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"By Friendly Fire"

Kyrie eleison.

5 Most Liberal States and Delaware?

The Manipulation of the Naive

Spontaneous-looking moment with girl, Pope Francis was stage-managed by advocacy group (via Danger and Play)

St. George's Day

Surely there must be a better speaker for this important day than this man:

Don't think this would be it...

Maybe this one...

And it was Queen Elizabeth's 90th birthday...

400th Anniversary

William Shakespeare: A Man for All Time by Joseph Pearce

Haven't Looked at the VP9 for a While

Vox Day: A Message for the Conservative Establishment

He quotes Red Eagle's assessment of Russell Kirk in his 0contribution to Cuckservative:

As a set of ideas, they’re not particularly systematic, particularly when compared with more radical philosophies like Marxism and its innumerable offshoots, or at the other extreme, the Objectivism of Ayn Rand. They are arguably more a set of generalized assertions and attitudes rather than principles per se. Even so, they do represent a particular worldview, though it is not the worldview of the Founding Fathers or of the early American political generations. Notice as well that several of these principles are primarily defined by that which they opposed: the dominant left-liberal worldview of the mid-20th century. From their very beginning the principles of conservatism were subordinate and defensive in nature, or less charitably, they were submissive and passive-aggressive in their relation to the left.

Could Kirk have written a "positive" elaboration of conservatism without listing everything we have received? What should a traditionalist conservative strategy towards promoting community have looked like, beyond what Kirk wrote about agrarianism, industry, and so on?

Catholic Leaders

Bishops or people who run supposedly Catholic organizations, but not political leaders... Catholic leaders back Obama in immigration case

Starting an OCF Chapter

Fr Luigi Soletta

Asia News: Fr Luigi Soletta, in Japan where the sun shines at midnight

An Insider’s Exposé of the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster by Katsuya Hirano – Hirotaka Kasai
Asia News: Xi Jinping gifts himself new title: He will lead the army in case of war

The Chinese president is already General Secretary of the Communist Party, "the nucleus of leadership", the head of two new committees on the economy and director of the Central Military Commission. From now on he is also Commander in chief of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Joint Battle Command. Such a concentration of power not seen since the death of Mao Zedong.

Anhui teacher mobbed by eight students for scolding boy (video)

The video is trending in Chinese social media: an fight lasting almost two minutes in a high school classroom. Respect for teachers, one time pillar of traditional culture, seems to have vanished altogether.
ICA: Why Read: Ivan Illich’s The Right to Useful Unemployment and its Professional Enemies?

As he aims to achieve a more ‘convivial society,’ Illich unpacks the concept of ‘modernized poverty’ as an oppositional factor. With the exception of the mega-rich, who can disappear into luxury, he understands everyone else as living in conditions of ‘modernized poverty.’ Within this, the proliferation and dominance of commodities prevents any autonomous living, culturally shaped use-value, and subsequently renders satisfaction outside of market-relations impossible. He instead suggests a method of ‘convivial austerity,’ where people would put a limit on the maximum amount of power that anyone could hold, re-activating the possibility for personal use-value.

Putting the Cart Before the Horse

Encouraging Place Attachment in Early Education by Julie Blum (Resilience)

Here is my proposal: Imagine that every student were required to take one class dedicated to the study of their local community in order to graduate from high school. This class could be a multi-disciplinary course in which students would create an individual project focused on a particular aspect of their city, town, or neighborhood. In the process of studying the history of a local bike trail, for example, a student might discover its origins as an ancient indigenous footpath and explore community efforts to preserve the trail over the course of many decades. Others might choose to research art in nearby public spaces, building heights and noise pollution, the quality of water, or the history of local war memorials.

Settling in a place is important, but it is secondary to the formation and preservation of community. Otherwise, attachment to place becomes another consumer option for a few. Of course some leftists may characterize the creation of attachment in children to the wrong sort of communities as intolerance or child abuse.

Milking the Drama's Popularity

For all its worth. How are the advertising rates for these special episodes?


So do the filmmaker's sympathies lie with the Basques, the Spanish left, both, or others?


There's probably a conservative critique of Franco out there somewhere -- the wrong-headed nationalism that lead to the suppression of the Basques and so on. Would a Spain that emerged from a longer period of Communist control have been in better shape than it is now?

Cold Play + Game of Thrones

For Red Nose Day last year...

Liam Neeson narrates.

GoT premieres tomorrow...

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Crisis: Is Dorothy Day Suitable for Canonization? by Fr. Brandon O'Brien

With a mention of which side in the Spanish Civil War she supported...

Proclaiming Their Triumph Too Early?

Get to Know the Historical Figures on the $5, $10 and $20 Bills

Buchanan: Dishonoring General Jackson
And a slightly different view of Jackson -- On the New Bank Notes by Brion McClanahan

Tweeting Itself Into Irrelevance

The Roman Curia... After Prince’s death, Vatican praise for his rare gift of music

The Imaginative Conservative: The Catholic Enlightenment: A Forgotten History by Bradley J. Birzer

The Catholic Enlightenment: The Forgotten History of a Global Movement by Ulrich L. Lehner

The book's description I find to be rather repulsive, if accurate -- why is this, then, being touted at a "conservative" website? Maybe the book is more nuanced than the publisher portrays it.

Who Invented the Horrible Idea of Women as Breeders? by Ulrich L. Lehner
A Personal Appreciation of M. King Hubbert by Richard Heinberg (Resilience)

The Oracle of Oil

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Summer 2016 Movies

Precious Cargo
Sworn Virgin
Term Life
The Great Hypnotist
Crossing Point
The Final Master

Love and Friendship

Jason Bourne

X-Men: Apocalypse
Sunset Song
The Nice Guys


South 32
The Infiltrator
The Founder
Independence Day: Resurgence


Jack Reacher

The Abolitionists
Almost Holy
Mechanic: Resurrection
The Purge: Election Year
The Legend of Tarzan

Call of Heroes Trailer


The Handmaiden


John Michael Greer has some thoughts on privilege here: Starhawking the Privilege Game

The building up of fraternity and the relocalization of community would help mitigate one problem associated with privilege but it wouldn't make all of the egalitarians happy. JMG remains a man of the left, even though some of his analysis of the current presidential campaign is probably more correct than not.

Privilege 101
Suffolk University

¡Sacabuche! Ensemble

¡Sacabuche! Ensemble

A Waste of Nathan Fillion for 8 Years

Too late for the reboot. A long time ago, I saw 2 minutes of the first episode and quit. I hope he gets a better show. Lessons for us from the TV show “Castle”

And of course the main actress is not so tough in real life.
Stana Katic Would 'Cry' in Her 'Castle' Dressing Room Over Nathan Fillion Friction
'She cried on set': Stana Katic 'was left in tears by co-star Nathan Fillion'... as actress thanks fans for support as she leaves Castle
Nathan Fillion Breaks His Silence on Stana Katic's Castle Exit
RooshV: Why The Female “Anti-Feminist” Is A Feminist In Disguise

Catholic feminists may advocate traditional morals in the "private" realm but in the domestic and public spheres, they are generally egalitarians.

Advice for Spiritual Seekers from an Orthodox Priest

For Spiritual Seekers by Priest Richard Rene
Source: Saint Aidan Orthodox Church, Cranbrook, BC, Canada

Full Bourne Trailer

Waiting for the Demise of the Western Province

Photo of the eight professing first vows last Fall in the latest Mission. Or see this article: Eight Jesuits Profess First Vows.

profiles of the eight here
Novitiate at a Glance

Boston College Plans Housing for Students Considering a Jesuit Vocation
Society of Jesus Welcomes 45 New Novices in the U.S. and Canada
All 28 Jesuit Colleges and Universities Named to 2016 U.S. News & World Report Rankings
Twenty-four Jesuits from Canada and the U.S Profess First Vows

What is the purpose of this research?

Dr. Helen links to an article about research being done: Do mothers really have stronger bonds with their children than fathers do?

Defending fatherhood? Or promoting egalitarianism? I think mothers have a stronger bond in so far as it is through nature and emotional; fathers can form an emotional attachment but it is primarily through reason (including trust -- this is my child).

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The 50th Anniversary

Obama and the Treasury

The new American history reflected on currency.

Paul Gottfried on Political Correctness

Our American Cultural Revolution

Steve Sailer on Housing and Development in San Francisco

He links to his article at Taki.

Latinization of the Syriacs?

They Couldn't Find a Better Guest Speaker?

Edit. Counterpunch

Vox Day at The Right Stuff

Link to interview here.

Fr. Reginald on Shakespeare

What's the Story Behind...

the three non-Scottish looking "Scots"?

Recent STW Episodes

Bushcraft Northwest


See also FO Podcast Episode 16 and Mountain Guerilla

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More of Last Saturday's Historic Event

The Endless Appeal to the Common Good

Do the Latin bishops of the UK know what they mean by it? And how it should not really be a factor of consideration for this question? (Even if one is thinking of the "common good" of Europe, which is not the same as the "common good" of a (sovereign) political community?

That is a photo of the bishop? Interesting clothing for a bishop...

Brothers and Sisters in Whom?

Not Christ, if all are children of God without Him.

The Roman Propaganda Machine at Work

And of course Sant'Egidio is involved...

Caritas Internationalis


Almost too good to be true? Mel Gibson, Kate Hudson and Kurt Russell Team for ‘Barbary Coast’ TV Series

Lincoln's America

Is the Mississippi State Flag “Anti-American”? by Donald Livingston on Apr 15, 2016
Counterpunch: Restoring Our Cultural Heritage in Syria by Franklin Lamb

But then the author praises Elon Musk

Otherwise it's something alt left and alt right could agree on: Breaking Up With the Corporate Duopoly of Democracy by Nozomi Hayase

Too much love of technology, not enough consideration for limits of energy supplies?

The New Deacons

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San Jose Greek Festival

Not Memorial Day weekend this year, but the weekend after...

From 2013: Conan in Atlanta

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