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Service Is Not Enough for Civic Friendship

The author writes:
Of course, not everyone has such a community of shared belief. Nearly as important to cohesion, though, is living out friendships in service. We form a real community, not just an identity-tribe, by living near one another, by asking for and offering help with groceries and home improvement and child care, by sharing life and death together, not just talking points and buzzwords.
Even "service" requires a shared definition and a set of rules and shared expectations surrounding it. "Service" by itself is not enough; a common culture is required to sustain civic or "political" friendships. Weaker forms of identity, when tested, may not even sustain a useful alliance. But stronger forms of identity are built upon a common culture and other natural bonds which serve to unite people, and these bonds are not reducible to service, even if service can build the bonds. Not having read his book on reforming Latin churches, I wonder how useful his recommendations can be if he doesn't understand what community really requires. It may be no better than the Benedict Option, even if his recomendations have a different focus (for example, reform in liturgical praxis). His friends who have different political views nonetheless have something in common with him: "As Catholics, we can be secure in the knowledge that even if we differ about politics and plagues, we remain united by a supernatural bond — something that’s worth preserving even if we sometimes get on each other’s nerves." So I would not say the friendships are not real, but they are untested by difficult circumstances, which does not include dying during a time of relative peace. When survival is at stake, will a divergence in political views matter? Perhaps not -- maybe differences in opinion about political candidates or political parties are the only differences, and they all agree on Roman Catholic Social Teaching. But for these Catholics who probably uphold feminism in some form, that is a substantial difference that should lead them to being excluded or put on "probation" for any tribe that is serious about upholding patriarchy.

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How is this supposed to help the "New Evangelization," assuming that it is even some sort of Christian humanism?

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readings that would have transmitted a proper tradition of understanding the Constitution and American republicanism.

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But they would not be ok with this:

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But it's a good book for all who are interested in European history. The Habsburgs: From Global Influence To Postwar Decline by Clayton Trutor A new book shows how the House of Austria was so much more than a costume drama about another royal family. Basic Books: The Habsburgs: To Rule the World by Martyn Rady

Hustling Feminism is Everywhere

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Will this new encyclical have problems? St. Francis' language can be quickly understood as being figurative. The bigger problem is if Pope Francis once again says that all are children of God, irregardless of whether they have been initiated as Christians or not.

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WHAT STATES CAN'T DO by Andrew Willard Jones I'm not going to take the time to cover all of the problems in both essays. With regards to Black's reply: Subsidiarity was always an unsuccessful attempt to deal with the state; authority proper to a political community does not scale up, and organization of political communities requires something other than the unitary state and its centralization of authority which it usurps. If we're going to try to discern political relationships in Genesis, perhaps the first political community, if it were truly self-sufficient with respect to political goods was constituted by Adam and Eve. But the more important political relationship would have been the one existing between Adam and his sons Cain and Abel, not as father and sons, but as political equals. (And I disagree with Filmer and his Patriarcha on this point.) With regards to the reply of Jones and Barnes to Black: While the production of virtue is an end of the political community, it is an end order to the primary end of the political community, which is political life or life in civic friendship. The state cannot produce virtue but it can produce habits in those subject to it. These habits are useful to those who are rule and make a man good for a particular (bad) regime, but not good simply. The family does have a role to play in forming its members in virtue, but because the family is an incomplete society, the formation it offers must be done in conjunction with the formation offered by the political community. The father has a role to play in educating his sons, but other men in that community have roles to play as well, and the goal of that formation is not to erase the inequality that exists between father and son by nature (as "biological" cause and effect) but to elevate the son to the status of a political equal in the case of a republican regime. As for using the mystical language of the Bridegroom and the Bride the Church to explain this, that has its own problems. Just one word on the mystical marriage of the Son and the Church: much of Latin theologizing about the mystical marriage involves imposing of human ideals and norms regarding marriage, and we see how ideas about "equality" and even "complementarity" influence theology. Even when the ministers of the Church are ordered to the ministry of the sacraments, this is not the Church being "given power over the distribution of God's grace" (what a Latin way of thinking about it), but the Church serving the Bridegroom, Christ, to whom She is conformed.

The Gesualdo Six: "My Sweet Little Baby" by William Byrd

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Interviews with JHK




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Edit. VD has a response to the unherd article.


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Don't think I'd agee about coin.

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Another Profile of a Girl

What she is doing is important, but there is bias at work in institutional journalism, and agendas to push. Related:

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VD may agree but I think people need to choose their battles carefully.

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Peter Viereck


Full lecture, I believe:

Sierra Hull and Justin Moses, "Azalea Waltz"

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Take Power Away from the Oligarchs

And put it back in the hands of you and yours.

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This is just more consumerist crap aimed at Uhmerican women.

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A Bad Milestone

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Life and Legacy of Sir Roger Scruton



G43X and G48 MOS