Saturday, February 27, 2021

A Distinction Without a Difference

Culture is not just "ideas"...

Hill People Gear - Decker Pack System

Posted by Soldier Systems Daily on Friday, February 26, 2021

Friday, February 26, 2021

Using Mass Culture for an Agenda

Overproduction of Elites

or just overeducation...

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Okay Midori Filming an Enka MV

An Accurate Take?

Some ultramontanists have tried to claim that absence of any mention of the role of the pope in approving bishops is not the same as denying that the pope has any role. Has it been conclusively shown that they are wrong? Ultramontanists never learn...

Mike Dickson on Homesteading

The above link is broken. This is the new one.

Damian Thompson on the Neo-Integralists

Really, just a waste of time, and no better than an extended tweet. He thinks that liberalism is the reigning ideology, when it's not, and his acceptance of liberalism disqualifies him from giving any sound judgment regarding politike. The oligarchs don't take Latin integralists seriously as threats, and if they decide to suppress Roman Catholics, they will do so on all believing Roman Catholics, regardless of whether they profess Latin integralism or not.

A Different Kershaw

What Empire Can Manage a Personal Autocracy?

Is this distinction really that useful?

The SJWs Invade All Spaces

Vox Day: The convergence of Tolkien

More of the Mossberg 940 JM Pro

The New Scot Would Have Liked This Too

Will Bergoglio Denounce the Persecution by Muslims of Christians?

Or will he prefer the warm fuzziness of his new world order religion initiative instead?

As if the US Government Cares about Reds

It will however subsidize blues and weaponized immigration.

Churchianity, AKA Liberalism, in Service to the State

Socon Scam

Wilcox doesn't talk about feminism or misandry. Again. ConInc. is not meant to be effective, just make-work for fake "intellectuals" and academics. Shame on all those involved.

An Important Day in American History

Unlike yesterday, with its Gulf War I nonsense.

Shooter's Edge Episode 7

Looking Out for Their Own Interest and the Interest of Their Children

They may be turned into being political allies, but how many of them still believe in old 20th century civic nationalism, or how many wouldn't cry "discrimination" or "minority" if it was beneficial to them?

Left Coast Documentary, Left Coast Audience

It doesn't mean the documentary isn't good; but will the Democratic Party exploit the issue for the benefit of the oligarchs and to consolidate control by the Federal Government?

RegenAg Links


Defending Beef

Veganism is a false religion and its adherents are fanatics.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Should We Make This a Holiday?

An Imperial Papacy in Financial Trouble

Bioregional Self-Sufficiency

Worth Reading?

Charlie Deist on Hormetics

"Un Homme"

Where, Indeed

Dido's Lament

What Sort of Communitarianism?

CWR: Finding the path to renewal in the Church: An interview with Brandon McGinley by Paul Senz

“We have everything we need to renew the Church and the world,” says the author of The Prodigal Church, “but we just don’t recognize it because we’ve been so well-catechized by secularism.”

McGinley: "But at the same time, we can say that tight-knit networks of families have been essential to the Church’s flourishing through time, and then try to figure out what that looks like in the circumstances of our society and each family. We can say that a confident sacramentality in parish life sustains communities, and then discern how that works in a new, shrinking spiritual geography. And so on."

Who decides upon sanctions and enforces them?

Old English, AKA Anglo-Saxon

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

"Hey, Coyote"

Digital Human Rights

Gynocentrism Triumphant

Giving Credit Where It's Due

Is This Paleo/Keo-friendly?

The Hell We Live In

The husband seems like a cuck, maybe even is one literally.

Beirut Vocal

John Robb on 5GW

Religion of the New World Order

Is the Andy McNab Novel This Bad?

Or was girl power deliberately introduced into the movie adaptation?

Grace Olmstead's Latest


Any Blame for the Cultural Marxists?


What Sort of Witness?

Soy? How is that going to solve their numbers crisis and bring men to their institutional Church?

Who wants "orthodox" Judaism when it is as soy as "conservative" Roman Catholicism? Maybe soy Pharisees don't know any better.

Liberals Are Useful Idiots for Statism

NuAmerican Tool for the Corporations

Trigger Pull Techniques

MIC at Work?


Trad Fashion

Belgian Shepherds

Go Walk

Even better, go ruck.

Deliberate Subversion, Capitulation to Feminism, or Clever Marketing?

Helen Andrews Interview

Blue Areas

Oka Midori!

Monday, February 22, 2021

Patsy Cline - Crazy (Official Video) ft. The Jordanaires

Holding the Coalition of the Fringes Together

Build a Log Cabin

Scott Hahn Has a New Bible Study Series

No Thanks

Signs of Illegitimacy Everywhere

Does Korten Taint HNH by Association?

Blue Check Propagandists Doing Their Part for Statism

Mossberg 940 JM Pro

RegenAg Links


Leftists Can't Help Themselves

Pushing "alternative stories" in the name of diversity.

Tool of the WEF

Institutional Impetus Leading to Disaster

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Go Prep

Happy Recluse

AR Malfunctions

This Is Just Tired Old Social Conservatism Masquerading as Christianity

The MSM Will Survive Conservatives

Katie Pruitt, "Normal"

Anne Akiko Meyers...

Lunar New Year 2021


Gary Taubes Interview

The Family Compound

for the deracinated and atomized, only "extremists" would want this.

Orthodox Christianity in America: The Biblical Problem

The Book of Fish 자산어보

The Way of the Gang

Apollo5, "Where All Roses Go"