Saturday, June 15, 2013

Mozart's Violin and Viola on Tour in Boston

NPR: Playing Mozart on Mozart's Violin

Mozart at BEMF
Mozart’s violin and viola star at Jordan Hall
At BEMF, Mozart’s instruments in US debut
Mozart's Violin & Viola Come to U.S. for First Time at Boston Early Music Festival

Divided Loyalties in the Name of Being Pastoral

The Catholic Bishops and Immigration Reform by Christopher Manion

He links to a letter written by "the Archbishop of Los Angeles and 32 other Hispanic Bishops in the United States" and published in December 2011. (There is probably a Spanish version online as well - you can find it here.)

Promoting the new myth regarding America:
"We who are citizens and permanent residents of this country cannot forget that almost all of us, we or our ancestors, have come from other lands and together with immigrants from varioos nations and cultures, have formed a new nation."

Using migration in an equivocal manner. (It is not understood, within political discussions, as simply locomotion.)
"We see Jesus the pilgrim in you migrants. The Word of God migrated from heaven to earth in order to become man and save humanity. Jesus emigrated with mary and Joseph to Egypt, as a refugee. He migrated from Galilee to Jerusalem for the sacrifice of the cross, and finally he emigrated from death to life in the resurrection and ascention to heaven."

No discussion of the duties of immigrants, legal or illegal, to the United States and its citizens, or the importance of commitment and assimilation.

Justice for Immigrants
NCReg article on the letter

The Quebe Sisters Band, "Rose of San Antone"

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Not Feminist Enough.

Harry Knowles on Lois Lane in his review of Man of Steel.

No pretty little lies about attraction triggers for females Man of Steel, but I doubt the feminists will take much time to complain about this. In previous adaptations Superman proved himself to be a mix of alpha and beta for Lois Lane, but this movie seems to emphasize once again that the initial cause of her attraction to him is his raw alphaness. As she becomes more of a feminist, kick-ass herione in later versions, hypergamy is made even more extreme. Who can satisfy Lois Lane? No mere human male; only a superhuman alien.

Full Trailer for Bear Grylls' New "Reality" Show on NBC


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I've Never Eaten There

But I would like to when I visit LA next time. KoreAm: Michael Mann Shooting New Film in LA’s Koreatown

8 Things to Know about LA's Koreatown
Visit Koreatown
Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown Episode 2: Los Angeles

Extended Families

Exploring the role of elders in Transition (Resilience)

For some contrast: "research" which is the topic of a post at GLPiggy: Old people raising kids is bad for the kids and for the old people

Grandparents should be in a support role, and not replacement parents or the primary "child care givers." (What of those who postponed having children until really late?) Grandparents generally spoil their grandchildren, and so their influence needs to be counterbalanced by that of the parents. If both parents are busy working...

Three Restaurants in Las Vegas

He doesn't own all of them, but Gordon Ramsay's name is attached at least - Gordon Ramsay Steak, Gordon Ramsay Pub and Grill, and Gordon Ramsay BurGR, shown on the second episode of MasterChef tonight.

The Quebe Sisters Band, "Flowers of Edinburgh"

Ashley MacIsaac & The Bachands

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Good for Something.

Prince Charles Attacks Monoculture Food Production Systems – A Speech at the Langenburg Forum on Regional Food Security, Germany

Prince Charles calls for True Cost Accounting (video) The Borgias get axed – show cancelled after three seasons

What's Jeremy Irons's next project?


The Borgias' Holliday Grainger Will Ridicule Cinderella In Kenneth Branagh's Adaptation

Ron Maxwell Interview

"Behind the Lines" Interview with Ron Maxwell

TNVC - Another Day At Work

Two Perspectives on Rights

Cardinal Angelo Scola: Rights-in-Relation by Stratford Caldecott

Thomas Jefferson on Rights and Duties by Paul Crimley Kuntz

Naive Idealism

CNS: Pope nixes 'boring' practice of reading text to students, uses Q&A

The one adult -- a Spanish and religion teacher -- who asked the pope a question, wondered what kind of role, if any, Catholics should play in politics.

The pope said Catholics have "an obligation to get involved in politics."

"We can't play the role of Pontius Pilate and wash our hands of it," he said. "Politics is one of the highest forms of charity because it seeks the common good."

He said those who complain that politics is "too dirty" should ask themselves why. Perhaps it's "because Christians haven't gotten involved with an evangelical spirit."

It's easy to blame others, he said, but people need to ask themselves: "Me? What am I doing" about it?

When will our bishops lose their naïveté about the modern nation-state? When a state exceeds a certain size, participation in "national" politics for the average citizen is an illusion. Will the bishops ever go beyond subsidiarity to support some form of localism?

Lecture by Fr. Uwe Michael Lang on Sacred Architecture

The lecture was given at Nored Dame. The text and the mp3.

Fornication as the Accepted Norm in South Korea

A couple of months ago it was announced that Baek Ji Young would be marrying her boyfriend (who is much younger than she is). It was then revealed that she was already pregnant. Her agency was aware of the scandal and the negative reaction that such an announcement would elicit and concealed the information until she was ready.

Subsequently, Han Hye Jin had to dispel rumors that hers was to be a shotgun marriage. And after it was announced that actress Lee Ming Jung was to be married to actor Lee Byung Hyun, her agency had to issue a press release asserting that she was not pregnant. This is how pervasive the phenomenon is among celebrities (or in Korea, in general?).

Seems like this has been happening a lot with Korean celebrities in recent years. What sort of example are they setting for the young and impressionable? S. Korea is slowly being transformed and losing its conservative culture. The importance of virginity for a woman is being undermined by Korean mass media - but the typical Korean beta may be willing to marry a woman who is not a virgin. With the age of marriage being delayed even in South Korea (still not as bad as the United States) and the social changes brought about by an industrial economy - universal indoctrination, infantilization, and so on, do they have much choice in the matter? Is it more likely that even Korean betas are engaging in premarital sex as well, with marriage not being seen as having any more importance than a LTR?

Still, celebrity divorces do happen in S. Korea. Will this be one? Hasn't divorce culture already infiltrated S. Korea and Japan?

While older South Koreans may still object and be critical of premarital relations, I expect Korean youth to be accepting and even supportive of the change in moral norms. Given the TV ratings system, it is unlikely that this will be universally represented in Korean dramas, but it will probably be increasingly depicted in 19+ dramas.

Baek Ji Young was married last week. Some photos of the guests.

And more on South Korea's plastic surgery culture -
Lee Da Hae’s Different Face From A Decade Ago Attracts Attention

Her face is prettier now, but was it really worth it?

Libertarians and Immigration

The Independent Institute is selling Global Crossings: Immigration, Civilization, and America by By Alvaro Vargas Llosa. With an endorsement by Vincente Fox, what could be wrong with it?

Cappella Romana - First Ode of the Canon - LIVE IN GREECE: From Constantinople To California

Monday, June 10, 2013

Nicole Foss on New Zealand

The Automatic Earth has info and link to the podcast.
Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill - Gan Ainm / Barack Obama Reel [Live at WAMU's Bluegrass Country]

Not sure if they wrote the second piece; are they fans of Barry?

Della Mae - Clover Food Truck Tour Recap

James Howard Kunstler Reviews The Five Stages of Collapse

Dmitry Orlov's latest book - the review (via Club Orlov)

A review at Peak Prosperity

Interview with Dom Alcuin Reid

CWR: Interview with Dom Alcuin Reid about upcoming “Sacra Liturgia” Conference in Rome
Primary school little girl drama - a pain to deal with. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to improve with time.

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Down to SLO and back. Strange traffic jam between Salinas and Gilroy at 3 in the afternoon. Normal for Sundays?