Friday, August 30, 2013

Rorate Caeli Review of John Senior's Posthumously Published Last Book

Rorate book review: The Remnants

Gotta get a copy.

TV Heroes of the Past

And present? (Sheriff Walt Longmire and Deputy Marshal Raylan Givens are on the list.

Cowboys & Indians: TV's Top Lawmen by Joe Leydon and David Hofstede

A&E Renewing Longmire

Mother Agnes Mariam - Confronting the Chemical Lies in Syria

Will They Celebrate the Anglican Use Liturgy?

AMS Celebrates Catholic Priestly Ordination of Two Former Episcopal Military Chaplains

What Would She Say Today?

Jane Austen: A Feminist Icon? by Sydney Leach
Paleo Movement: Jimmy Moore and Jack Kruse discuss controversy within the Paleo community

Haven't even posted the links for the Sally Fallon/paleo dust-up.


Given my interest in Costco, these articles were of interest...
Mish: Wal-Mart is not Costco; So Why Should it Pay Like Costco?
Costco's Second-Class Citizens

Something to consider for Labor Day...

Medieval England twice as well off as today’s poorest nations
Why a medieval peasant got more vacation time than you
Twitch: Exclusive Interview: Tony Leung, Cinematic Grandmaster


Domine, da mihi hanc aquam! - Blackfriar Films!



CNS: Pope names Legionary priest to No. 2 spot at Vatican governing office

Konjoe Burger Bar

Two Wednesdays ago I made my first visit to San Pedro Square Market in downtown San Jose to try Konjoe Burger Bar, which offers burgers made with grassfed beef. The chips that came with the burger were prepared well, and slightly spicy. The ketchup is made in the house, and has the texture of marinara sauce or tomato paste, but it is tasty. My konjoe burger (beef, fried egg, lettuce, pickled jalapeno, caramelized onions, cheese, konjoe sauce) was cooked medium rare/medium - can grass-fed ground beef be cooked more without becoming tough? I think the burgers at ROAM are better (and cooked longer). (I don't know which has better beef burgers, ROAM or Bareburger, but I think Bareburger may be slightly better on the whole.)

I also tried the steak sandwich from Phonomenal Noodle House - a Vietnamese version of a cheese steaksandwich? It was ok, but I liked my burger from konjoe much better.

San Pedro Square Market is a decent place for people to hang out in downtown San Jose, but I think that it closes relatively early, so that is a disadvantage. I think its clientele comprises mostly of SJSU students and local workers, and some of the SWPLs living in the area. Next time I will have to try the ribs at Bray?

Burger Bun Alternatives

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Genre Hopping with Chris Thile

More with Chris Thile:

Goat Rodeo Sessions at Hollywood Bowl
The Imaginative Conservative: On the Place of Augustine in Political Philosophy: A Second Look at Some Augustinian Literature by James V. Schall, S. J.
Christ: King of the Economy
Catholic News Service: Syrian-born patriarch: 'Enough with the intervention' by Doreen Abi Raad


Info for the Melkite Patriarchate

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Japanese Tapas at En

A restaurant in Santa Clara. Went there on Saturday for a birthday dinner. Ah Fai recommended the Uni over rice in a stone bowl, though he acknowledged I probably wouldn't like it. I told everyone else of the recommendation and they did order it, and ah Fai was correct in his guess regarding my tastes. The food was otherwise good, though it's too pricey for me. I think my favorite was the raw salmon, followed by the salad (one with raw fish, I can't remember which one at the moment). It is a fun place for groups, and the table over to the back had some interesting people sitting there.

Srdja Trifkovic on the Latest in Syria

Syria: A Classic False Flag Atrocity

The Program for This Year's FPR Conference

Mark T. Mitchell - I was thinking about going but my September schedule has gotten rather busy.

A New Website

Peter Haworth introduces "a new website that explores Liberty, Prudence, Imperfection, and Law": Nomocracy In Politics - the homepage

Monday, August 26, 2013

Jack Donovan on ABC Australia’s “Sunday Night Safran”

His blog entry - Sunday Night Safran (mp3)

Apparently one of the hosts of the show, Fr. Bob Maguire, is a Catholic priest, with a charitable foundation. I don't know what his standing is with the local Church. (Twitter and FB)

The Australian: 10 questions: Father Bob Maguire
In Bob We Trust
New York Post: Batman in love by Kyle Smith
Baffled by teen boys, experts keep trying to turn them into girls. Surprise — it’s not working.

John Zmirak on Immigration

How Catholics Should Think about Immigration by John Zmirak
It’s time to stop the name-calling and argue rationally about the common good

Not Nationwide If It Doesn't Reach CA

Astoria’s Bareburger Expanding Nationwide