Thursday, December 31, 2020

Of Course There is Proper Representation in the Cast

And they may have been chosen for dramatic purposes as well. But their actual skill, compared with the rest of the people in that trade? Who knows how they actually rank.

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Australian remake of an Icelandic movie:

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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Professional Catholics Should Really Lay Off Promoting the COVID-19 Vaccine

even if it is in the name of defending its licit use. There are bigger problems which they of course are ignoring.

He May Be Correct About Evangelization

But it is his errors about much else that vitiates what he says about evangelization. If you are promoting moral errors, than the witness you give to Christ is a false one.

Professional Cons at Work


A "Transmission Crisis"

Stephen Bullivant on Vatican II

Bullivant attemtps a nuanced view of Vatican II. But he is hampered in his analysis by his adherence to Latin ecclesiology and beliefs concerning primacy. Is mass culture a cause of the "transmission crisis"? Yes. But mass culture is insufficient to explain the fundamental weakness of the institutional churches (Latin and otherwise). Bullivant needs to dig deeper, as he apparently has not seen the studies showing that it is the father who has the most influence in the religious upbringing of his children. Either that, or he is unwilling to affirm the importance of patriarchy and believes he must appear to be egalitarian:

Religious practice in the home and as a family (including bothparents). This is the single biggest predictor of whether a child ends up as religious practicing adult, and there’s a whole social-scientific literature (which I discuss in Mass Exodus) around why. Basically, anything that you do becauseof what you believe, that you wouldn’t do if you didn’t believe, helps to inculcate the importance of those beliefs. Things that take time and effort – even really little things like grace before meals, praying when an ambulance passes – have a large cumulative power and effect.

And while he is aware of the importance of "community," he is probably unaware of what is required to go beyond "socializing" and create an actual community, namely, patriarchy:

Community. Fact is, we’re social beings, and we find it easiest to believe and practice when we hang out with ‘significant other’ who do so too. This is something we used to do very well, but – outside of very special locales, we’re not going back to the kinds of neighborhood parishes, where all or most of one’s neighbors are fellow Catholics. Such places aren’t absolutely impossible – Ave Maria, Florida, would be a thriving example – but they’re not really a scalable strategy. So the trick is to find various ‘hacks.’ No doubt there are things we could learn from both Mormons and megachurches on this score: Both tend to do it better than we do. But really, anything we can do to enable committed Catholics hanging out with other committed Catholics – and such families with other such families – is a plus. Think of it as a mini ‘Benedict Option’ (cf. Rod Dreher’s great book). Until Latins (and others) recognize this fundamental fact of family and political life, they will make no headway in reforming and strengthening their churches.

Men's Health

McCulloch v. Maryland

Carl Henry's Vision for Reform

Ok, but what did he say about feminism?

Tony Blauer Clip

Lording Their Authority

The Church Must Deal with a Divided Uhmerica

But taking the side of the revolutionaries and statists and forced integration is not the answer.

Rhonda Vincent to Be Honored


A Reminder


Has David Koren been bought out by the WEF?

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"Christmas Time's a Comin'"

A Welcome Distraction from American Mass Culture


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Joe Norman Interview

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Leaving the Blight of Higher Education: Part I–Farewell, Students

Waiting for part 2.

Straussian Nerd Tries to Take Down BAP

Nerd v. Jock.

Decoding Culture

Wim Hof Method



Gottfried on the South


Bring out the Pitchforks

Lord Have Mercy

Nuns arrested as Beijing turns up heat on Church in Hong Kong

How's That Feminism Working out for You?

Replacing patriarchy with the state to provide protection and yet faciliate "freedom" and "autonomy"...

Naive White-Knighting from a Latin Prog Academic

Contrary to some very naive Latin academics, this is not a patriarchal culture. This is an atomized mass population center where real power is held by a few. Their political naivete is why Latin progs have no actual political solutions.

Who's funding this?

In its conflict with the state, the Roman Catholic Church lost to the and is politically irrelevant in its territory now. The chastisement continues.

Recycling Rockets Exceits the Rocket Nerds

But does it really make a space program more sustainable?

Liberals Aren't Responsible for the First

Not even if we consider reovolutions that toppled monarchies; they may have assisted in those revolutions, but they weren't the only ones participating and liberalism wasn't the only agenda.

Ted Naiman Interview

The WEF Has Its Own Dietary Recommendations

And people are objecting to the power grab.

The Blackout on Ivermectin

CCP at Work

A Matter of Justice Difficult to Resolve Thanks to Oligarchy and Statism

Treat Soil Properly

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Who's Bullying Whom?

Find Your Tribe and Relocalize

Paid Ad?

Interview with Gary Taubes

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

A Milestone for Anthony Hopkins

Mel Gibson on Fatman

What Will "Conservatives " and "Latin Integralists" Say About This?

Nothing but their approval, albeit with some conditions perhaps.

More UN-subsidized propaganda:

This is Latin Integralist Silliness

Eat Real Red Meat

Not this.


Say No to Soda

Probably Not

Tony Rice, "Nine Pound Hammer"

A Questionable Moniker

Why pick one that is derivative of the more well-known "Tiger Mom"? At least it's not "Panda Dad."

P and O Envy

A Liberal with Some Sense

I See a Girl Bun and a Ponytail

NPR Piece on Fr. Reginald Foster

Liberal Communitarian?

How can this be possible? It can be possible when one is trying to reason away exceptions for one's own people. Even George acknowledges that Sacks promoted the lie that is "Judeo-Christianity." Does Sacks concede that a love of one's own ethnos is not only valid but normative for Western European peoples?


What sort of common ground does the bishop think exists between Reds and the cultural revolutionaries?

"Definitely Cringe"


Or This Could Be a White Supremacist Plot

Will This Lead to Reform?

Benchmade Ad

Here's another:

The Institutions That Made George Bailey



Judeo-Christian Conservative Cluelessness

No mention of feminism or cultural misandry, or of the sort of formation boys need besides "conversations centering on matters of substance." Professional conservatives are clueless. Laughably bad essay. Talk about serious things is necessary but I bet Christian talk about serious things won't be the same as Jewish talk about serious things. ,br />

Monday, December 28, 2020


Two on Fr. Reginald

Actually, more...

The Plot Thickens

Sunday, December 27, 2020


Too Late to Issue a Statement

I'd Rather Not be Honored by Parolin

Real Organic Symposium 2021

Good Luck Repealing the Patriot Act

Let the Left Eat Their Own

What Are the Health Risks of 5G?

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Networked Fascism

Criminal Gangs Infiltrating and Spreading in the US

"Good King Wenceslas"

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