Saturday, June 12, 2021

Should We Be Eating More Protein?

A Free Virtual Concert with Alasdair Fraser and Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh

More on Being Orthodox in Indonesia

New Admins for HCHC

Not Taking Sides

But isn't it time to re-think the relationship between presbyters and bishops? Synodality starts locally.

Catering to the Audience

And what sort of "leadership" do they really offer to a parish? Pray, pay, and obey? And doing nice things for your parish? Would the Knights of Columbus as Knights ever do anything to protest bad bishops or pastors?

New Addition for The Price Sisters

SIG Spectre P320 XCompact

Friday, June 11, 2021

RTAC and the Rangers

Best Ranger Competition: Honor

"Bless 'Em All"

Contemporary "Country" Music

Sohrab Ahmari in Conversation with Justin Brierley

Academic Circles...

"Missouri Borderland"

Sierra Ferrell, Making of "The Sea" MV

Max Boot Still Has a Job

Judeo-Christianity Is Real!

The Mexican Drug Trade

Relevant to this recent post.

First-World Problems

They should have done it right the first time; they should have also reformed the Liturgy of the Hours correctly as well.

Another Crackdown in Germany

When will enough be enough?

Hide Enomoto on Transition in Japan

Cobalt Color

Again? More Trouble Than They're Worth

She Never Should Have Been Allowed to Become a Canon Lawyer or President

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Trying to Build a Better Future

Shining a Light on White Supremacy and Racism

That's how they justify this.

Books on Farming and FOod Production Reform

Q&A on Holistic Management

Kershaw Highball

Savage Journey

Damian Thompson Is Critical of a Latin Integralist

Descriptions of Oligarchic Rule

Will the current outrage against BlackRock develop into something productive?

The Height of Privilege

An athlete may have to work more than an entertainer or not, but for them to earn such a living requires a lot of other things to subsidize their life choices. As far as I am concerned this is just another form of female attention-seeking.

This Is "Conservatism"

Being completely on board with most of feminism.

Saya Sings Jazz

Scythian's Latest

"La Golondrina"

Wednesday, June 09, 2021

For the Feast of St. Columba

American Infantry Weapons of WW2

A New MV from the D-Day Darlings

Japanese Honor

Empire Still at Work

Creeping Towards Failed State Status

Something New by (Sir) James MacMillan

Cooperation Is Not Possible with Clericalism

All talk, no real reform.

What Future for Poland?

His Holiness Changes His Mind Re: Hungary

A Christian "nation"?

The New President of TAC

Some Family

"If Ye Love Me, Keep My Commandments"

This is not legalism.

Clare and Kingsnorth

Cardinal Zen Being Candid

Google Hasn't Cancelled

famous white female American cishet actresses with privilege like Shirley Temple yet.

Tuesday, June 08, 2021

Joe Kent

Learn from History

Alan Franzluebbers

Savory on Holistic Management

The debate about cattle and climate change continues...

Has anyone done the math on the amount of flatulence produced by human beings?

Raj Patel's grift...

Chinese Empire at Work

Family Farm and One's Narrative


Yoga? What They Need Is a Man

to be grounded. They also need to be subject to G*d, rather than elevating themselves as the deity of their life, in the name of "spirituality." Can't say what the males in the photo need, maybe more meat in their diet.

Preserve Local Varieties of Apples

Preserve also the local Appalachian peoples.

McGinley on Danielou's Book on Prayer

Gray Bearded Green Beret's Book

Reloading and...


Appearing at Merlefest 2021

"The Maker"

Interview with Philip Jenkins

Can a State Be Christian?

Can a state be feminist and Christian?

Monday, June 07, 2021

Nothing Can Shake the Faith of a Latin Traditionalist

Not even a heretical pope.


Some are likely to draw those conclusions, but not those who can see that a Petrine primacy is part of the deposit of faith, and that the Church herself has infallibility and indefectibility. How this will all get worked out is the mess we are currently dealing with.

Would You Trust Them To Give You the Proper Guidance

for acting under the current political circumstances? I wouldn't. It's an advertisement for the "Gospel of Niceness."

Peter Hitchens Recommends The Pact

From: What is the point of tourists' checks and tests if migrants can just walk into Dover?

A woman-dominated story; is it feminist?

Saya Ohgi

Not a Replacement for Church of Our Savior

This Is Not Christianity, This Is Liberalism

No awareness of priorities or the order of charity.

When Does One Pass from Being a Liberal Educator to Being a Liberal?

How could students who have little grounding in the truth, i.e. they lack the requisite experience, possibly respond or be critical of the texts they read?

Alexander Riley on the State of American Higher Ed

Peter Hitchens on Helen Andrews' Book on Boomers

Tim Jackson with the Sustainababble Duo

Return to Tradition and Localism

Some Book Recommendations by Charles Hugh Smith

The Anglican Patrimony in Catholic Communion

They Will Promote Their Education System to the End

Even as they capitulate to liberalism and feminism.

Ketocarnivore Podcast

Alzheimer's Disease

Sunday, June 06, 2021

"Your Love Goes On"

High Protein

What Is the Cause of Cancer?


Who's really going to crash the power grid?

An Inside Look at the 2021 Best Ranger Competition