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Intersectional Feminism Wages War On White Women

Let them turn on the Pharisee feminists too.
CNA: Vatican-China bishops deal is ‘imminent’, sources say

Sandro Magister: Danger of Schism in China. Cardinal Zen: "The Pope Told Me…". With a Postscript

Mayflower Lightweight Chest Rig

Benchmade Fixed Infidel

SSD on the Modular Handgun System

More on Training

Pinks and Greens

On the Hill in November 2017.

"Because I Can"

Self-willfulness, extolled.
Two Asian young women with long black hair (down to the waist, at least), shorts and knee-high boots... more appropriate for the night club than the movie theater? I couldn't tell what ethnicity they were, as I didn't hear them talk. My guess is that young women from East Asian countries that have been "Westernized" longer wouldn't dress like that during the day; only Mainlanders could be so brazen and tacky?
Sandro Magister: Danger of Schism in China. Cardinal Zen: "The Pope Told Me…". With a Postscript

This Weekend?

Friday, February 02, 2018

The Cultural Marxists Will Put Their Spin on This

Hidden Ancient Mayan ‘Megalopolis’ With 60,000 Structures Discovered in Guatemala Using Lasers
by Kastalia Medrano



CWR: Newly launched FORMED Market offers Catholics new streaming options
“Think of it as iTunes, Audible, or Amazon Prime for Catholics,” says FORMED Market managing director Lou Reynolds.

Make use of the post-industrial economy before it fails? Or develop alternative means of evangelization?

Nothing Big?

Not as big of a bomb as some had hoped, but it is still big enough if one understands the ramifications of what was done.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb explains Antifragile

Till the End of the World

Better than The Mountain Between Us?


Miranda Lambert, "Tin Man"

*edit* Don't know why the Austin City Limits youtube channel took the video down. Here's an video of a concert performance:

Thursday, February 01, 2018

A Question

If male actors read the lines for Ocean's 8, would the script still work? Did the scriptwriters write real women, or did they write men for a female cast?

The Year of Awkwafina: The Actor and Rapper on Ocean's 8 and Her Very Big 2018

A Step Down for Jim Caviezel?

Caviezel to play St. Luke in upcoming St. Paul biopic

Keith Urban, Romantic?

Or male feminist and pedestalizer?

at the CMA


Leon Hadar Reviews The Cold War: A World History by Odd Arne Westad

AmConMag: The World the Cold War Built by Leon Hadar

A new book says the conflict began in the late 19th century and subsumed even World War II as our defining event.

Kirkus Reviews

Goodbye Paleos, Hello Alt-Right?

"It’s not at all obvious that for most Americans restricting immigration is any overriding electoral issue. It seems that more voters support the Democrats than do the Republicans by several percentage points. And although admittedly Trump made immigration a major campaign issue, it’s not at all clear that everyone who voted for him prioritized that issue."

And yet: Poll: Americans Support Zero Immigration More Than They Support Current Legal Immigration Levels

An Old Paleocon Sets the Record Straight by Paul Gottfried
Our moment has come and gone, despite Bill Kristol’s attempt to resurrect us as convenient bugaboos.

The baton is being passed on to the next generation, who may not care about "paleoconservatism" as much though they may admit to being "alt-right." Those who care about Western intellectual tradition and culture may find inspiration in the writing and teaching of paleoconservative writers, but this is probably not an important focus for younger members of the alt-right, who are concerned with what can be done now. Action now, versus building for the future, if there is a future.

If Only...

Rod Dreher: Universities: Too Big To Fail?
New Mexico move a market signal that higher education bubble closer to bursting

Piero San Giorgio, Women on the Verge of Societal Breakdown

The New Lifeboat Hour

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