Saturday, October 31, 2020

One Take on Capitalism

Martin Should Have Asked Robert George for an Endorsement, Too

Has the Character of Warfare Changed?

This part of war hasn't changed:

Jack Carr Recommends

From last year:

Another Endorsement for ASP

St. Thomas Aquinas University Parish

parish website

Catholic Hoos at UVa

NCReg: Bishop of Richmond Dedicates New Church at University of Virginia and University of Virginia is Getting a Church That Looks Like a Church

$10.6 million for a bare church, though the architecture is more traditional than Latin modernist monstrosities. They could have set aside $1 or $2 million for some proper iconography?

Monterverdi, "Lamento della Ninfa"

Christopher Rufo on Tim Pool's Show

"The Lakes of Ponchartrain"

Aoife O'Donovan:

More on Alleged Australia SAS War Crime

Video of SF Testing a New Vehicle

Bishop Barron on Evangelization

while appearing with a prominent "Catholic feminist." Absolutely clueless about what ails Roman Catholicism.

Brion McClanahan on Cameron Hilditch

Uh Oh. Disney.

"If It's not Liberalism, It's Atheism"

Two Views

Pope's Acceptance of Homosexuality Reveals the Dark Core of Roman Catholicism

A. I. Osipov: It turns out that today the Pope is questioning the most fundamental principles of morality, moral Christian teaching. And this is not surprising, because, starting with Pope John XXIII (he died back in 1963), all subsequent popes used the same phrase, which no one had ever used before them (before John XXIII). And, of course, Pope Francis repeats this with special force and emphasis.

N. Bulchuk: And what is this phrase?

A. I. Osipov: The fact is that John XXIII was the first to visit the Roman synagogue, and to the whole world he said: "You are our elder brothers." Moreover, here we are not talking about Jews, but about Judaism, for which Jesus Christ is a false messiah. Because he calls people to the Kingdom of God, which “is within us,” and not to the Kingdom of God, which people dream of building on the earth. So, all these are natural steps. Francis right now declares: he directly declares, this is again an unprecedented statement: "We and the Jews believe in one God." What does this phrase indicate? That Christ is no one for Francis! You and we believe in what God? In Jesus Christ, who is the Image of the Invisible God. Here, He, God, appeared in the form most accessible to human knowledge! .. Now think about what Francis says: "We have one god with the Jews." That is, it is possible to believe in “one god” without recognizing Christ? Calling Christ a false messiah? So, you see, how dogmatic or (which is more understandable for the general public) doctrinal truths to what extent are connected with the moral teaching of Christianity. And now ... Pope Francis has repeatedly, in hints, around and around, based on the context, expressed his point of view on this issue. But now he openly declared his opinion. And this, of course, excited a lot of people. But I would urge you not to be surprised and look at his personal spiritual state: how he demonstrates his humility in front of the whole world, in front of cameras, for example, kissing the feet of refugees or blacks, as well as other ostentatious "forces" that he throws out. So much for the Vatican! It’s time, perhaps, for the Orthodox to pay serious attention to this.

N. Bulchuk: But immediately the figure of Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew comes to mind, who has recently been very close to Pope Francis ...

A. I. Osipov: Lately he has been flying to Rome every now and then, and only communicates with the Roman prelates. And by this he most obviously demonstrates his spirit. You see what a danger stands before us, before Orthodoxy! After all, this, it would seem, is Constantinople, the primordial Church, and what is it doing! It is no accident, by the way, that Constantinople has recently taken not only such a position, but has essentially gone into schism: this is what it means - communion with the spirit of the world, with the spirit of Catholicism!

Too Much White-Knighting

The article makes a good point about disciplining one's imagination and refraining from pornography, but the author indulges in socon white knighting at the end and downplays the culpability of women in the porn industry and of modern liberated women.

Casey Chalk

Living in the Past

Institutional churches will continue to lose millenials and Gen Z.

Neocons and Armenia

The Cancer Code

Harper Collins

More on the ATF

Jesus and John Wayne

Women love reading stories of victimhood and oppression, and they love telling them. Such stories stimulate their sense of outrage and fulfill their need for emotional drama.

NPR: 'Jesus And John Wayne' Explores Christian Manhood — And How Belief Can Bolster Trump

W.W. Nortion and Company
and author's webpage
Calvin University

‘Jesus and John Wayne’ untangles gender messages in white evangelical circles by Chrissy Stroop


"Food is Medicine"


Bushes and Briars

More on the Great Reset

Frédéric Leroy

An opportunity for conspiracy theorists to indulge...

The More Things Change...


El Presidente Drill

Eternal Memory

Daily Mail

Catholic Feminism Advocate

Other Feminisms


No Thanks

Endorse feminism and I won't buy or financially support his work about Christianity, which may be tainted by heresy.

Prayer May Be Helpful

Statements such as this will not save Poland from cultural Marxism.

Abby Johnson Interview

Carly Pearce, "Next Girl"

Joe Gerber Reviews Live Not by Lies

"This Land is Your Land"

Friday, October 30, 2020

Jim Rogers on Peak Prosperity

Flipping the Table S2 - Ep#23 - 3 Amigas Seek to Break a Meaty Logjam

spotify - Roots of Change

Celebrity chef & farmer Duskie Estes, rancher Kathy Webster and farmer Sarah Silva launched the Bay Area Ranchers Cooperative (BAR C) to support local livestock producers providing safe, healthy meat to a growing market.

Trump v. the Managerial State

Quincy Institute Discussion of the Military and Peaceful Transitions of Power

An Introduction to the Green Berets

Political Scoffers?

The cult of niceness lives in modern American Churchianity. Someone doesn't understand the culture war or our current political struggle - this is not some sort of intramural academic debate.

Can You Say, "Controlled Opposition"?

Localism Now


They Still Want Population Control

Court-Packing is Unconstitutional?

Not a Good Indicator of the Quality of Poland's Leadershp

Even if he is doing a fake because he knows there aren't enough votes to pass it, it sends the wrong signal to those who are protesting.

Does He Enhance or Detract from Warnings about the Global Reset?

Wishful Thinking Doesn't Make It So

Especially wishful thinking disguised as historical and sociological analysis.

Cardinal Zen on World Over

Joanna Macy with Helena Norberg-Hodge

Feminism is a Means of Population Control

George Monbiot's Schumacher Lecture

A Product Endorsement

Taiwanese Decline

So Many Nu-Americans at Work!

This is Gender War

Waiting for the Higher-Ed Bubble to Pop

and to take Jesuit institutions with it.

They Should Have Used This for the Soundtrack for Event Horizon

The West Has Moved Past the Roman Tunic

Vandana Shiva with Helena Norberg-Hodge

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Fear and the Desire for Security

Lord Have Mercy

Ketones and Brain Aging


Activism Gets Psased on

More on Soil Health

The Future (of the Democratic Party) is Female

Means to an End, and an End in Itself

Hey progressives and hippies, don't kid yourself if you think that vetting possible guests isn't a necessary preparatory step, or that the meal itself is also a part of the vetting process.

This is Conservatism

Mockingbird Article on Wendell Berry

New Army Greens

Orthodox Morphosis


If He Looks Like a Cuck

Progressive Latins at Work

Following the Example of Francis

The Last Gasps of Triumphalism by the American Church

Liberals Still Believe Their Civic Nationalism Will Remain an Animating Force for Reds

Two Responses

Doing good includes the pursuit of justice, especially a proper punishment, and security of the French people, and closing their borders. But probably not according to Jorge Bergoglio.

Good Luck Taking on Those Who Benefit from Usury

Of course it is. And to deal with them, extreme security measures are necessary.

No Doubt It Will Provide Useful Information

Apologists for Parolin and Francis

Actually, having two different jurisdictional orders for the same territory is very much possible. Juridical "neatness" at the expense of what is pastorally wise is a problem. But apologists for the papal centralism prefer juridical "neatness." Even Latins recognize that the supreme law of the Church is charity, and the good of Christians overrides all other considerations, even "ecclesiastical neatness." Who in Rome consulted the underground bishops in China for their opinions?

Anthony Clark's latest at least offers both sides of the argument: China’s Catholic Leviathan: Jesuits and the Sino-Vatican Agreement. But the affirmative is still wrong: full communion with the bishop of Rome is not the highest good.


Another NuAmerican at Work

A Sorry Attempt at Religious Civic Nationalism

Best Combat Boots

The Best He Can Do


Degrowth Can Be Explained by the "Right"

But it is unlikely that "conservatives" could assume leadership of the movement. Most degrowth advocates are progressives or leftists.

United against White Systems

More on Paul Kingsnorth


Tony Blauer Interview

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

The Legacy of Pope Francis

The Great Reset

Tim Noakes Interview

An Interview with Randy Barnett


Did they study Ratzinger and the CDF for moral theology at the seminary?

Fr. Raymond J. de Souza on Fratelli Tutti on War

And Yet She Has No Issue Broadcasting to the World Her Opinions

about masculinity...

Letting Animals Live Natural Lives

More on regenerative agriculture:

Being Autonomous is a Luxury Thanks to Cheap Energy

Charles Massy on Regenerative Agriculture


It Could Be Effective

But will they have sensible safeguards in place to protect these teams if they are dealing with potentially dangerous individuals? If they do, I bet that will remain unmentioned in the mass media.

More Leftist Subversion

Approval of another form of female license.

A Proper Birthday Celebration

Eternal Memory