

News form the school

Yuri Bezmenov: Deception Was My Job (Complete)

Bishop Barron Misses the Existence of Identity Politics

with respect to the Lincoln Memorial incident involving the Covington HS students.

Will any Latin bishop be brave enough to admit that identity politics exists and is at work? It is much easier to blame everything on Satan. We're still waiting for the Covington HS administration and the bishops of Louisville and Covington to apologize for their public statements condemning the behavior of the students.

The Internet and Satan’s Game by Bishop Robert Barron
When you’re about to make a comment, ask yourself a very simple question.


Interview with Dominik Tarczyński

LifeSite: EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Polish lawmaker invites ‘wrongfully accused’ Covington students to Parliament

How is the Catholic Church of England?

Westminster’s Cdl. Nichols celebrates pro-LGBT Mass…again

The President Weighs In

Gransfors Bruks Scandinavian Forest Axe

Recommended by Mountain Guerrilla.

website and FB page for the company

another review

A negative review -- other considerations.

Comparison with the small axe. Another.

outdoor axe

Milo on Church Militant

alt, on Milo's channel

A New Gerber Flipper

An Updated Feminist Heroine

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Too Much Fan Service?

The new Picard series, which is a potential replacement for STD, should inspire a lot of preliminary fan fiction. Is all of it worthy of rejection by the powers that be? The Picard series could keep keep the f/x quality of STD, but have better writing, better stories, and less SJW crap. How likely is that to happen? CBS should do something to win fans back, but the network won't, because the messaging is more important.

How are some of my suggestions, even if they are too much fan service, but after the Abrams franchise and STD maybe there can't be too much fan service.

The series could be unified by a long-term story arc: what happened to Spock? Picard is recruited for a mission after there are rumors of Spock's death trickle into the Federation. Picard's character could be developed in many ways, his career could have gone in many directions since his retirement from Starfleet. Let us assume that he was appointed an ambassador for the Federation for some time, so he has contacts within the Federation, other governments, and so on.

The writers could ignore the events of JJ Abrams' movie and the supernova that destroyed Romulus, or rewrite events, with Spock saving Romulus in time. Spock then helped relations between the Federation and Romulus thaw, but this was followed by another military coup and purge by the Romulan security service or the Tal Shiar, and the growth of the Romulan "resistance." Reformers vs. old guard. (Again?) Political intrigue, a near civil war. Maybe even some events of Star Trek: Nemesis could be written, and Remus could also be featured in the series. I could see one useful allusion to the Jar Jar Abrams movie -- the Romulans are making use of Borg technology.

What's going on with the Klingons? The series could also feature the cooling of relations of the Federation with the Klingon Empire (which other series alluded to as being part of the future timeline).

What about Vulcan seeking to be isolation?

What about an episode featuring the return of Saavik, with Kirstie Allie or Robin Curtis replaying the role? Picard seeks out Saavik as she has been involved with the Romulan reform movement.

And there could even be the return of Tasha Yar/Sela, who was in disgrace for a while and disappeared from Romulan military/political life, but is now able to seek power once again, thanks to all of the turmoil on Romulus.

What about showing what happened to the Borg after their "final" defeat by Janeway?

And the rebuilding of the Cardassian Union?

Maybe Picard could also investigate corruption within Starfleet, including Section 31, after its existence has become better known.

And the return of an old enemy, who is manipulating different parties behind the scenes, and a new conspiracy to take over the Federation.

Star Trek Picard Show To Deal With Event That Radically Altered Galaxy, TNG Guest Stars A Possibility
Kurtzman also reveals how he and Michael Chabon wooed Patrick Stewart back to Star Trek.

From a few months ago...
A possible Section 31 spin-off featuring Michelle Yeoh is in the works.

Latest update on the limited series

What Role for Anger?

Generalizing too much -- in that respect this piece isn't much different from Pope Francis' criticisms of select groups. The best part of the essay pertain to straight discussion of Evagrius Ponticus. But the application to other people, that is lacking.

Adam DeVille: God Does Not Need Your Outrage

Do people feel outrage on behelf of God? Or are they angry for another reason? And if they are angry, is that anger justified? Have they been injured in some way? One should not wallow in anger, nor act rashly or unjustly. But does an ascetic have much to say to those who still live in the world and must act in defense of his community? The ideal is not the suppression of anger, and to be free of anger, but to have anger subject to reason and the Holy Spirit.

Perhaps a wise and holy spiritual father can have something to say about anger that will be of use to lay people, and avoid the problems that Leon Podles have pointed to in certain development in Christian spirituality. But when lay people do so, they should tread carefully because their own credibility is at issue.



Notre Dame Capitulates (Again)

Ibero-American White Privilege

Something from 2015

Recent Statements by Cardinal Raymond Burke on the “Man Crisis” in the Church – Dr. Leon Podles

One of the Few Good Things Currently Up at the Law and Liberty Website

Belloc’s Humane Defense of Personhood and Property by James Matthew Wilson
Perhaps the memory of that metaphysical right to property informs our fears, and could lead to a restoration of human flourishing.

More on the Gender War

More with Sebastian Junger

Junger misses the imapct of identity politics.

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Neocons Gonna Theocon

What Does It Profit a Conservative to Appear Woke...

Unbelievable. Moderates trying to appease the SJWs. This is what passes for conservatism in the MSM and academia.

In a traditional society, all of the virtue-signalling conservatives who denounced the students would lose their positions of influence and authority.

Sacrilege by Leon Podles

A post from last October by Rod Dreher on the book.

Shadow Systems

Another Glock clone?


More Observations from Linh Dinh

on Vietnam, identity, loyalty, the Chinese, and Israel.

Man, War and Nation

Syria KIAs Identified

When selective service is expanded to include women will they reconsider their embrace of feminism or its supposed "benefits"?

Kyrie eleison.

Breitbart: U.S. Military Identifies Three Americans Killed in Syria Attack

Can Her Method Be Purified?

Marie Kondo's Shintoism

And with that Netflix nuAmerican SJW celebrity:

CNA What Catholics can learn from ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’

Mojin: The Worm Valley

Don't know how Mainlanders can watch something so obviously fake. It's like watching a video game movie, or animation, but worse because of the live-action element mixed in.

Sebastian Junger on Tribe


Joe Rogan Experience #975 and #1034